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A real hunting mission


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Hey there,

Warframe has come a long way in the last 6 years with many changes and growth of the player population.

There appears to be a niche in 'slower' gameplay in conservation and fishing.

My preference is for there to be a mission that sits in-between conservation and the larger boss battles - whereby weapons can be made from the bones and hide of the felled beasts.

For example,

The Serberis - a reptile indigenous to earth introduced into lore in the Toxic terrors tactical alert would fill a place in such a game mode.

Hunting in itself has been mentioned in the game universe;

Cernos Prime: "A noble bow to hunt hellish beasts"

Ivara, the hunting Warframe too follows this pattern.

Such things appear to be a part of Tenno culture and tradition which hasn't been fully explored.

Rewards for such hunts could be as follows; weapons - simple/martial created from the hide and bones of the prey, syandanas and armour pieces, weapon skins for proficiency of one or another particular weapon use for hunting.

Just some thoughts,

Thank you for reading,


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2 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

It would be simpler just to say you want Monster Hunter.


That too 😛

A Warframe version of it, but not killing super empowered beasts - rather something like The hunter: call of the wild

the tracking and taking the time to hunt a beast, using the hide and bones to make a weapon or a few.

perhaps an endo and credit reward based on the type of beast and how clean the kill was

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13 minutes ago, (PS4)Equinox21697 said:

How will this work exactly, will there be one beast per mission or multiple small ones followed by a boss at the end? And how often is it playable? Considering there will be cosmetic rewards as well I'm guessing about once or twice per day

I wrote a concept up a while ago

I am thinking similar to the bounties - you have one specific animal to hunt but you can hunt others in the meantime.

What you can hunt is limited to standing. The higher your standing, the more choices of creatures to hunt.

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