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Soooooo,how Does This Work?



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You do normal missions to find nav coordinates, which are a crafting component to Derelict "key" blueprints. Like any other blueprint you can find them in the market.


Doing derelict missions will give you a chance to collect Golem Nav Coordinates which you use to craft Derelict Assassination keys instead of the normal nav coordinates, blueprints for these are, of course, in the market.

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Orokin Derelict Assassination keys are for the new Golem.


They can be purchased from the 'Equipment' tab in the market, but keep in mind those are blueprints to craft the keys.


To craft the normal Derelict (non-assassinate) keys you need "Nav Coordinates," items which are dropped from lockers, containers and chests in every mission. 5 make a key, along with some normal resources.


To craft the Derelict Assassination key, you need "Golem Nav Coordinates" which are nav coordinates dropped in the Derelict missions. Again, 5 are needed along with some normal resources to craft a Derelict Assassination key.

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