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Update 24: Fortuna Part 1


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Fortuna: Update 24


This is a remaster update! What exactly is a “remaster” you ask? Well! 

When we launch a remaster update we are essentially doing a big cache cleanup to optimize old and existing assets. When we do this, we free up space for updates such as FORTUNA: Part 1!

Since this affects existing assets, Warframe will be re-downloaded in its entirety when the update goes live. This will appear no different from any other update, business as usual! You will get the update required system message as well as the launcher message. 

Now in terms of size, the current total size of Warframe currently is 13.2 GB and thanks to the remaster it will remain roughly around that size (~13.5 GB) even with all the Fortuna content! 

That said, we hope you enjoy all that FORTUNA: Part 1 has brought: 

Nintendo Switch™ Specific Changes & Fixes:


  • Added in a new 'Motion Control' option to enable them only when aiming down the sights.



  • Improved login functionality specifically when updates are available - if you're a player that's been caught in any loops after relaunching, this should help!


  • Fixed numerous obvious issues with player customizations pertaining to colour changes.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect button prompts being displayed when attempting to inspect players.
  • Fixed an issue with Kuva Fortress Camera Lasers appearing incorrectly.

Fortuna is here!!

Entering The Orb Vallis requires you to first visit Fortuna, a town full of new characters, new content, and new problems to solve! To do this, you must first reach Venus!

Reach Venus!? Our veteran Tenno have had Venus unlocked for years - it's time to go back.

New players might only be making their way there now, but with determination and cooperation, you'll master the challenges of the Orb Vallis in no time. We all lift together!

Enjoy the efforts of all of us at Digital Extremes, delivered here in Fortuna. Your patience, support, excitement, and feedback has made this update possible. We dedicate it to you.

Stay warm on your K-Drives, Tenno!

Onwards from Update 24: More is coming later in 2019!

The Orb Vallis landscape is so vast in size and discovery and this is just the first installment of Fortuna content! You can expect more to come this year, including more Conservation species, new Operator Amps that will be available for sale from Little Duck’s offerings, and your chance to take down the ultimate threat roaming these terraformed lands.




Located in the eye of a snowstorm, The Orb Vallis was once a scorching wasteland. When the Solaris reactivated the Orokin coolant towers, life reappeared in the Vallis. Giant looming mushrooms sprung from the snow, and four-legged Virminks appeared in the valleys. Through their blood, sweat and tears, the Solaris terraformed this barren region into a beautiful, hospitable world — but the Corpus are destroying its delicate balance in their pursuit of profit.

Due to its terraformed environment, the Orb Vallis fluctuates between temperature phases, which directly affects certain ecosystems within it. The climate ebbs between Freezing and Warm (rather, slightly less cold), which affects the wildlife activity on the landscape. For example, the Eye-Eye Servofish only shows up during warm temperature. Tenno can see the current Temperature when hovering over the Orb Vallis node in the Navigation Menu.

The time cycle between these Temperatures is much shorter than the Day/Night equivalent on the Plains of Eidolon:

  • Warm - approximately 4 minutes
  • Cold - approximately 22 minutes



Cave Encounters

Take shelter from the storm within the caves of the Orb Vallis. But not all caves are dormant, Tenno...


New Resources!

The lands of the Vallis are home to many species of organic life. From glowing fungi to mucus mounds, encounter what this unique environment has to offer. Some of the plants require their “fruit” to be ripe before picking, look out for the ones that stand out from the bunch to collect their resource!

The Corpus have also settled into this biodome and littered their own tech resources across the land to be discovered.

  • Mytocardia Spore
  • Gorgaricus Spore
  • Tepa Nodule
  • Thermal Sludge
  • ...and more!



In-Vallis Bounties

The weather outside is frightful, but the Bounties are so delightful. A Solaris United Agent who does not miss his organics awaits you OUTSIDE the doors of Fortuna in the Orb Vallis snow. Other Solaris United Agents are dispatched throughout Orb Vallis at enemy Corpus Camps - take control of the Camp to acquire Bounties from them. This harsh landscape restricts Incursions, but there is much to discover!



Corpus Terra Variants

Tasked to maintain Nef Anyo’s voracious control over the Orb Vallis, these new specialized units have advanced their attacks, weaponry, and icy attitude towards the Tenno. Stay warm and fight the good fight!

Elite Terra Corpus Variants

To bring a level of challenge to those that want to take on higher level Terra enemies, these level 30+ Elite variants are for you! They have higher Health/Shields and hit with harder damage.


Raknoids and Orbs

As you explore the Vallis, beware of mechanical, spider-like machines known as Raknoids. These Corpus-designed creatures range in size and lethality, from tiny Mites to massive, invulnerable Orbs that loom over the region. Fortuna’s brightest are currently researching how to take down these Orbs, but for now, steer clear.


New Alert Levels

The Corpus have synchronized a way to ramp up the fight in Orb Vallis. Your time out in the open world could be calm - or frantic, depending on the Alert Level! You can reach a maximum of 4 Stars which will have increasingly difficult and scaling enemies - can you handle all forms of Robotics and Corpus? Only time will tell.

To increase the Alert Level, simply allow the Corpus to summon more with active  REINFORCEMENT BEACONS!

To decrease it, destroy all REINFORCEMENT BEACONS and hide away out of combat.




Down in the underground city of Fortuna, you’ll meet the Solaris: a society of body-augmented individuals who live in debt-internment under Corpus rule. A colony all too familiar with the reality of being “repossessed” — cybernetic limb and organ removal by Nef Anyo’s repo squads. Yet in these cautious times, the Solaris are a hopeful community who pride themselves in their efforts to terraform Venus.



Eudico, the once proud leader of Solaris United, has been reduced to serving Nef Anyo under near slave-like conditions to keep the rig jockeys of Fortuna safe. Help her regain her will to fight so that she can stand up to Nef Anyo and bring back the Solaris United resistance.

Completing the Vox Solaris Quest will unlock the following Vendors in Fortuna:

  • Eudico - Bounties
  • The Business- Fishing & Conservation
  • Legs - Moa Companions
  • Vox Solaris - Raknoid Hunting & Operator Agent
  • Roky & Boon - Ventkids & K-Drives

The Vox Solaris quest is also replayable in the Codex!



Similar to Ostron Standing in Cetus, earn Standing with Solaris United and work your way to an inner circle position.

  1. Outworlder
  2. Rapscallion
  3. Doer
  4. Cove
  5. Old Mate



Eudico - Bounty Giver

Eudico is both the tough, no-nonsense mother figure who oversees a portion of Nef Anyo's workforce... and the criminal mastermind behind the resistance against him.


Familiar and new rewards can be obtained from Eudico’s Bounties:

  • Garuda Systems/Chassis/Neuroptics Blueprints
  • Relics
  • Vallis Resources
  • Debt-Bonds (more about these in the Ticker section below!)
  • And more including the New Mod Sets (*final stats available in game):


Mecha Mod Set:

  • Overdrive (Kubrow): Increased Status Link/Status Duration from enemy marked by Companion
  • Mecha Recharge (Kubrow): Increased Shield Recharge from enemy marked by Companion
  • Mecha Empowered (Aura) Increased Damage against an enemy marked by Companion
  • Mecha Pulse (Warframe): Killing an Enemy marked by Companion grants Armor for limited time for each enemy within an area


Tek Mod Set:

  • Tek Assault (Kavat): Kavat has Increased chance to ignore Lethal Damage and be immune for a limited time
  • Tek Enhance (Kavat): Increased Kavat Ability Duration
  • Tek Gravity (Melee): Slam Attacks in the Marked Zone pull all enemies within X/m area.
  • Tek Collateral (Warframe): Increased Critical Damage when inside the Marked Zone



Synth Mod Set:

  • Synth Deconstruct (Sentinel): Enemies killed by the Sentinel have Increased chance to drop a Health Orb
  • Synth Fiber (Sentinel😞 Health Orbs increase Armor for Sentinel for a limited time
  • Synth Charge (Pistol): Increased Bonus Damage on the final shot in Magazine
  • Synth Reflex (Warframe): Increased Holster Speed
    • Can be equipped in the Exilus slot!




Smokefinger - Mining


Meet 'Smokefinger', the Orb Vallis mineralogy enthusiast. This Fortuna vendor is your one-stop shop for the mining tools and resources you need! Speak with him in Fortuna to purchase the SUNPOINT PLASMA DRILL a fast-ignition, high-intensity mining tool capable of extracting the rarest of materials with surgical precision, and get to mining the Ores and Gems of The Orb Vallis:


  • Axiditre
  • Noctrul
  • Phasmin
  • Travoride
  • Goblite
  • Venerol
  • Hesperon
  • Amarast
  • Zodian
  • Thyst


Note: Ostron Mining Tools can be used out in The Orb Vallis to mine Gems/Ore, but the Sunpoint Plasma Drill is required to mine the rarest Gems in Vallis.

Smokefinger also offers many other services such as purchasing Gems for Platinum, trading Gems for Solaris United Standing, and a lustrous list of Offerings available for purchase using Solaris United Standing:

  • Blueprints:
    • Axidrol Alloy
    • Heart Noctrul
    • Smooth Phasmin
    • Travocyte Alloy
    • Goblite Tears
    • Venerdo Alloy
    • Hespazym Alloy
    • Star Amarast
    • Radiant Zodian
    • Marquise Thyst
  • Orb Vallis Captura Scene: Free roam the frozen tundra of the Orb Vallis by purchasing this Captura Scene from Smokefinger! Get to “Old Mate” rank with Solaris United to acquire this terraformed environment and enhance your Corpus aesthetic.




