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Infested Salvage asking players

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I've been playing a while and realized I I have not played "infested salvage" since I farmed nidus. (Excellent job on Nidus and Helminth Charger by the way.) I did want to ask fellow players how they felt about the mission.

1: how did you feel about the whispers and screen encroachment? And should it be in other infested missions?

2: The strange air scrubbers could they, should they be added to other mission types? If an infested open world appears should they be there?

3:how did you feel about the room size?  Was the size of the room too big or small making it too easy or hard to play?

4:should there be different tiers of this mission to spread out the rewards and increase the pool? Example t1 Nidus chassis, t2 Nidus nueroptic, t3 Nidus system.  What would you hope for in a drop table?

5: the spores that degrade armor should they also be in other missions? Infested seem to enjoy making spores.

If you have read this far thanks for your time and I hope my first attempt at contribution to the forums was helpful and made you think of ways we can help the greatest game and it's creators.

If anyone needs help farming message me on PC xdeathhungerx

Discord xdeathhungerx #4882

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Infested Salvage is a totally forgettable game type.

You grind it a few days to get Nidus, then you never speak of it again.


Glad to be done with it, its just annoying and not fun.

Like a more complicated Interception/Excavation combo, both of which I also tend to avoid.


Problem with them all is standing around babysitting objectives is boring.The small maps for Invested Salvage just makes that repetition worse.

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