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Necro Desecrate: First Problems.


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First of all, I should say that it's pretty good balanced. Sure it's handy, but it's not like you'll be able to find piles of energy and backtrack to the corpses.

Still, there is several problems.

1)Death animations. They are taking a lot of time and you can't cast desecrate while they still moving. It's even worse with elemental effects and HOLY SH♥T tier if ice is involved.

2)Infested. If they killed without any elemental attacks, you can try to use their corpses. Everything else gives you too small window between death animation (Time it's no use to cast ability, It won't work) and disappearing (You can't cast it on corpses that start dissolving into nothing).

3)Ability works weird if corpses lies on the stairs and rampants. I mean, corpses left unaffected.

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It seems pretty expensive - I've had no desire to use it, I feel like the energy is better used somewhere else.


Also, on a side note, all of Nekros power animations feel a bit too long, and they can't be cast while moving


Doesn't feel expensive to me. Especially with a maxed Streamline. With Stretch too, it's an AoE looting ability that will likely get you back the energy you use casting it. That usually happens when I use it, my energy comes right back.

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