The Business - Fishing & Conservation

Meet 'The Business', also known as 'Biz'. This Fortuna vendor is your gateway to two activities out on the Orb Vallis: EMP Spearfishing & Conservation!


EMP Spearfishing!

A new take on the Plains of Eidolon Fishing Mechanic!

The best way to catch the robotic 'Servofish' in The Orb Vallis is with The Business' offering of PULSE SPEARS - tools used to disable mechanical fish! This new type of fishing spear maintains the high quality of every Servofish you catch.

The Business offers 2 variants of Pulse Spears:


Built to recover Servofish without damage. Delivers a disabling electromagnetic pulse after a successful hit, if timed correctly


Successful electromagnetic pulses radiate outward also disabling any nearby servofish

Equip this in your Gear Spiral to begin your journey of catching Servofish in the Coolant! The fishing mechanic here is different - not only is aiming precision necessary, but also timing your Pulse detonation! Land within the red bar to succeed!



Your Ostron Spears will still work in The Orb Vallis, but the fish will be damaged. The key is to catch undamaged fish with the specialized Pulse Spears.

There are 13 species of Servofish to be discovered in the various Coolant areas of the Orb Vallis. Some require Baits - be sure to read descriptions to find your very own:


  • Eye-Eye
  • Scrubbers
  • Echowinders
  • Mirewinders
  • Longwinders
  • Sapcaddy
  • Brickie
  • Tink
  • Kriller
  • Recaster
  • Charamote
  • Tromyzon
  • Synathid

Note: Servofish do not spawn in shallow cave puddles!



Baits are used to attract certain species of Servofish. Acquire them with Solaris United Standing and read about their uses in the descriptions!


Conservation - Track and Tranq:

The Business is equipped with new gear that will allow you to aid in the desperate Conservation effort of The Orb Vallis' wildlife.

Two key pieces of gear are required for Conservation: TRANQ RIFLE & ECHO LURES

Your standard issue TRANQ RIFLE can be acquired with Solaris United Standing and equipped in your Gear Wheel. It is used for all Conservation efforts.

Each species has its own ECHO LURE which can also be acquired with Solaris United Standing and equipped in your Gear Wheel. You'll have to progress through the Solaris United Syndicate to acquire some Lures!


Pobbers Echo-Lure: Entice and attract nearby Pobbers with life-like animal calls. The Pobbers is most often found around the Mushroom Fields of Orb Vallis!

Virmink Echo-Lure: Entice and attract nearby Virmink with life-like animal calls. The Virmink is most often found around the Lakes of Orb Vallis!

Bolarola Echo-Lure: Entice and attract nearby Bolarola with life-like animal calls. The Bolarola is most often found around the Mountainous areas of Orb Vallis!

Kubrodon Echo-Lure: Entice and attract nearby Kubrodon with life-like animal calls. The Kubrodon is most often found around the Cratered areas of Orb Vallis!


Now that you know the gear, here's how to begin your Conservation Journey:


  • Explore the Orb Vallis and look for locations on your minimap that indicate last-known animal sightings.
  • Activate the area to begin the sequence. Conserving occurs in 4 Steps which are indicated by Icons on your HUD:
  1. FOLLOW: Follow the Trail!
  2. CALL: Use the Proper Lure and Pitches!
  3. TRANQ: Hide, aim, and shoot!
    1. Bad/Good/Perfect Captures are stressed based, which rises when the animal comes in contact with a player. A quick tranq of a non-startled animal would yield you a ‘Perfect Capture’ - so get down wind and don’t miss!
    2. Animals that have been Tranq’d will be invulnerable to avoid teammates/enemies killing them by accident (or on purpose).
    3. Helpful tip: Animals can be put into a peaceful slumber by special Abilities like Ivara’s Sleep Arrow and Equinox’s Rest. Animals that wake up from their invulnerable sleep will become vulnerable once again. Timing and speed is your best bet for that Perfect Capture!
  4. COLLECT: Collect your specimen!
    1. Resource Boosters apply to Tags procured from capturing animals in Orb Vallis!



Why Conserve?

In addition to rewarding Standing for each catch, you get treasured items for your efforts. Each animal you successfully conserve will yield you a Tag that can be exchanged for a treasured reminder of your efforts to help the wildlife. From 'Floofs' to a badge, find the offerings from The Business!



Rude Zuud - Zuud’s Murderizers (Kitguns - Modular Secondaries)

Meet Rude Zuud, creator of the “Murderizers”... or more formally KITGUNS! Zuud is a bit of a stranger to formalities, might have something to do with all the static in her head… While she might have a couple of loose screws, that won’t keep you from crafting your very own soldered sidearms at Zuud’s Lathe!

These Corpus-tech Modular Secondaries are crafted using a Chamber, Grip, and Loader. Blueprints for these components are purchased from Zuud using Solaris United Standing. Once crafted, Pistol Mods are the upgrades of choice in your Arsenal.

Zuud offers other services as well such as Gilding your Kitguns, exchanging a Max Rank or Gilded Kitgun for Solaris United Standing, and the ability to Entitle your Secondary Weapons for Platinum!

Final stats for all components listed below can be found in-game.



Chambers determine the type of shot fired from your Kitgun! They earn Mastery Rank after the Kitgun has been Gilded.


  • Catchmoon Chamber: Fires a wide-radius Magnetic energy projectile with a very short half-life.
  • Gaze Chamber: A persistent cutting beam of pure energy.
  • Rattleguts Chamber: Let ‘er rip, rapid fire.
  • Tombfinger Chamber: Reach out and Blast someone. Precision with every pull of the trigger.



Grips determine the rate-of-fire, range, and damage of your Kitgun!


  • Gibber Grip: What it lacks in impact it makes up for with intensity. Maximum rate-of-fire; maximum range for beam weapons. Minimum damage.
  • Haymaker Grip: The ultimate grip for when one shot is all you need. Devastating. Minimum rate-of-fire; minimum range for beam weapons. Maximum damage.
  • Lovetap Grip: The weapon grip of the measured killer. Slower rate-of-fire; lower range for beam weapons. Greater damage.
  • Ramble Grip: Hold tight and unleash hell. Increased range for beam weapons; increased rate-of-fire for non-beam weapons. Reduced damage.



Loaders determine various stat alterations for your Kitguns including ammo capacity, reload-speed, and Status/Critical Chance!

  • Bashrack Loader: High-capacity loader with increased Critical Chance and lowered Status Chance.
  • Bellows Loader: Maximum-capacity ammo storage.
  • Deepbreath Loader: A high-capacity ammo reservoir.
  • Flutterfire Loader: A fast-loader with maximum Status Chance and minimum Critical Chance.
  • Killstream Loader: A fast-loader with maximum Critical Chance and minimum Status Chance.
  • Ramflare Loader: High-capacity loader with maximum Status Chance and minimum Critical Chance.
  • Slap Loader: Fast loader with reduced Ammo Capacity.
  • Slapneedle Loader: A fast-loader with increased Critical Chance and lowered Status Chance.
  • Sparkfire Loader: High-capacity loader with increased Status Chance and lowered Critical Chance.
  • Splat Loader: High-capacity loader with maximum Critical Chance and minimum Status Chance.
  • Stitch Loader: Maximum capacity loader with increased Critical Chance and lowered Status Chance.
  • Swiftfire Loader: A fast-loader with increased Status Chance and lowered Critical Chance.
  • Thunderdrum Loader: Maximum-capacity loader with increased Status Chance and lowered Critical Chance.
  • Zip Loader: Quickest load-speed with lowest Ammo Capacity.
  • Zipfire Loader: Quickest load-speed with increased Status Chance and lowered Critical Chance.
  • Zipneedle Loader: Quickest load-speed with increased Critical Chance and lowered Status Chance.


Pax Arcanes:

Zuud also offers enhancements for your Kitguns known as Pax Arcanes! Similar to Exodias for Zaw Melee weapons, these Arcanes can be installed on your Kitgun in your Arsenal once they have been Gilded:


  • Pax Bolt: Headshots increase Power Efficiency and Power Strength for a limited time.
  • Pax Charge: Kitgun Magazine is replaced by bolts fueled by a recharging battery.
  • Pax Soar: Reduces Movement Speed while Aim Gliding.
  • Pax Seeker:  Headshots give a chance for projectiles to burst from the target and seek nearby enemies.


Legs - Moa Companions

Meet Legs, the Moa constructor! At Legs’ Pets & Parts, Tenno can assemble, customize, and name new Moa friends.

Once the Vox Solaris quest is complete, visit Legs to spend Solaris United Standing for Moa part Blueprints! Once you have a Model, Core, Gyro, and Brackets, you can assemble your Moa:


MODEL: The head determines a Moa’s model type by unlocking a unique set of Moa Precept Mods. Once you acquire Precept Mods by purchasing the corresponding Moa head, you can use those Precept Mods interchangeably with each head:


Final stats for all components listed below can be found in-game.


Para Moa:

  • Whiplash Mine: Deploys a mine that tethers all enemies in an area. A brief moment and all enemies still in range get pulled to the mine.
  • Anti-Grav Grenade: A Grenade that reverses gravity in a radius, inflicting Impact Damage. Target sustains additional damage based on the amount sustained while airborne.


Lambeo Moa:

  • Stasis Field: Creates a stasis field for a limited time. While inside the field, all enemy projectiles move slower and deal less Damage.
  • Shockwave Actuators: Readies a shockwave that repeats and knocks down nearby enemies.


Oloro Moa:

  • Tractor Beam: Increased Aim Glide Duration and decreased Gravity.
  • Security Override:  Auto-hacks consoles over time with a chance to mind control robotic enemies and turrets in an area for a limited time after Hacking.


CORE: The core engine determines each Moa’s base Shields and Armor stats.

