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Change To Nekros First Ability Please


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For those of you who have the nekros don't you think that the first ability needs a buff.


The damage of the initial blast is splendid but the AoE is horrible.


For a shot worth 650 damage (that's with the ability damage increase mod) the AoE is only around 80-100 damage for a small amount of space behind it.


I believe that they should increase the range of the AoE, not only backwards but from side to side.


I also believe that they should increase the AoE damage to around 50% minimum if not 75% of the actual punches damage.


What do you guys think?

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I'm sorry, but, is 650 for 18 energy not OP enough for you?

nope not compared to the pull ability or tesla multi use


Edit: See the thing is that that is the "Only" direct offensive ability in his aresenal. The fourth ability makes the shadows pretty incompetent in some cases.

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