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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!

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My idea behind this mask: Different aspects of Warframe

-The red eye is the Stalker sigil; the yellow/gold (it should be gold, but I did not have the right colored pencil) is a Vitruvian symbol with lanterns from Cetus attached

-The circular object that meets in the middle of the two symbols is supposed to be an Intact Sentient Core with the Ostron emblem in the middle of it; the Five circles directly above it is the symbol representing the Five focus schools that the Tenno can be part of 

-The three circular objects on the top are, ideally, Ayatan Stars. 

The main color of the mask is tan and the other colors I tried to emulate from the game and what the true colors are! 




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Inspired from princess monanoke. Love all ghibli movies .maybe use condroc feathers like a main.wouls be cool.

So glad that I get to stretch my art talents into a game I just can't put down

p.s. couldn't figure how to post a pic directly using Mobil phone

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I was kind of reluctant to draw this, but nonetheless, here is my entry- Ostron Ceremonial Mask
Inspired by the Ostron Standing Logo itself, along with its colour schemes 😄
Unfortunately I couldn't find a darker colour for green, but this was the closest I wanted to get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi there, this is my design:

This mask concept is basically from one of the umbra excalibur helmet where one of the eye expose out, and the mask idea is actually getting from black panther mask; thus the colour of this mask is inspire by the colour of prime parts.

Its a very simple and clean design, but it bring us some kind of the mistery feel, a man/women behind this mask with full of untoldable story of themselves...

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20 hours ago, (PS4)RumzRumz said:

Lok-heb, Surah! Here's my submission for the contest 🙂 I'm pretty new to the game and Cetus plain is totally awesome. It surprised me with the appearance of the mighty Eidolon and i'm hoping i can defeat it one day. Now, it would be nice if we can also have an eidolon mask as a souvenir from Nakak. Hope most Tenno will like my design for this!! cheers! >> https://imgur.com/a/9UVSuPs <<

Out of all the masks that I have seen, this one feels most likely to win (and I would be very happy if it did).  It fits in better with the mask designs that Nakak already sells than any other mask I've seen here, and it looks so incredible! 10/10 would stick my kiddo's head in it.

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My entry to the contest; it is inspired on Ostron themes such as eidolons and the vissages of the moon from Cetus, I believe it could be built at the village without much trouble, using scrap material picked up from the fields or brought by tenno adventurers. Flavour text is made in the shape of folk tales of old, in which any small township thrives as a form of registry-keeping, passing from person to person, most likely changing a bit with each hearsay. Word of it might have come to Nakak, as such tales are often told as warnings to children not to venture into harms's way; inspiring her to actually go venture into trouble to make a new, inspired mask.

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The components of this mask are chosen carefully to represent warframe and have something from Cetus. Lotus is a big representative of the warframes so I included the emblem and the purple color. The other colors come from orokin which warframes originated from. There is the blue glow often seen in orokin technology and in Cetus (also the plains of eidolon) along with the gold and black. The symbol on the left eye is the “Hayden Tenno” symbol. To tie it off the feathers are dyed condroc feathers which are found in the plains of eidolon. This is a traditional white Venetian mask with a little warframe twist. I hope Nakak will be able to take inspiration from this and create this mask in her style (because I couldn’t draw it in her style).


I'm making a real life version of it and will post when finished. It's being made with paper mâché.


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I'm not an artist by any means but I love doodling and this is what I came up with. It's based on the samurai. I actually started it as a blind samurai with a piece of cloth over the eyes like mesa and her blinder but I messed it up and it looked cooler this way. I'll improve it when I get home if I get time with and actual photo editor (i only have paint at work lol) and If I dont get time I figured you get the gist of my idea with this. cant wait to lose lol



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The goal of the mask is (Blood Harvest)

this creation is also history itself. xd

For years the plains of cetus have been scarce of resources for the solaris, since the blood spilled from the infested, eidolons and grinners in the plains has turned it into infertile land and only the lakes full of fish and some animals have survived , the devastation of this earth approaches tenno and salvation whispers in your ear, the grinners move away with desperate leaving their rats, the reason of their fear is the arrival of a new conqueror of worlds, it seems that the plains will be stained with new blood . save us from the tempest tenno or give us time to leave our home.


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Hello everyone ,

My inspiration comes first Venetian masks and especially those of the doctors of plague realized to protect their bearer of the diseases.

I am not strong in 3d image so no profile picture so you have to imagine the long nose of the mask.

Thanks and long life to warframe





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