GYRO: Gyro gear rearranges Health, Shields, and Armor percentages to customize each Moa’s defensive subroutine.


BRACKETS: Brackets determine each Moa’s Mod slot polarities.


Legs also offers new Robotics weapons that can be used by both Moas and Sentinels:

  • Cryotra: Emits a ray of sub-zero energy.
  • Tazicor: Burst rifle that fires electrified rounds.
  • Vulcax: Charges up a powerful blast of ultra-heated plasma.


The EMOTION MODULE determines a Moa’s audio set and physical reactions to its environment. You can purchase an Emotion Module from the in-game Market and equip it on your Moa the same way you equip Animation Sets on Warframes! Choose between Aggressive, Inquisitive, and Sensitive. Feel free to switch it up any time!

Legs can Gild any Max Rank Moa to enhance its stats! Your Moa will also reward Mastery Experience once it has been Gilded.


  • The Moa head is the component that rewards Mastery Rank, because the head determines the Model. Gild all Moa Models to maximize your Mastery Experience with Legs!
  • You can also exchange any Max Rank or Gilded Moa for Solaris United Standing!



Ticker - Debt Tokens

Meet Ticker, the Debt salvager! At Ticker’s Used Goods, Ticker deals in debt forgiveness for Fortuna workers who might otherwise face punishment. Ticker can tell you about each case and the price they might pay for their debts. Help them by purchasing their DEBT-BONDS and earn Debt-Bonds! Debt-Bonds are also available as rewards for completing Eudico’s Bounties.


You can exchange DEPT-TOKENS for Solaris United Standing. There are five variations of Debt Tokens:

  • Training Debt-Bond, Shelter Debt-Bond = Common
  • Medical Debt-Bond, Advances Debt-Bond = Uncommon
  • Familial Debt-Bond = Rare

There is always 3 Common, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Rare Case# available at any given time.

Ever a diverse broker, Ticker also trades repossessed items on the side. You can use Debt Tokens to purchase second-hand Fortuna knickknacks and tools to decorate your Orbiter!


VOX SOLARIS: Raknoid Hunting & Operator Agent

A shadow faction led by a familiar face. Standing can be gained after completing the Vox Solaris quest.

You can earn Standing with the Vox Solaris (separate from Solaris United Standing and limit) by trading in Toroids obtained from certain location specific enemies in the Orb Vallis:

  • All Spaceport enemies have a chance to drop the Vega Toroid.
  • All Enrichment Labs enemies have a chance to drop the Calda Toroid.
  • All Temple of Profit enemies have a chance to drop the Sola Toroid.


And if you’re lucky, you might find Toroids in your spelunking explorations!

There are currently 2 ranks with the Vox Solaris, and as knowledge of somethin’ big that creeps across the tundra grows, so will the Vox Solaris Ranks and Offerings. Note that you will need to complete The Second Dream quest before you can be initiated into Vox Solaris.


Vox Solaris Standing:

  1. Neutral
  2. Operative

Use your Standing to purchase the newest classes of Mechanical Operator Armour:





Operator armor inspired by those Solaris who must work in searing heat.


Operator Armor modeled on enviro-gear worn by the surveyors and scouts of the Orb Vallis.


Lightweight and practical Operator Armor designed for flexibility and tight squeezes.


Operator Armor modeled on the daredevils of Fortuna's maintenance crews.


Roky & Boon - Ventkids



Howzit, glinty? If you’re looking for a new way to traverse the Orb Vallis, the Ventkids have you covered. Hangin’ with their logical fam in the ducts of Fortuna, the Ventkids get by stealing parts from the Corpus and and running K-Drive races out on the Vallis.


Earn Ventkids Standing upon returning to Fortuna by performing tricks on your K-Drive out in the Vallis. Keep an eye out for floating purple K-Drive Trick Boosters that appear while riding out on the Vallis: hit them for an instant boost to your trick score multiplier!


  4. PRIMO


Roky - K-Drive Acquisition


A member of the Vent Pobbers gang, Roky is your go-to for all things K-Drives. You can exchange Ventkids Standing with her for K-Drive component blueprints, and she will even bash together a plank for you if you ask nicely.


K-Drive Components:


  • Board
      • Needlenose
      • Flatbelly
      • Bad Baby
  • Reactor
      • Arc Twelve
      • Cold Fusor
      • Hothead
  • Nose
      • Beaky
      • Dink-A-Donk
      • Wingnut
  • Jet
    • Fatboys
    • Twin Kavats
    • Step Tens


These components do not offer any stat bonuses, but the Board will earn you Mastery when you rank up your K-Drive -- no Gilding required! You can earn Affinity for your K-Drive by completing tricks in the Vallis.


For additional statistic or functionality boosts, Roky also offers a variety of Mods (in exchange for Ventkids Standing) for you to equip on your K-Drive in the Arsenal. Much like your Archwing, K-Drives can be customized in the new combined “Vehicles” (previously “Archwing”) mode in your Arsenal.






  • Mag Locks: Increases K-Drive Grind Magnetism
  • Rail Guards: Increases K-Drive Grind Speed
  • Air Time: Reduces Gravity while Falling Down
  • Trail Blazer: Tricks leave a trail inflicting Heat Damage to enemies.
  • Venerdo Hoverdrive: Increases K-Drive Jump Height
  • Inertia Dampeners: Adds bonus Point Multiplier to Trick Score
  • Kinetic Friction: Grinding builds up a charge that is released when landing the trick, dealing Electric Damage to enemies within range
  • Slay Board: On Directional Dismount: Board is launched, dealing damage while pinning or slicing enemies
  • Extreme Velocity: Increases K-Drive Speed
  • Nitro Boost: Increases K-Drive Boost Speed
  • Sonic Boost: Boosting will release a shockwave at a consistent interval, stunning enemies within range
  • Thrash Landing: Landing a trick releases an explosion dealing a percentage of Trick Score in Blast Damage to enemies within range.

*You can view final Mod stats by visiting Roky in the Clubhouse in Fortuna!


Change the colors and choose your K-Drive Scrawl, featuring art from the Ventkids themselves, in the Customize menu. K-Drive Scrawls can be resized and re-oriented similar to Sigils, and can be found in bundles in the in-game Market for Platinum!


  • Kubrodons Series 1 Scrawl
  • Kubrodons Series 2 Scrawl
  • Pobbers Series 1 Scrawl
  • Pobbers Series 2 Scrawl


Boon - K-Drive Customization & Races

While you’re grinding your way through Orb Vallis, keep an eye out for Boon, the leader of the Kubrodon Ventkid Gang, who wants to see if your K-Drive skills are up to snuff. Look for Ventkids Icons on your minimap in the Vallis to find various K-Drive Race courses littered throughout the landscape.

Talk to Boon at any of the icons to start a race. The rules are simple: pass through each of the checkpoints within the allotted time to complete the course.

PLEASE NOTE: Races will eventually be more intense - including 'admission cost' Standing to participate, rewarding Standing on high-performing runs, and even leaderboard rewards! To help us stress test issues, we are NOT launching with 'admission costs' as we do not want to have a high-risk scenario in case of issues. Be prepared for higher risk, higher reward Races in 2019!


K-Drive Controls

Aiming (the button you’d use to aim down your sights) is how you initiate tricks. Use it in conjunction with other controls for a variety of results:

  • Aim + Direction + Jump = Small (tap) / Big (held) flip in that direction.
  • Aim + Direction + Select Button  = Directional Dismounts.

Firing (the button you’d use to fire your weapon) can be used to add a grab modifier to your tricks:

  • Aim + Direction + Jump + Fire = Grab Flip in that direction

Crouch can be used to grind:

  • Aim + Direction + Crouch + Fire = Grab Grind
  • Crouch + Direction + Jump = Air Spins
  • You can also grind on a variety of surfaces in Orb Vallis!

Other commands:

  • Sprint is the boost key, to help you gain speed.
  • Jump can be tapped for a regular jump, or held to charge into a large jump to gain lots of air!


This is only a basic overview of the various K-Drive commands -- be sure to give them a whirl yourself to see what crazy combinations you can come up with.



  • Ride or Die: Reach top standing with Ventkids.
  • Money Can’t Buy Happiness: Reach top standing with Solaris United.
  • Moa Money, Moa Problems: Configure a Moa Companion.
  • K-Driven: Ride 1,000,000 meters on a K-Drive.
  • Hang Tenno: Make a 50 meter jump on a K-Drive.
  • Vallis Spelunker: Explore all of the caves in Orb Vallis.
  • Race Ace: Complete all of the K-Drive races in Orb Vallis.
  • Bounty Hunter: Complete 6 Bounties within 60 minutes while in Orb Vallis.
  • Airborne Exterminator: Destroy 10 Raknoids in Orb Vallis while airborne. 
  • Stay Frosty: Fall into Orb Vallis coolant from 275 meters while on a K-Drive.
  • Animal Lover: Complete 10 perfect Conservation captures in Orb Vallis.



Meet our 37th Warframe: GARUDA! Death's crimson maiden. The blood of Garuda's foes imbue her with strength and vitality. Visit Fortuna to earn this vicious new Warframe. If no Melee weapon is equipped, Garuda will resort to using her talons to deal damage and attack enemies. These claws can be Modded and upgraded in the Arsenal.

Changes to Garuda’s abilities from Hotfix 24.1.2 have been integrated in this update!


As Garuda nears death, her damage increases.



Rip the life force from an enemy and use it as a shield that captures damage. Charge to channel the captured damage into an explosive projectile.



Impale an enemy on an altar of talons and siphon health for Garuda and her allies.



Garuda sacrifices her Health to generate Energy.



