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Valentines Day Submission: A Slow Dance on Lua

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Not really sure if the Tenno can age, but I made some V-Day gift art of me and my partner's operators being cute husbands together in some hypothetical timeline.Playing Warframe again has led us to grow a lot closer and further rekindled my love for the game too. (My partner is actually the player who called Stalker 'papa' on stream a couple of Prime Times ago haha)  I hope to get around to making more fanart soon!

-@_tooie on Twitter

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/_tooie/status/1096083969383092225?s=20 


Bg screencap credit goes to aliferous on Imgur, you can find the rest of their screencaps of Lua here: https://imgur.com/gallery/YkmP9Dl

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19 hours ago, Smoothgrillfluenza said:



10 hours ago, MagPrime said:

Love it!

Thank you so much aaa, I loved working on this overall.

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14 hours ago, (PS4)chLegendKing said:

love the mood of the overall piece

Thanks! It was definitely a bit of a challenge to get just the right amount of warmth in there but I'm glad I pulled it off. ^^

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