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Seer Can't Decide How Much Damage To Do


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I have a rank 28 seer pistol with Lethal Torrent 5 (60% fire rate and multishot), Ice Storm 3 (40% mag size and freeze damage), and No Return 5 (90% AP damage).


When I hover over this:



It'll sometimes show this:



And sometimes, this:



Apparently, whenever I hover over the Seer, it has a 50% chance to list 85 damage and a 50% chance to list 170.

I didn't change anything in between hover-overs. Simply moving my cursor on and off the Seer will cause this bug to occur.


Oh, also, the "O" of "SEMI-AUTO" goes over onto the next line.


My resolution is 1366x768.

Aspect ratio is auto.

Display is fullscreen.

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