Charge to expand the targeting area, release to send Garuda’s talons careening toward each target in the targeting area. Enemies who survive are prone to bleeding.


Garuda's Blueprint is acquired via the Vox Solaris Quest and her Component Blueprints via the Orb Vallis Bounties, or you can purchase her in the in-game Market for Platinum.




Flows like grace. Flows like blood. An asymmetrical, stain-resistant Syandana.

Find the Suparna Syandana in the in-game Market.




What was once myth is now real, hand outstretched to claim that which runs within you. An alternate helm for Garuda.

Find the Garuda Bathory Helm in the in-game Market or in the Alerts.



“Please return - covered in blood - safe and sound.” This Bloodshed Sigil can be equipped on any Warframe and your Operator, but only visible when in the Arsenal, Captura, or when accumulating Health damage numerous times in a mission.

Find the Bloodshed Sigil in the in-game Market as part of the Garuda Bundle. You will be able to earn it free in a future Fortuna release - event style.






Slash targets with a single precise bolt from Garuda’s signature crossbow. Alt-fire to let loose a barrage of bolts. All bolts have a chance to cause bleeding and headshots have a chance to increase reload speed.

Find the Nagantaka Blueprint in the in-game Market.




This unsophisticated Corpus survival tool does what it was designed for: hacking and splitting whatever it strikes.




A weapon that reaches for its next victim even as it kills. With each takedown, this pistol spawns an energy tendril that reaches for a nearby target.




A weapon that builds charge the more it kills. Hit capacity then release for an obliterating discharge of power.

*Research for the Kreska, Ocucor, and Battacor can be found in the Dojo Energy Lab, or in the in-game Market for Platinum.



Oxylus Sentinel

The Oxylus Sentinel was designed to assist in Search-and-Rescue operations through the harsh landscape around The Orb Vallis. It comes equipped with two Precepts to do just that (*final stats available in-game😞

  • Scan Matter: Resource containers within an area  are revealed periodically on the Minimap for a limited time.
  • Scan Lifeforms: Increases the maximum Active Conservation Encounters.

The Oxylus' default weapon is the Multron Rifle! A new Sentinel weapon that fires a burst of armor piercing rounds. Pick up the Oxylus Blueprint by visiting The Business in Fortuna.

Note: This Sentinel requires two open slots.


New Sentinel “Assault Mode” Attack Precept Mod

In an effort to reduce the inventory duplication clutter that came with the individual Sentinel attack Precept Mods, Wyrm, Wyrm Prime, Carrier, Carrier Prime, Dethcube, Taxon, and the newest Oxylus now come with the Assault Mode Mod:  “Sentinel will attack first visible enemy within an area” (*final stats available in game).

  • If you already own the original attack Mods they will remain in your inventory but cannot be equipped with Assault Mode.
  • Assault Mode has replaced the original attack Mods on enemy drop tables.
  • We increased damage falloff range on the Sweeper Mod by 5m to allow it to work effectively with the Assault Mode Mod.

General Additions:

  • Experience the chilling distance wails of the Orb Vallis creatures as they succumb to the frigid snow drifts, the ever present hum of seemingly perpetual debt workers in Fortuna, and the many unparalleled new voices of the Solaris colony. Open your ears to the incredible new vast array of sounds! This also includes of 16 minutes of original music - from the Ventkids to Orb Vallis itself!
  • A new Fortuna UI Theme is available! Preview, purchase for Platinum, and equip by going to your Options > Interface > UI Customization.
  • New “Fetch” Mod for Kubrows and Kavats (Beasts) has been added - Detects and collects items within an area for its master, including Mods (*final stats available in game).
    • Fetch operates the same as the coveted Vacuum Mod for Sentinels.  You can find the Fetch Mod from New Hyena variants in the Orb Vallis.
    • With the addition of the Fetch mod, we have changed Vacuum and Fetch mods to pull the items directly to the Warframe as opposed to the Sentinel/Pet.
  • New Archwing Mod drops have been added to the Balor Fomorian (*final stats available in game):
    • Cryo Coating (Archwing Melee): Increased Cold/Status Chance
    • Ion infusion (Archwing Melee): Increased Electricity/Status Chance
    • Infectious Injection (Archwing Melee): Increased Toxin/Status Chance
    • Charged Bullets (Archwing Gun): Increased Electricity/Status Chance
    • Hypothermic Shell (Archwing Gun): Increased Cold/ Status Chance
    • Contamination Casing (Archwing Gun): Increased Toxin/Status Chance
  • New Beast Mods dropped from new Hyena variants in the Orb Vallis:
    • Shock Collar (Beast): Increased Electricity/Status Chance
    • Flame Gland (Beast): Increased Heat/Status Chance
    • Frost Jaw (Beast): Increased Cold/Status Chance
    • Venom Teeth (Beast): Increased Toxin/Status Chance
  • Choosing your Focus is now available in your Arsenal! Whether you’re Unairu, Madurai, Zenurik, Naramon, or Vazarin, you can swap between your active Focus school with greater ease when preparing your builds!
  • A reusable Ayatan Amber Star Blueprint (available for 10 Vitus Essence) is purchasable from the Arbiters of Hexis in the Relay.
  • Added some polish to the Gear Wheel changes. We now have a UI marker to indicate where the start of the Gear Spiral is so you have an orientation point AND we always start the opening of the Gear Wheel in the same rotation. This is based on your feedback about losing muscle memory and losing your orientation upon repeat gear use.
  • New loading UI elements have been added!
  • 7 Solaris propaganda Posters are available for your Decorating pleasure in the in-game Market.
  • New Glyph Bundle: Venters Glyph Bundle! These Glyphs were illustrated by none other than renowned fantasy artist Pete Venters!
    • Venters Headbanger Glyph
    • Venters Burn Warning Glyph
    • Venters Shocker Glyph
    • Venters Disco Ball o’Death Glyph
    • Venters Face-Blasting Stream Glyph
    • Venters Glistening Magnificence Glyph
  • New Dojo Pigments! Colors chosen by the esteemed Design Council. The following Pigments also all drop from Elite and Eximus Terra Variants!
  • Memoriam Purple - Drops from Terra Provisor.
    • 01000011 Cyan - Drops from Terra Raptor SX.
    • Neo Pink - Drops from Terra Trencher.
    • Coolant Blue - Drops from Terra Overtaker.
    • Conductor Gold - Drops from Terra Embattor Moa.
  • Kitgun Rivens have been added as a Sortie reward!
  • Added an option to move Decorations along a single axis (X,Y, or Z) for fine-tuned positioning.
  • Added the option to toggle a 'Grain' filter to all gameplay, you can disable it in your "Display" settings.


Mining Changes (Plains of Eidolon & Vallis):

Mining introduced a new resource extracting system to Warframe! Collecting Ore and Gems required you trace a pattern around a deposit using a Mining cutter tool in order to release it from its encasement. Since then it has seen several small iterations over time in order to ease what was at times tricky to execute, especially since the quality of the deposit was affected by the accuracy of the trace (which typically made the process very slow).

With the introduction of a brand new open landscape with deposits of its own, we knew that we needed to add new challenge that required similar levels of precision and skill, but in a speedier fashion and with much more return. So with that said, we have made the following changes to Mining:

Extraction is now done by heating a deposit to the ideal temperature. Aiming and shooting your Mining tool at any of the heat spots (flashing blue dots) on a deposit will begin the process.

A thermometer gauge ring will appear with boxed indicators that denote where you have to land in order to extract from the deposit. Simply hold the fire button and release when you are inside any of the indicators on the ring. Red deposits still indicate Ores and Blue indicates Gems. Landing in the smaller of the indicators yields Gems (even on a Red deposit).





General Mining notes:

  • All hot spots must be completed in order to successfully collect Ore/Gems.
    • Heat spots will glow red to indicate when you have successfully completed it.
  • The more heat spots, the harder the extractions become with timing pressures and moving boxes.
  • If all of the indicators are missed, you will still be rewarded a small amount of Ore/Gem (depending on the deposit type).


Arca Plasmor Change:

A previous update included a sneaky bug that removed falloff damage from the Arca Plasmor and the Shwaak Prism. The Arsenal continued to state the always present falloff (10.0 - 20.0) but it wasn’t truly applying. We have fixed this bug, which resulted in adding falloff damage back to the Arca Plasmor and Shwaak Prism, and thus returned it to its original falloff state prior to the update. This also fixes the Conclave Arsenal displaying the incorrect falloff damage for the Arca Plasmor.

Note from [DE]Megan: I’m personally an Arca Plasmor devotee, and after testing comparisons, it truly remains a radiated plasma punch to the face.



