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First let me try to explain the problem ! 

The "Profile Equipment Tab" is totally "broken" / "bugged" for Players who migrated from PC to Nintendo Switch

A Picture of my Nintendo Switch Profile Equipment Tab

to compare:

A Picture of my PC Profile Equipment Tab

I discovered this pretty soon after migrating in early december 2018 but i did not bother to post something of forums cause i thought:

"I should probably chill about this and wait for Fortuna Part 1 Patch, im missing gear i get back once that Patch hits, maybe it will be fixed in that big update"

Now that Fortuna Part 1 is live and this is still not fixed i was a little bummed and thought ok, maybe wait a little more until Fortuna Part 2 hits and Nintendo is

on the Patch as the other consoles.

More Info !

If i equip one of those gray pieces of gear nothing changes, once i start a mission and leave (same with Simulacrum) they show up as "unmastered".

After i finish a mission the gear piece finally gets set to what i should be "Max Rank" in the Profile Equipment Tab.

I discovered, the Codex entries for all those pieces of gear state "Mastered" so that could be an easy way to fix this.

So why the fuzz?

It doesn't affect gameplay sure ...

But !

I also discovered my Mastery beeing messed up:

My Nintendo Switch Mastery 1,713,627

to compare 

My PC Mastery 1,716,627

As you can see - my PC Account seems to be 3,000 Mastery ahead, which can't be accurate!

My Nintendo Switch Account has since Migration mastered Redeemer Prime & Mesa Prime which should put my Nintendo Switch Account 9,000 Mastery ahead of my PC Account!

Now !

I know, i know, 12k Mastery, it's not that big a deal we are still far away from hitting MR 27 but paired together with the broken/bugged Profile Equipment Tab i feel like i'm just not capable of tracking down the missing 12k Mastery myself.

Yes mastery doesn't affect that much and all but, kinda drives me crazy to have that 12k missing in combination with not beeing able to propperly check it, its so much stuff.

Additional Info 

I remember from the "List of items not migrated"  (cant put a reference link since Migration is close & page taken down) there were pieces of gear not migrated like of course Founders Stuff, which i do/did not own and Ignis Wraith which already has been sold by Baro Ki'teer and i ranked & forma'd again so thats probably not it.

My next thought went to Kitguns 4 x 3,000 - would fit perfectly but no mastered one again nothing changed (also chamber BPs show "mastered" on vendor)

Same goes of course for Zaw Strikes.

Also did equip all gear that i "lost" in migration and that was "refunded" to me with the patch yesterday, finished a mission - nothing changed

Thanks if you did read all this, i hope this gets some attention

GG Kremo / Kremocore

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As a migrated player myself i wonder if there's a way to fix it. It can be a long process to check every weapon once again, and something that i doubt DE would like us to do. Thx for bringing up the matter.

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