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Volume Control for Your Own Gun Fire

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Sound FX are important, especially if you have headphones, they guide you to things they give you a sense of the area. Gunfire too, you can hear the enemy shooting at something before you see it.

The problem is that Warframe also has Voice Chat, and your own gunfire, especially if you're spray and pray like me, can get really really loud.  But the only way to control it is by turning down the sound FX or master control.

So I think a a gunfire sound control, at least for your own weapon, would be wonderful

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As much as I agree this would be good for tactical play, it would kinda ruin immersion, as guns DO make a lot of noise. So it kinda makes sense that if you actually want to listen closely to something, such as a Kuria, you'd have to hold your fire.

That being said, there's no point in adding this option, lest it gives players who enjoy immersion an actual tactical disadvantage over power-players.

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