  • Vigilante Pursuit is now an Exilus Mod! This Mod currently has similar function to the Enemy Sense Mod, therefore using a Mod slot was counter intuitive.
  • You can now travel to other Relays/Towns when accessing the Star Chart from a Relay/Town.
  • The following UI screens have received visual changes to better match the chosen Theme:
    • Cutting Fish Bait in Cetus
    • Cancelling a Foundry build
    • Viewing a members Clan contributions in the Clan screen
    • Harvesting a Resource Drone in the Star Chart
  • Reduced the Corpus Ospreys dodging frequency.
  • Increased the speed at which Kubrows/Kavats attempt to catch up to you from far distances.
  • Bounty completion UI now indicates that no Standing is gained from completed said Bounty if you are at your daily cap.
  • Improved the virtual cursor so that it no longer focuses on Star Chart nodes when sufficiently zoomed out.
  • Tweaked Icarius Syandana offsets that got a bit wonky on Mag, Banshee, Nekros, Saryn, and Valkyr.
  • Tooltips for Arcanes now display bonuses in uppercase like the Arcane manager screen.
  • Improved the Syndicate screen UI to improve long description placement.
  • Bounty boards aesthetically changed across the board (Cetus).  Hover to view Bounty details. Select "REWARD DETAILS" button to expand the reward list.
  • Vaykor Hek now has 0.7 Disposition as intended with the Riven Disposition Changes. When tweaking Riven Dispositions we missed the Vaykor Hek when changing the normal Hek - they now have matching Dispositions.
  • Increased the Archwing max height in the Plains of Eidolon to 300 meters.
  • The following Dojo rooms have received a quantity cap (Clans that currently exceed the cap will keep them):
    • The Inspiration Hall now has a max quantity of 3
    • The Custom Obstacle Course now has a max quantity of 5
  • Enemy names in the Dojo Color Research screen that weren't all caps are now all caps.
  • The ‘SENTINEL’ Inventory category has been renamed to ‘ROBOTICS’ to welcome the new MOA Companions.
  • The Zaw Foundry category is now the ‘Modular Weapon’ category. It includes Zaws, K-Drive, Kitguns, Moa and Amp parts.
  • The Hastened Deflection Mod is now a ‘BEAST’ Mod, meaning it’s also compatible with Kavats and Helminth Charger.
  • Numerous Bells, Lanterns, and Nature Decorations in the Dojo have received the PBR treatment!
  • Improved lighting and numerous textures in the New Loka Relay room.
  • The Hystrix’s Alt Fire stats have been split into tabs when viewed in the Inventory, to fix the stat information running off the screen.
  • Companions will now teleport to you immediately after you dismount from Archwing.
  • Updated Daman Prime Sugatra and Vala Prime Sugatra names as they were inconsistent with previous Prime item names.
  • Slight increase to AI spawns in Drone Defense missions when playing Solo.
  • Improved logic for ordering enemies to move to a NPC Defense Target.
  • Improvements towards AI spawn flow in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Improved Nekros’ Shadow of the Dead FX to better support replicating larger AI.
  • Improved water rippled textures and FX when firing into it.
  • Improvements towards AI running into walls and Defense Targets getting teleporting into the abyss below in the Grineer Shipyard Defense tilesets.
  • Improvements towards AI jumping onto crates for no logical reason.
  • Improvements towards AI getting stuck on doorways.
  • Numerous overall performance improvements.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to visibility culling.
  • Made a tiny optimization to UI text layout.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to Dojo loading.



  • Fixed Ash’s Fatal Teleport Augment Mod not functioning on the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed ability to invite other players to a Mastery Rank Up Test.
  • Fixed Scanners becoming 'stuck on' if you melee while Scanning (i.e. it would go back to aiming after the melee attack even if you're not holding fire).
  • Fixed Tusk Predator Eximus’ not correctly awarding 500 Affinity when killed in the Plains.
  • Fixed the Ogris’ Nightwatch Napalm Mod only doing damage in the 4.5% explosion area (top of the projectile) instead of the intended 90% explosion area (at max rank).
  • Fixed the Rolling Guard Mod not protecting oneself from self-inflicted Lenz Status Effects.
  • Fixed Infested spore swarms spawned by Swarm Mutalist MOAs applying buffs to non-Infested agents (e.g. the Arbitration Drone).
  • Fixed rapidly firing charged shots using Mirage's Hall of Mirrors resulting in the Staticor's glowing effects stacking and multiplying to the point that the player's vision is compromised.
  • Fixed Transferring to the Operator before the second phase of the Lephantis boss fight resulting in inability to defeat it.
  • Fixed Arcane Victory not triggering when using a Primary weapon.
  • Fixed Pherliac Pods Components not dropping after killing the Juggernaut.
  • Fixed Plains Bounties not allowing Cave stages to start if a player is too close, resulting in Bounty failure.
  • Fixed invisible ‘steam puzzle’ in The War Within quest.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality that resulted in a progression stop in The War Within quest.
  • Fixed missing Golden Maw FX in The War Within quest.
  • Fixes towards AI not spreading out between different navigation paths and instead all queuing at one.
  • Fixed wonky Grineer AI animations when dropping from Dropships in the Plains.
  • Fixed AI spawn issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed the ‘Catch X fish without missing’ Riven challenge not resetting after missing a Spear throw.
  • Fixed cases where Fishing Spears could hit Sentinels and other things it should ignore.
  • Fixed inability to send Gifts to a player who is in your current squad.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had 12 or more items in your Gear Spiral, entered the Arsenal, and begin to remove items, the Gear Spiral would not display in ring mode until only 10 items were equipped.
  • Fixed Gear Spiral icons popping in late.
  • Fixed inability to remove Emotes from the Gear Spiral while in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed the Gear Spiral sometimes not letting you equip more than one item in the same group (i.e. multiple Dragon Keys, etc).
  • Fixed the Harpak doing more damage than depicted in the Conclave Arsenal.
  • Fixed larger Beam weapons (Opticor, etc) unable to hit weak points, such as Vay Hek.
  • Fixed cases of swapping Warframe Appearance loadouts resulting in more than one loadout being active.
  • Fixed loadout summary showing gear unranked if examined while in Operator mode.
  • Fixed cases where players could fall through certain platforms in Relays.
  • Fixed certain Clan stats in the Profile Stats section not appearing for Clans created.
  • Fixed inability to complete the Mastery Rank 24 test due to missing ‘continue’ option.
  • Fixed inability to equip Bite, Pack Leader, and Medi-Pet Kit on the Helminth Charger.
  • Fixed ability to roll while in Mesa’s Peacemaker without the Mesa Waltz Augment equipped.
  • Fixed Khora’s Venari being invisible in the Cetus Arsenal when accessing it as the Operator.
  • Fixed the Repala Syandana clipping through Ivara’s legs.
  • Fixed all Equinox Skins not displaying correctly when in Archwing.
  • Fixed incorrect Sugatra offsets on the Guandao polearm.
  • Fixed the Judicial Coils not appearing on female Operator faces.
  • Fixed wearing Operator Masks with 'Hood Opened' causing facial accessories to be hidden.
  • Fixed certain Operator accessories clipping through torsos.
  • Fixes numerous Noggles missing their head/body parts in the Dojo.
  • Fixing Saryn's Molt being in a T-Pose rather than whatever pose Saryn was in when it was cast.
  • Fixed falling loop whooshes persisting permanently after a Host migration.
  • Fixed doubling sounds when selecting a mission.
  • Fixed Fragment lore audio playing persistently when opening a new Codex entry, therefore remaining on screen and affecting other dioramas until it concludes.
  • Fixed Cetus vendors first encounter VO replaying when logging into a different location. This fix is not retroactive however, meaning you’ll have to re-watch one more time if you switch between locations.
  • Fixed Eximus Ospreys in the Codex being stuck to the ground.
  • Fixed Primed Quickdraw not appearing in the Codex when owned.
  • Fixed uncentered camera placements for Clients in Frame Fighter.
  • Fixed spectator camera not following Operators.
  • Fixed inability to select/move certain Dojo Decorations.
  • Fixed inability to set any Dojo Hall as a spawn point.
  • Fixed bad rotation on the Custom Obstacle Course start trigger in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Resources displaying as 0 in the Clan Vault.
  • Fixed an immobile arrow lingering on screen after viewing the Overlay Minimap in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed misangled pause Menu when attempting to invite another player to a current Conclave match.
  • Fixed Profile stats summary page being cut off on the bottom.
  • Fixed Daily Tribute tooltips for certain items (e.g. Oxium, Cryotic) displaying incorrect counts.
  • Fixed the Options menu becoming unresponsive.
  • Fixed overlapping UI menus when opening the customization screen while in Operator mode.
  • Fixed unnecessary quantity text in Bounty rewards UI (i.e. 100 x RUBEDO x 300).
  • Fixed Clients getting booted from a squad if the Bounty is accepted after the Host chooses one.
  • Fixed overlapping UI when attempting to Dissolve a Riven Mod.
  • Fixed incorrect color combinations when choosing ‘white’ as one of the colors for the Note Beacon Decoration.
  • Fixed Ember’s Fireball ability not applying chosen Energy colors.
  • Fixed Kubrow Fur Patterns appearing as low quality textures.
  • Fixed wonky textures with the Xiphos Landing Craft door.
  • Fixed some murky glass textures in the Relay.
  • Fixed rain FX in the Plains being poorly visible.
  • Fixed the Guandao’s Elemental FX appearing incorrectly.
  • Fixed Prime Armor FX showing up when they shouldn't (Star Chart etc).
  • Fixed FX Energy colors on the Spritsail Prime Armor.
  • Fixed Kavat Roar & Kubrow Howl Precepts not creating FX on Clients unless they were the second Precept equipped.
  • Fixed Scanners scanning FX being overly bright.
  • Fixed numerous Defense tilesets breaking.
  • Fixed the Ambush Mod having an inaccurate description. Now it mentions that the extra damage is granted specifically to weapons.
  • Fixed the Clan Hall having an incorrect description.
  • Fixed a placeholder text displaying beside item info popups for Reusable Blueprints.
  • Fixed capitalization not being applied to Corpus faction name when choosing a Crossfire mission.
  • Fixed Boosters obtained from Rare Crates having redundant time value text (i.e. 30 x 30 MINUTES AFFINITY BOOSTER).
  • Fixed ability to add more lines of text than the Clan MOTD box can visually hold or display.
  • Fixed a crash if a Clan message was received while transitioning between missions.
  • Fixed crash when Modding/entering a mission with the Dark Split-Sword.
  • Fixed a crash related to the minimap.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to create a new room in the Dojo.
  • Fixed a potential crash after a Host migration during an Archwing Interception mission.
  • Fixed a rare crash when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.
  • Fixed a Host migration resetting the Arbiter of Hexis Defense Operative's Health.
  • Fixed cases of Clients getting an infinite mission countdown timer.
  • Fixed incorrect reload sounds when using Perla Skins on single and dual wield secondary weapons.
  • Fixed a few Weapon Skins that were overriding the base weapon sounds when equipped.
  • Fixed Life Support pick up sounds in Survival missions not playing.
  • Fixed Clients not being able to hear Mag's Pull impact sound.
  • Fixed a case of matchmaking being tricked into sending people to Dojos instead of missions.
  • Fixed script error resulting in black icons to appear in place of HUD buffs when the Adaptation Mod is equipped.
  • Fixed a script error when buying a Dual Pistol Skin or Bundle that contains it, upon selecting a Skin for a single Pistol.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Octavia’s Metronome ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nidus’ Larva ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Excalibur’s Radial blind ability.
  • Fixed a script error when using an Operator ability.
  • Fixed a script error related to Khora’s Venari.
  • Fixed a script error that resulted in losing your weapons reticle.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing a Blueprint Offering.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to install an Ayatan Star.
  • Fixed a script error when accessing the Star Chart.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing the Personal Quarter Aquarium.
  • Fixed a script error when the Rescue Target bleeds out.
  • Fixed a script error when upgrading a Mod.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing the Appearance tab in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a script error when accessing the Arsenal as the Operator in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Mag’s Magnetize ability.


