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Update 10 Stealth Changes


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This thread is to list all of the changes not stated by DE. This is not a complain thread.

  • J-3 Golem projectile is deadlier. Larger AoE and more damage.
  • Some bosses receive full damage (no armor).
  • Volt's shield no longer converts regular damage to AI.
  • Crawlers now spawn on defense missions.
  • Boar also has a damage buff from 72 -> 96 per shot.
  • Group packs, obtained through research and the market.
  • Torid no longer hurts the player.
  • Void rewards have been reworked.
  • Wyrm's crowd control knocks down enemies.
  • Probably a limited misc. inventory.




Post any stealth changes and I'll add it to the list.

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I was not getting damaged standing in my own torid clouds.


Watch as you can't get harmed by explosions from Ogris or Thunderbolt mods, either. Those are what made those weapons fun.

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