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An idea on how to make Warframe more difficult

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4 hours ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

I thought about this for a while last night. This kind of change would probably have to come together in one update that overhauls gameplay. I would expect overwhelmingly positive and negative reactions from players (but the forums react like that for even the most minor things) but I think it would be overall better for DE and their players.

We need a full rebalance, but I won't hold my breath until I see a dev workshop or something. Too many things disappear into the wind around here. I didn't even see IPS changes on the docket for this year when they showed the 2019 release goals.

Agreement. There is some good news though.

Steve has said on twitter that he's planning on implementing some changes to damage into Railjack as a test run. So it'll only apply to the 'jacks at first, and if it goes down well it should wind up implemented on the rest of the game. 

The reason the original IPS changes went away was because of near-unilateral dislike, especially by those very invested in the game. People pointed out that it didn't really help and tended to make the players weaker whilst not addressing the main issues of Armour scaling, meaning we'd have fewer options to deal with that.

If damage does get reworked across the whole game, that can be taken as an opportunity to rebalance everything, to bring power creep back in line. That might be able to be the first step, provided DE can follow through and make enemies better from there.

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