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Who is this lady talking in my orbiter and how do I betray the Lotus to join her?

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There's no code or correlation to different nodes on the map. Every transmission can happen while at the same planet

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Is there not supposed to be sound because I keep getting her messages but I don’t hear anything. None of my audio is muted in settings either. 

Edit: Apparently you have to be close to the scanner to hear it. Despite her text showing on screen no matter where you are in the orbiter, you’ll only hear it by the scanner. 

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26 minutes ago, orq__ said:

Fiquei muito surpreso ao fazer o screenshot do monólogo inteiro, mas havia algumas coisas sobre a justiça e polir a espada para estar pronta.

  Revelar conteúdos ocultos



Sera que esta espada seria a parecesis

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Everything I got so far. There might be something missing in some of them as they had, rarely, a habbit of cutting off


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2 minutes ago, Nora Night said:



Rly that thing is gonna be THAT awesome you are gonna be on the forums on top of that ?

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Hmm it probably has something to do with Wolf of Saturn. I am however not sure about the frosty edge thing and Night Wave. Can it possibly refer to a new weapon or maybe a surprise frame with a frost/ice theme different from Frost?

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20 minutes ago, Nora Night said:


*Swings doors wide open* Allow me to join your ranks, m'lady!

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59 minutes ago, Nora Night said:

You live with wolves... you better act like one...


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Nora, a Mystery lady who appears to have something to do with giving us Transmissions via the Scanners.

she call us "Dreamers". as if she knew we are not warframes, but Tennos.

She also mentioned the word many times. Wolf.

I honestly can't say its not related to the Wolf of Saturn.

i mean, Wolf, right.
I've recorded all the transmission, which i think i had.

i will upload them to youtube and tag them here.


-        Mark that Frequency

To All Off you Drifting' Out there in the Black, Mark the Frequency.

The Time has Come to Act Together.

To open our eyes and gaze  with utmost clarity past the present and info a future we create.

Shoulder-To-Shoulder, Mark the Frequency.


-        Live Among the Wolves

Hey there, Dreamers. The Devil is Home and the shades are up.

That’s right…, just you and me, passin’ each other slow and with a nod sayin’ all that needs sayin’.

I'm Nora Night, Sayin'... you live with Wolves you better act like one.


-        The Red King

Nora here. The Red King is at the dance.

But listen… as you drift between the stars Nora wants you to know you ain’t alone.

mm-mm, We’re all of us a kinda family out here, ain’t we.

All of us. The Multitudes, Driftin’ and listenin’.

But you need to remember. It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be.

It never. Troubles. The Wolf.


-        Voices

A voice in the night, a half-remembered dream, rising to the surface of your consciousness, from the backbrain to forebrain, a sound to a vision, pullin’ up and…

"Knockity-Knock. Hello. Dreamers."

Lets get to know one another.


-        Hope

In a world like this, it can be hard to have hope, when the man owns the system and the system serves to save the man, from us.

But I’m here, Dreamers. To help you pierce that false fog.

We’ll chase it away with acts of beauty and, succeed or fail, face the foe eyes open.

As someone once said : if nothing saves us from death, may love at least save us from life


-        Acts

Acts of Defiance, acts of generosity, acts of sacrifice

This is how we turn this system ‘round.

I’ll take you there, Dreamers. I’ll bring you back.

-        Echo


An Echo, From Long ago: ‘For ten years I’ve been polishing this sword

Its frosty edge has never been put to the test

Now, I am holding it and showing it to you, Sir: is there anyone suffering from injustice? Keep livin’, Dreamers.


-        Nighwave

Hey there Dreamers, You hearin’ me?

I know you are. No need to say anythin’

A hand in yours, a voice for the speechless, a bedtime story for the sleepless

The name’s Nora Night, and I got somethin’ to say, sweet things.

Nightwave is coming.

-        Defiance

It can be tough as a kid. All sorts of people have it over you.

People will kill you inside; kill you and forget your name.

You grow up. They grow old. You remember, they don’t.

They just keep doing what they’ve always done.

Only to someone else. Then, one day, they call you friend.

And you wait. And you wait. You wait ‘till they can’t trust you any more than they do.

And then you ask them if they enjoyed their dinner.

And, looking into their panicked eyes as they gasp their last, you tell them your name.

And you nod. “Yeah,” your eyes say to theirs.

“That was me.” And then you leave.

And the System is a better place.

Be smart, Dreamers.

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Starting to get the feeling that nora night is an older tenno that woke up earlier than everyone else.

Nora Night is a rather "Normal" name compared to the names from other factions/races in warframe. And the only other person the refers to ys as dreamers was the worm queen.

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Nora could be og Tenno of the Stalker. Or a Dax. Or a surviving orokin like Ballas, an executor of one of the seven. Could be Maroo's alter ego for all we know. 

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