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Diriga spawned during Ghoul bounty misnamed "Nemes"

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Doing Ghoul bounty, these spawned and freaked out some poor newbie:1uvQy0O.jpg

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is Nemes: L2XLwRf.jpg

Also, scanning it showed "already completed" color and text, but... can't find this enemy in the codex. Instead, I could only view it in the companion section, which is indeed what I was looking at in the first screenshot: 31uuqKO.jpg

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I know this is an old post, but I saw this today too. I was doing a ghoul purge bounty, and ran across two or three of these together just before heading back to the gate with my squad. I scanned one and left, thinking "wtf is a nemes??". It looked sort of like Diriga, but I didn't remember seeing the hanging tentacles. After researching this later, and seeing that actual corpus nemes didn't look anything like this, I was perplexed, and this thread was the only reference to this I could find.

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