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Infested Zap Attack!


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So I was doing the latest infested alert with level 120+ enemies. Looked like Noxious Crawlers went to the gym because they stood up on their arms and waddled towards me at nearly mach speed! I was fine. I was Ash. Had Invisibility.



Ah, but then I reached that annoying loopy reactor dead end. This was the Grineer ship map and I forgot the way up, mind you. I JUST COULDN'T WALL RUN UP AND THE INFESTED WERE ON TO ME! LVL 120!!!


I fell down the abyss more times than I care to remember. I went off the beaten path. I kited dozens of Infested Crawlers and Runners. Den outta no-where... ZAP! PZZT!



ELECTRICITY! IT TOOK THEM 10 UPDATES BUT THE DAM THINGS DISCOVERED ELECTRICITY! Good for them.. but bad for me! I took one, two, three shots and my shields were getting dangerously low! Like 83 shields left low so I thought, dam, I can't tank anymore. Too many infested plus one lone, blue crawler with Edison's genes. So I backtracked...


Lesson learned? The wear and tear of past ninja wall running was a lie. Next time I take the stairs...

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