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pet control and chesa "crate"

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two ideas i thought i would share.

1. pet controls and statuses. the idea is you can command your pet with a contextual button (lets call it a "pet ping").

  • if you "pet ping" an enemy, your pet would change to "aggressive mode" (seen with some sort of indicator by its name in the hud). while in aggressive mode it will continue to seek out and attack enemies within x range till its told to stop (hold pet ping for 3 seconds) or until another command is given.
  • If the [Scavenge] mod is equipped, you could then "pet ping" crates to cause the pet to openly search and prioritize looting crates (an indicator would show by pets name in the hud) till commanded to do something else or to stop entirely .
  • "Pet pinging" an ally or defense targets would tell the to protect. it would attack enemies that attacked the defense target (indicator...pet name...hud, etc).
  • You could "pet ping" the ground and they could hold/defend the position. this could be used in spies to stop enemies from rushing in if that sort of thing ever happens to you (once again indicator on the name in hud).
  • finally if no command is given or if a command is cancelled (hold 3 seconds) then the pet goes back to its usual routine, picking what it wants to do as its AI dictates currently (no marker would show in the hud).

2. Chesa's Retrieve and the newly proposed chesa-crate ability (as mentioned on the devstream). 

  • keep retrieve mod as is. but now he runs of "retrieves" a body, drags it back to the warframe, sits, barks (smilingly, tail wagging, etc) , then runs out to fetch another body. this could tie into pet controls. if "retrieve" is equiped, then you can "pet ping" a dead body and it would actively prioritize fetching corpses.
  • when the body is dropped, the re-loot roll can then happen (think single desecrate).

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