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Lenz projectiles stuck in the air after headshot

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(bug starts at the 0:12s mark)

With the Lenz, when the projectile hits an enemy on the body, they are typically staggered or knocked back a few meters before exploding where the enemy got knocked back to.

However, when a Lenz bolt hits the enemy on the head and they are knocked flying backwards (with bolt attached to their head), the bolt that hit the enemy's head ends up staying at the original hit location and staying there before exploding, while the actual hit that pushes the enemy backwards also explodes, resulting in 2 explosions.
This bug isn't just a visual glitch, as you can see when I walked into one of the bolts at (~0:33), when it exploded, my Iron Skin percentage (lower right of screen) goes from above 80 to about 48%.

This is especially an issue when you're running towards enemies while firing the Lenz and when this bug happens, you end up dying to an explosion that you can't really see until it explodes.

1. Equip Lenz (mods/skins/arrow skins doesnt matter)
2. Land a headshot on a moving enemy
3. See that the place where you hit the headshot now has a yellow-ish orange arrow floating there (but no Lenz cold proc bubble is there), while the actual bolt and enemy flew back a few meters
4. The arrow that hit the headshot explodes (without ever having a cold proc bubble), followed by a second arrow (the one attached to the enemy) exploding a second afterwards (also no cold proc bubble, but enemies near the enemy are cold proc'ed).

Laptop Intel 7th gen i5, Nvidia 1050ti, 16gb RAM
Warframe (PC) U 24.2.14

Edited by -CM-Schnitzel
Finally got the video to work.
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