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Derelict Void Gives Me The Creeps


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Not in a bad way! I just wanted to say that you did a very good job with the design! There are some bugs and some places that are hard to get to but the atmosphere is wonderful.


It isnt fear, more like creepiness. I was playing by myself too with headphones so it made it even better walking up to walls and hearing them creak and groan. It made me feel like they made something that was amazing but it all fell apart underneath them and nothing could stop it.


I think the creepiest room was this one



I dont know why it made me so uncomfortable to stand there.. watching the cryopods endlessly pour into the murky water one after another...but it did!


One thing that might want to be fixed is the electric path. The one under the flooring which I guess leads to a vault. I wouldnt know because it would span me in a continuous loop BACK into the electric lazers cause me to lose all of my lives. Now I understand it suppose to be hard but that is a bit unfair to span just to die. Didnt even have a chance to run away.


If you could make the respan area the beginning part, that would be great.


Thanks again and you guys worked hard to push this out today :3

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