NOTES: Mask of the Revenant 23.6.0 to Pre-Fortuna:

If you've made it this far - thank you for reading the notes! What follows are the compiled relevant notes from every update between Mask of the Revenant and Fortuna!

    C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Update 23.10


    C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕ has come....


    Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts

A new type of challenge is available to players that have completed the entire Solar Map! ARBITRATIONS are here, read on to learn everything you need to know! If you have not completed the entire star chart, you can go to the Arbiters of Hexis in any relay and talk to this NPC. They will tell you what nodes in the Star Chart you must complete to unlock Arbitrations! The Arbiters of Hexis are providing you with the chance to fight with something unknown to most Warframe missions: Mortality! Arbitrations are single-life missions that put you in a scenario where you have to make your only life count!

Every hour you'll be presented with a new Arbitration.

  • These missions are always Endless!    
  • Rewards are earned at double-the-usual interval (every 10 Defense waves, every 10 Survival minutes), etc.     
  • Rewards are on an ABCCCCCCCCCCC (repeat C to infinity) rotation.     
  • Any A/B/C interval reward you receive is kept after you die or fail the mission (anything picked up off the ground is lost though)!     
  • Missions feature a new Arbiter-themed drone enemy that effectively shields nearby enemies. A keen team will coordinate to take these protective units out!     
  • Each successful interval will earn you a new "Vitus Essence" resource that can be used to build some new cosmetic items offered by an Abiters NPC in the their respective Arbiters Enclave in any Relay.    

PER PLAYER BOONS! Every Arbitration features a custom boon to you! A given Warframe and Weapon will receive substantial bonuses if used.     

Endless Arbitration missions play out a little differently for an added challenge...  

Survival: Life Support Capsules are worth 75% of what they're normally worth!

Interception: Towers controlled by enemies fill the "Opponent" progress bar at double the rate!

Defense: You're protecting an NPC and have much less downtime between waves!

Excavation: Increased Defense time to 3:00!

Defection: Rescue targets have no revive state!

Infested Salvage: Consoles have half their normal Health!


Unique Rewards can be found within Arbitrations, including:

  • 6 x Mods:         
    • Sharpshooter (Sniper): +15 Energy on Headshot Kill            
    • Cautious Shot (Unique): -90% Self Damage, -15% Total Damage            
    • Power Donation (Aura): -30% Power Strength, +30% Power Strength for teammates            
    • Vigorous Swap (Warframe): On Equip: +165% damage for 3s, +100% Holster Speed            
    • Rolling Guard (Warframe): On Dodge: Become invulnerable for 3s and remove all Status Effects. 7s cooldown.            
    • Adaptation (Warframe): When Damaged: +10% resistance to that Damage Type for 20s. Stacks up to 90%.            
  • Arbitration exclusive Resource known as 'VITUS ESSENCE' used for crafting Arbitration Cosmetics!     

    Note: Failure is a rare thing in Warframe, in the month of September only 2.5% of all missions were Failed. Prepare yourself for a new reality where failure may become the norm for these missions - can you overcome the odds!?

New Augments:

Gara - Mending Splinters (Splinter Storm Augment):

    For each target affected, Splinter Storm heals 3 Health/s.

Khora - Accumulating Whipclaw (Whipclaw Augment):

    Hitting 3 enemies will grant a 35% stacking Damage Bonus to subsequent Whipclaws. Bonus will decay after 10s.

Octavia - Conductor (Resonator Augment):

    Reactivate the ability to command Resonator to move to your aim point at 150% Speed.

Wukong - Enveloping Cloud (Cloud Walker Augment):

    Allies within 4 meters of the cloud become invisible to enemies for 14s.


General Additions:

  • A Search bar has been added to the Friends and Clan screen!    
  • Added a new timer animation to the Mission Voting UI.    
  • Removed Grineer Commanders from Simaris’ possible daily Synthesis Targets as it never functioned properly.     
  • Made some micro-optimizations to host performance in the replication system.    
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the level zoning and visibility system.    
  • Made some micro-optimizations to particle system recycling and initialization.    
  • Made some micro-optimizations in the dynamic music system.    
  • Made some micro-optimizations to ragdoll setup.    
  • Returned the controller functionality of pressing (Y) to open the Matchmaking dropdown menu.    
  • Focus Conversion now uses chosen themed UI for Eidolon Shard selection.    
  • Changed Inventory sell list to show total sell price for each row, instead of price for just one item, even when multiple were selected.    
  • The pause menu UI now automatically displays the first 3 loadout items (Warframe, Aura, etc). Aura has also been moved to always be the second line under your Warframe.        


Embody the grace of a falling star, and the terror of its impact, with this celestial collection for Nezha. Includes the Nezha Empyrean Skin, Buzhou Syandana, Teng Dagger Skin and the Nezha Empyrean Helmet.



Descend from the heavens like a burning star to smite all challengers.



The standard issue helmet for the Nezha Empyrean Skin.



The strength of the mountain; the grace of flowing water.



Doom in the sting of a serpent’s tooth. Converts any single Dagger Melee Weapon into a blade worthy of legends.


Revenant Ability Changes:

    We have a big batch of changes to Revenant based on constructive player feedback. Specifics per ability follow below, but a big thanks to everyone who took the time to login, play, and visit a space (forums or otherwise) to give their thoughts. It's crucial to the iteration process. Thank you!



    THRALLS: We have made changes to have Thralls have more value in life AND death - just as Revenant did. The general rule Thralls will follow is they provide CC in Life, Damage in Death. The goal is simply to have an easy supply of Thralls to make use of in both Life and Death.


  • Enthrall cap for thralled enemies increased from 4 to 7.
  • While active, the pillar creates homing projectiles similar to the Vomvalyst attacks and Revenant's Signature weapon, the Phantasma!    
  • The pillars can now be exploded to output their damage radially if hit by Danse Macabre.    


    On the development build before release, Mesmer Skin was recastable but we removed this due to balance concerns. But, our gut reaction was right and thanks to your feedback we've changed it back to how it was and you can now recast Mesmer Skin to recharge it!


  • Lowered Energy cost to 50.    
  • evenant is now fully immune to damage while Reaving - it's meant to be a life-saver!     
  • When Reaving Thralls with Mesmer Skin active, it restores a charge.    
  • When Reaving Allies with Mesmer Skin active, it adds the protective energy to your allies who happen to be in range. A small protective bonus!    
  • When REAVE is cast while in DANSE MACABRE, Energy cost lowered to 25. This allows for quicker, risk-free placement of Revenant for tactical maneuvering.    
  • The Direction of Reave now follows last Reticle aim point which makes casting more responsive to intent.     
  • Revenant’s Reave wall width is now affected by Range Mods.    
  • Revenant’s Reave now also sheds Status Effects on cast and applies them to targets it hits.    

    Revenant Fixes:

  • Fixed Revenant’s Reave using the wrong value (Health) for Shield gain.    
  • Fixed inability to damage Revenant’s Enthralled enemies with the Arca Plasmor.    
  • Fixed Revenant’s Enthralled enemies still attempting to hack terminals during Interception missions.     
  • Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify blocking Revenant’s Danse Macabre lasers.    
  • Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre and Strangledome names being in ALL CAPS.   
  • Danse Macabre energy cost increased from 12.5 to 20 energy per second.
    • Developer Note: In keeping with changes we've made to Warframes in the past to deter from the "set it and forget" approach, we have increased the energy per second on Danse Macabre. We are hoping that with Enthrall's cap increase you can benefit from more overshield pickups with Danse Macabre.  We’re always looking to iterate on your feedback, please leave yours in the dedicated Revenant feedback megathread!
  • Reave now looks more like the Vomvalyst charge.
  • Added FX and sound when Mesmer ends.
  • Fixed Danse Macabre showing 0 energy/second in abilities screen.
  • Fixed Danse Macabre becoming stuck while sliding.  
  • Fixed script error if you cast Revenant's Enthrall on a roller or other similar enemy.
  • Fixed Mesmer not reflecting Status effects.
  • Fixed Revenant's Thralls not granting Affinity when killed.     
  • Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre being able to damage Nullifier bubbles (and then killing the Nullifier).    
  • Fixed enemies affected by Revenant’s Enthrall and then a Radiation Status Effect being able to enthrall the Defense target, preventing the wave from ever ending.    
  • Fixed Revenant Reave not using Modded Health/Shield steal values.    
  • Fixed Revenant’s Reave Abilities page not properly showing the Modded Health/Shield steal values.    
  • Fixed Revenant’s Thrall death pillars blocking projectiles.    



