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Basically, when you do sortie what do you get?

a) anasa

b) some junk that is somehow rarer than a riven mod but you still get

c)getting a riven mod but not getting the riven for the weapon you wanted but instead getting a riven noone else likes and you dont like your self soo you have to sell it for like 10 plat, transmute it or endo it. 

Basically what i am i am trying to get to here is there should be more chances to get something more rare like the legendary core and make awards that are rare well, actually  good.

so, the idea of sortie is really good, daily missions that you only get reward from 1ce, but it still gets really irritating after getting anasas like 3-5 days in a row (yes, i know some have been trough a lot more than 3-5 days but that's how much i have been trough so ill use that number). From what i have seen and herd on forums and from feedback on region chat people that have played like 2 years have yet to get a legendary core from sotrie.

Anasa Ayatan Sculpture - 28.00%*

Riven Mod - 27.90%†

4,000x Endo - 12.10%‡

6,000x Kuva - 12.00%‡

3-Day Booster - 9.81%

Exilus Adapter - 2.50%

Forma - 2.50%

Orokin Catalyst Blueprint - 2.50%

Orokin Reactor Blueprint - 2.50%

Legendary Core - 0.18%

so according to the list i found in the warframe wiki riven mods and anasa sculptures have the biggest drop chance and honestly with my experience from this game i think people will most likely be happy to get: kuva, endo, a riven or the myth, the legend, the legendary core but lets be honest thats not gonna happen with 0.18% drop chance, so i think DE should reward the player for doing sortie daily by increasing the drop chance of a legendary core if they do sortie day by day in a row, that would be fair according to me, if you dont think like this please, leave some feedback as feedback is allways welcome.

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That would make very unhealthy elitist groups since everyone in the squad gets the same reward. "Oh you havent done every single sortie since they came out? gtfo of my group"

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Legendary cores are valuable now because of how rare they are, aside from that they aren't that worth since you can max all your mods with a little grinding.

As for the drop chances yes they need to be adjusted a little since Anasa are even less valuable after the introduction of Arbitrations, it would be better if they just removed it but if that isn't a option atleast make it harder to get and increase the Kuva and Endo drop chance instead because getting 4k endo is better than a Anasa

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3 minutes ago, AEP8FlyBoy said:

I just want a Token System already.

inb4 they already made one and it works but they just forgot to ship it for the last 2 years....

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Have a token "sorties reward" instead to have a random loot. Then as Baro Ki'teer and dukats, you go to a special merchant and choose a reward for a price.
... just dreaming.

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better translating

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