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Excavation Power Cell Spawn Rate

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First of all, so few people play this game. Most mission nodes are empty. I'm talking like 95% of the areas of all planets are basically empty. There are like 50 people tops in chat every single time I log in...and changing region doesn't seem to help. If anyone knows a way on how I can have hundreds of players in chat, and have at least 10 squads on each mission node, then please do enlighten me. I mean this is one of the most played games on Steam, right? So I don't think I'm asking too much when I say at least 10 squads for each mission node. Anywho, I play a lot of excavation on Pluto to farm Axi Relics. And most of the time, there are only 1-2 squads active...which in most cases, are full. So in the end, I always end up alone playing the host, and nobody joins in...because again, there are extremely few people playing. And because I'm alone, only a few mobs spawn...therefore, so very little power cells spawn as well. Now, usually when I get lucky and am able to join a squad, I usually go for 36-40 digs before extracting. But guess what, when I go solo, I can only do around 4-6 before I get bored in waiting for 5 mins with no power cell and just end up extracting. Now I know I can just extract and do the mission again, but really that's not the point. They should at least make it so that you can do it solo considering how difficult it is to find a squad in this game. The only real benefit of playing squads in excavs should be the rate of how faster squads are because of how you can excavate multiple sites at the same time. Please DE, if you can't make it so that players can see more active people in the server, then just kindly bombard solo players with hordes of enemies in excav missions. And when I say hordes, I mean suffocate me...chokehold me while I'm drowning--punish me, for wanting to go alone. That's all I'm asking.

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