  • Phantasma alt-fire will now seek targets in all directions, instead of behind the projectile.
  • Tweaked Deth Machine Rifle sounds to handle high fire-rates better.
  • Made numerous micro-optimizations to runtime object creation, level-loading and NPC path-finding.



We've been working hard on tweaks, with two primary goals in mind:

  • Making Nezha feel smoother and more fluid in gameplay    
  • Increasing Nezha’s power overall by giving him added team support value and internal synergies    

With that said, let’s break down the changes in order!


  • Increased max rank health from 225 to 375    
  • Decreased max rank shields from 225 to 150    


  • Changed from a channeling ability to duration-based.        
    • Why? As a channeled ability, keeping Firewalker active would block all energy regeneration. Making the ability a single cast with a long moddable duration solves that problem, encouraging more frequent use.            
  • Cast animation changed to a small hop that doesn’t restrict movement.    


  • Cast animation has been sped up, and no longer restricts movement.    
  • Enemies hit by the disc are “marked” for a moddable duration, greatly increasing the damage they take from all sources. Marked enemies have a chance to drop energy orbs.
    • Why? Adds great team value to Nezha’s kit - increasing damage taken helps all allies, and energy orb drops enable frequent recasting.            
  • Killing enemies while they are marked will now produce healing orbs, instead of the current healing pulse.        
    • Why? The current radial heal is invisible and very small, usually only benefitting players in melee range - most players don’t even know it’s there! Health orbs make the result more visible, while introducing other mod synergies.        
  • Increased the number of targets the disc will try to hit before recalling, and improved some cases of faulty lock-on targeting.    
  • Added a charged throw, causing the Chakram to fly straight forwards and backwards, dealing extra damage to enemies in its path.        
    • Why? For a consistent flight path unaffected by lock-on targeting, use the new charged throw. Great for hallways!        
  • Teleporting will no longer cancel Fire Walker.    


  • HUD now shows a custom counter, indicating how much damage absorption is left, instead of a simple numeric percentage        
  • Warding Halo now only blocks 90% of damage taken. Will still block status effects and other procs.        
    • Why? When considering Nezha’s revamped kit, he is excellent at mitigating enemy damage - Firewalker and Divine Spears offer great area/crowd control, Blazing Chakram offers healing and self-sustain, and his outstanding movement can make the player a hard target to hit. In this context, Warding Halo’s 100% damage resistance was completely overshadowing his other options - why heal or CC when I never take any damage?
      With 90% damage resistance, Nezha is still very capable of tanking, but encouraged to rely on his other tools to avoid getting overwhelmed. Taking minimal health damage allows for synergy with Blazing Chakram’s health orbs, not to mention new modding avenues like Equilibrium, Health Conversion and various Arcanes. The change also allows us to improve survivability in other ways, such as the increased health pool, and major Warding Halo quality-of-life buffs listed below.            
  • Damage absorption invulnerability phase now begins as soon as you cast the ability. Cast animation also sped up.        
  • Increased incoming damage multiplier during invulnerability. Damage absorption multiplier also now scales with power strength.    
  • When the health of the Warding Halo runs out, it will do an AoE heat status effect and give you a short period of invulnerability.        
    • Why? This gives the player precious time to react, helping survivability while controlling the enemies immediately around you. Your next Warding Halo can be recast during this window to ensure you’re always protected!            

    (Brief aside: as a Nezha main, I was originally skeptical of the 90% damage resistance change, and I suspect many readers will be skeptical too. However, playing the rework myself quickly changed my mind. The various buffs really outweigh the negatives, making Nezha much more capable in a supporting crowd-controller role. If you doubt just how potent 90% damage resistance can be, try out Gara’s Splinter Storm at 130% or more power strength!)



  • Sped up the casting/slamming animations, while removing the mandatory slam at the end of the Spears’ duration. (slam can still be triggered manually)    
  • Hitting a speared enemy with Blazing Chakram produces a second Chakram, which fires at a nearby enemy.    

    On top of all that, Nezha’s sounds have been remastered, adding new auditory cues for important moments, like Blazing Chakrams returning to the player, or Warding Halos running out of health!


Oxium Osprey Changes:

    As a result of a review from the Capture Mission changes that affected Oxium acquisition (Galatea, Neptune) and Oxium acquisition as a whole, we have made tweaks to better benefit your Oxium grofit:

  • Oxium Ospreys now appear within the first 5 Waves/Rounds of all Corpus Defense/Interception missions.    
  • Slightly increased the spawn chance of Oxium Ospreys in all Corpus Defense/Interception missions at higher Waves/Rounds.    

    Dojo Changes:

  • A ‘Founding Warlord’ Role has been added to the Clan hierarchy! This hierarchy is above ‘Warlord’ and there can only be one. Founding Warlord has all the permissions of a Warlord, but can also freely change the rank of any member. They also have the option of promoting any Warlord to Founding Warlord. This uses the new type of confirmation where you must type a keyword (in this case "PROMOTE") to go through with the change. The Founding Warlord now becomes visible to others and cannot leave the Clan unless they are the only member or promotes another Warlord to Founding Warlord. If a Founding Warlord wishes to be demoted, they must promote another Warlord, thus switching the Roles. If a Clan has a Founder already set (via Support), that person is automatically given the Founding Warlord Role (even if they weren't Warlord), otherwise the Warlord with oldest join date is made Founding Warlord.        
    • This also alleviates a longstanding issue where the Founder of a Clan can leave, but they are still considered the Founder if they come back (and if they don't, the Clan has no member with Founder status).            
  • Reworked the Vault contribution screen to reduce the number of steps you must take to contribute. You can also now browse the Resources and Decorations in the Vault! Previously you could only Donate and never knew what was already in there.    


  • Rhino now has a HUD buff indicator for his Iron Skin!    
  • Reduced numerous costs of required items for various quantity locked activities. Less grind more grofit:        
    • Reduced the cost of Nav Coordinates required to craft the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key from 3 to 1.            
    • Reduced the cost of Animo Beacons required to fight Ambulas on Pluto, Hades from 40 to 20.            
    • Reduced the cost of Vestan Moss scans required to craft the Sunrise Apothic from 25 to 12.             
  • Changed Health Conversion to only remove stacks on Health damage. Previously it removed stacks on any damage, which was counterproductive when the damage was on Shields as they are not affected by Armor.    
  • The emissive on Operator Facial Accessories is now controlled by suit Energy colour.    
  • Increased the Anspatha Brace recharge from 30/s to 45/s.    
  • Made some micro-optimizations to AI path-finding.    
  • Made some micro-optimizations to some core math routines used by Visibility and Zoning.    
  • Made some micro-optimizations to Zoning code used by Sound Effects, Cameras, and Weather Effects.    
  • Made a micro-optimization to runtime object creation.    
  • Made a small optimization to the process of binding textures and samplers (dx11 only).    
  • Reduced the smoothing window for the frame rate/time values. This may make things like Dynamic Vsync kick in a bit more promptly.    
  • Improved AI pathing in the Corpus Gas City tileset to reduce enemy crowding in certain areas.    
  • Removed ability to unintentionally equip Hydraulic Crosshairs and Sharpened Bullets on Mesa’s Regulators. Although the buff appeared to trigger, it never actually applied due to the "on aim" criteria not being fulfilled (unless you had a very specific loadout with the Mesa Waltz Augment equipped).    
  • Resource descriptions now indicate their "Locations/where to find" list to aid new players.    
  • Removed special Warframe HUDs (Nidus, etc) from being displayed in the Dojo.    


  • The Tenno II Color Palette is now available in the Market!     
  • A new Clan Role of Herald has been added! This Role is to solely allow a member to edit the MOTD. Previously only the Role of Ruler could change the MOTD (which they still can).    


  • A Mastery Rank of 8+ is now required to Trade Rivens. This echoes the minimum possible Mastery Rank requirement of Rivens overall as well as generally follows our trading rules with restricted gear.    




A two-pronged attack; the bone-grafted cocoon at the tip of this staff rends flesh, while the viral mass living within spreads itself into the wounds of each new victim.


Carve through enemies with surgical precision using this Corpus-tech Glaive.

    Find both these new weapons in the Market or in your Clan Research!




Artistry meets lethality with this elegant Dagger Skin.


Bludgeon, hack, and maim with this improvised Machete skin fashioned out of broken Grineer weapons.

    Find both these new weapon Skins in the Market!


General Additions:

  • Operators now have an A / B / C Customization config option for clothing and accessories!    
  • New Sentinel Precepts (available from Simaris’ offerings):        
    • Dethcube - Energy Generator: Dethcube drops an Energy Orb after assisting in 10 kills.            
    • Shade - Ambush: When Ghost invisibility is broken, Shade’s owner is granted 120% Damage for 3s.            
  • New infinite Gear spiral! Is it truly infinite? No. BUT 99 Gear items is a lot and we challenge you to reach the limit.        
  • 7 new Syndicate Captura Scenes purchasable with respective Standing once Quest requirements are met (with the exception of Simaris’):        
    • LUA CONTAINMENT SCENE (Arbiters of Hexis)            
    • CHAMBER OF THE LOTUS SCENE (Cephalon Suda)            
    • SILVER GROVE SHRINE SCENE (New Loka)            
    • MYCONA COLONY SCENE (Perrin Sequence)            
    • HUNHOW'S CHAMBER SCENE (Red Veil)            
    • KUVA THRONE SCENE (Steel Meridian)            
    • SANCTUARY CONDUIT SCENE (Cephalon Simaris)            
  • We've added a library of new sounds for the general social experience. You will now hear new and custom sounds for:         
    • DMs and Squad Chat            
    • New drag/drop sounds!            
    • When someone joins your Squad (no longer just a visual bumper)             
  • A ‘Relics' category has been added to the player Inventory menus.     
  • Added objective marker pointing players to Konzu when entering Cetus for the first time.    
  • Added new aiming in/out transition sounds for Archwing weapons. We added these for primaries and secondaries in 22.16.0, but now you get to hear them in SPACE!    
  • Added the ability to purchase multiple Forma Bundles from the Market at once.    
  • Added a new in-game Challenge:        
    • Joyride: Travel over 10,000 meters on a stolen Dargyn across the Plains of Eidolon.            
  • Added more Community Fan Art to the Codex for your Display decorating enjoyment!    

