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Jötunn (placeholdername) The Giant Frame

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Alright.  Im back at it again with the warframe idea.  I've been toying around with the idea of a giant warframe for a while.  It'd be like titania, in a sense. Starts normal sized, but gets big, like, really big.

Passive:  The warframe is so strong it can wield two-handed weapons with one hand.  Such as Fragor Prime, Gram Prime, etc etc.

Ok. So, the first ability

Punch forward, the fist growing in size. The momentum would propel the warframe forward, not stopping until it hits a wall or other terrain.  It can be cast upwards, to fly into the air, come down and make a huge shockwave.    I'd call it...Colossal Strike.  It would be built for strength and efficiency.  Range as well for the upwards casting.


Second ability

Both hands grow in size, and strike in a large clap attack, this would catch up all enemies in front of you for short range,  smashing them together dealing large amounts of impact damage. 


Third ability.

A spinning attack where both arms grow in size, knocking around any enemies hit.  


4th ability

Turn into a giant, how big the warframe would get is dependant on energy and duration.   Cast and hold to grow,  double cast to return to normal size.


Im sure I could tweak the abilities a bit, but for now, this is all I have.

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Had a very similar idea way back but trolls compared it to Titania. 

Passive: I was thinking reduced or complete immunity to knockdowns. 

First ability: simply as Crush&Throw, can expand his hand and grab and enemy as he crushes him and activate again to throw the enemy into more. 

Second ability: would be ground smash where he expands his fists and slams the ground causing wide vibrations that make all the enemies stumble. Duration causes the enemies to be unbalanced for longer time. Allowing for easier escape or crowd control. Can be performed in the air for increased radius. 

Third ability: was the sonic clap where he expands his hands and claps. It does impact damage but mainly pushes enemies back. Could cause them to be stunned as their hearing would be off and throw off their focus. 

Forth ability: could be called Embiggen, where he grows to like the size or bigger than Atlas’s rock minions. But it drains energy to remain in that state. His fists grows a bit more than the rest and he enters into a boxing like fighting stance similar to the Furax. And he dishes out lots of impact damage. His slams could shake the ground within like 5-20 meters depending on range mods that throws of the enemy’s balanced which allows him to continue delivering heavy blows. If the passive has reduced or no immunity to knockdowns, then this ability would also increase the immunity. So while in this state, he can’t be knockdown. 

For his stats:

health - like 500

speed - like 0.9-1.0

energy - 250

shields - 300

armor - 300-500

Origin could involve him being the source of major earthquakes. The source of the continental drift on earth. But eventually he disappeared like all the other warframes and the earthquakes have been greatly reduced. Could be where the myth of Hercules or Goliath came to be. A few ideas but with the most recent warframes, seems that origins stories don’t matter as much. But it would be nice to have more origins to these warframes. 

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