    Junction Changes:

  • Removed “Defeat 3 Eximus enemies on EARTH” requirement from Venus Junction.    
  • Lowered “Defeat 10 Eximus enemies on Venus” requirement on Mercury Junction to 5 Eximus enemies in any region.    
  • Lowered “Defeat 10 Sentient enemies on Lua” requirement to 5 Sentient enemies.    
  • Lowered “Collect any 3 Mods from the Orokin Principle challenge rooms on Lua” to 1 Mod.    


The much discussed changes have arrived - they are quite straight forward, but if you want to really dive deep into them please start with our Dev Workshops for history! Part 1/2: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1000256-daily-tribute-dev-workshop/

On the major Milestone days (every 50 days between 0-1000) you will be presented with up to 3 Choices! These choices will still respect the original chronological release, and by the next time you reach a given category, you'll see a new item appear in place of what you've already chosen (if applicable).

  1. Sigils and Resources. Days 50,150,250, etc.
  2. Primed Mods. Days 200,400,600, etc.
  3. Weapons. Days 100,300,500, etc.

Day 1000 and beyond!
Starting at Day 1050, Evergreen reward choices will be rotated every 50 Days though the following options:

Evergreen Choices A (choose one):

  • 3 x Forma
  • 3 x Exilus Adapter
  • 4 x Weapon Slots

Evergreen Choices B (choose one):

  • 50,000 Kuva
  • 7-day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource)
  • 30,000 Endo

Evergreen Choices C (choose one):

  • 3 x Rifle Riven
  • 3 x Melee Riven
  • 3 x Secondary Riven

Scaling Day-to-day: Scale all the things!
One important thing to clarify is that the in-game items received on the non-Milestone Days in Daily Tribute system now scale based on the amount of days you have logged on. Endo is an example well documented in the past Workshop, but this also applies to Credits, Booster Durations, Resources, Syndicate Medallions, Relics, and Forma Blueprints.

The way this Scaling works is that we have chosen a base amount of a given item and applied a multiplier that reflects your current amount of Days logged in - it does vary by item type!

    For example, on Day 1, I get 1 x Tellurium, but on Day 1000 I get 6 x Tellurium!

Additional Information:

  • There is now a fixed Day 5 Reward of 25,000 Credits and 1000 Endo.    
  • Our goal is to make it only slightly more flexible while still respecting the core need to login frequently. Personalization is a huge part of Warframe and we think that this changes the Daily Tribute system to better reflect that.     
  • The Lodestar Syandana and the Lodestar Armor Set - they are staying at Day 800 / 1000 respectively.    
  • We have added custom lines and videos to each Daily Tribute which brings a Warframe NPC out to greet you on your new day.    


Saryn Changes:

    We recently made the surprising discovery that Miasma’s damage multiplier for targets affected by Spores never actually worked. It has been fixed and will now work as we’ve intended it to originally. That said, seeing as it has been absent until now, we have increased the damage multiplier from 2x to 4x to encourage even more synergy between the two abilities.

    Seasoned Saryn players will notice the change immediately, as it can make quite an impact on the spread of Spores via Miasma kills. By increasing the damage multiplier we have reduced the following to compensate for the change:

  • Miasma base Damage has been halved.    
  • Spores scaling damage per second cap has been reduced from 10 to 7.    



  • Added an ‘Auto Install’ button to the Ayatan Sculptures screen for Mastery Rank 10+ Tenno! This long requested feature allows you to auto install Stars from your Inventory to your Ayatan Sculpture with one-click.     
  • Added ability to swap your Mod loadout order in the Arsenal! This works the same way as dragging/dropping your A B C Appearance loadout order.    
  • Added a Decoration called the ‘Note Beacon’! A beacon capable of displaying custom messages that can be placed in both Orbiter and Dojo!    
  • Added an FX to the Energy Orb dropped by Deth Cube with Energy Generator equipped.    


Fortuna: Public Hotfix 1



Fixed a progression stopper that could occur when attempting to complete the War Within Quest.
Fixed an issue with Clan Emblems no longer appearing correctly.
Fixed an issue with a loc string appearing in the Profile menu.

Fortuna: Public Hotfix 2


This is a Data only Hotfix to enable the Relics for the upcoming Weekend Alerts!

Fixed some issues that would prevent completion of the upcoming Weekend Faction War Alerts. More information on these alerts here: https://www.warframe.com/news/6th-anniversary-weekend-wars
Potential Fix for The War Within not progressing due to missing UI elements.


Edited by [DE]Rebecca
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2 things you may encounter at this time:

1) For a reason we have not 100% reproduced, the system may try to download the full update ON TOP of the current install, instead of in-place. Deleting the game and then reinstalling will allow the update to proceed. This won't remove any progress, and since the Update is a remaster (full re-install), this won't waste any gas.

2) If your Update isn't auto-starting, do the manual system check via + Button > Software Update > Via Internet on the Warframe game tile.

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7 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

2 things you may encounter at this time:

1) For a reason we have not 100% reproduced, the system may try to download the full update ON TOP of the current install, instead of in-place. Deleting the game and then reinstalling will allow the update to proceed. This won't remove any progress, and since the Update is a remaster (full re-install), this won't waste any gas.

2) If your Update isn't auto-starting, do the manual system check via + Button > Software Update > Via Internet on the Warframe game tile.

Erm. What if I cleared up room elsewhere for the update, will this overwrite my older game file and normalize my SD card capacity?

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10 minutes ago, (NSW)aRoundofShots said:

No where in the patch notes does it say fixed player base wide crashing. 

Fixed a crash if a Clan message was received while transitioning between missions.

Fixed crash when Modding/entering a mission with the Dark Split-Sword.

Fixed a crash related to the minimap.

Fixed a crash when attempting to create a new room in the Dojo.

Fixed a potential crash after a Host migration during an Archwing Interception mission.

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1 minute ago, (NSW)VvBb22 said:

Fixed a crash if a Clan message was received while transitioning between missions.

Fixed crash when Modding/entering a mission with the Dark Split-Sword.

Fixed a crash related to the minimap.

Fixed a crash when attempting to create a new room in the Dojo.

Fixed a potential crash after a Host migration during an Archwing Interception mission.

Also: Fixed a rare crash when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.


3 minutes ago, (NSW)SlimeBlue said:

I didn't see if the spawn rates of vomvalysts have been changed. Have they been fixed too or was that never even been a bug?

It should be a bug since in PC they don't have that problem. Besides it's not just a problem of vomvalysts spawn rates. Everything in the plains has problems with the spawn rate, from dargyn (good luck unlocking a riven that requires a dargyn pilot to be killed) to vomvalysts. Going through inexistent enemies in certain defense or control missions to weird spawns (in air) during them.

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2 minutes ago, (NSW)TabascoJones said:

"Fixed a rare crash when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains."



To be fair, it was "rare". It never happened twice in a row to the same person. If you played in a fixed group, you knew that every single time one would crash, but at least you were certain that the person crashing was not always the same.

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5 minutes ago, (NSW)Belaptir said:

To be fair, it was "rare". It never happened twice in a row to the same person. If you played in a fixed group, you knew that every single time one would crash, but at least you were certain that the person crashing was not always the same.

But I'd hardly call it rare. Last night was the first Tricap I completed without anyone crashing. Then when we hopped back in for a quick Tera take down, three of us crashed before we exited the loading area.

Like sure, we should be happy that 1 crash meant you weren't going to crash again. But it was a common occurrence for sure. I just hope this actually applies to all PoE crashes and not just the one specifically triggered by the door opening.

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Just now, (NSW)TabascoJones said:

But I'd hardly call it rare. Last night was the first Tricap I completed without anyone crashing. Then when we hopped back in for a quick Tera take down, three of us crashed before we exited the loading area.

Like sure, we should be happy that 1 crash meant you weren't going to crash again. But it was a common occurrence for sure. I just hope this actually applies to all PoE crashes and not just the one specifically triggered by the door opening.

Ok, maybe I thought the sarcasm was evident and forgot to add an /s at the end of the post.

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26 minutes ago, (NSW)Belaptir said:

To be fair, it was "rare". It never happened twice in a row to the same person. If you played in a fixed group, you knew that every single time one would crash, but at least you were certain that the person crashing was not always the same.

in what world is 1/4 considered rare? winning the lottery is rare, getting struck by lightning is rare. Flipping a coin is not.

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2 minutes ago, (NSW)Notdarkstark said:

in what world is 1/4 considered rare? winning the lottery is rare, getting struck by lightning is rare. Flipping a coin is not.


21 minutes ago, (NSW)Belaptir said:

Ok, maybe I thought the sarcasm was evident and forgot to add an /s at the end of the post.

If only you'd read the posts after that one before posting...

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