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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Mostly it's based on Chroma prime obviously, and like the other masks in game simplified, but the orange is obviously a reference to OG Chroma.  The gold and grey would be the accessory colors, while the orange and white are the main colors, the blue would ideally match the energy color but it's not clear if that's possible.  Obviously the Ostron influence is mostly the paint job, even if none of the designs match the various swirls and spike designs on their buildings exactly, but you did say to be creative so I figure it's fine. 

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Well here is my design.
I was observing the atmosphere in cetus, the masks of the Venetian carnival and decided:

- Conserve the tribal aesthetics of cetus and combine it with the Baroque character.
- It had to be simple and should be able to be performed by Nakak without help (His name is mask after all).
- Let it be seen where the inspiration come from without needing to say it.

Well I hope that all the research has been worthwhile, because I do not consider myself good at designing things.

P.D: I hope the translator has done a good job translating Spanish


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Rhino is my favorite warframe. My thoughts on Rhino, his color and design was alike cetus'. I was quite surprised not noticing a Rhino mask in Nakak's shop so I designed it for myself. Colors originally from Rhino and the rough textures I added. Also to look similer to those already on Nakak's shop I drew lines and mask holes just like them.





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https://imgur.com/gallery/0N0Z5Ic This is my entry, it is inspired by the Banners Scattered around Cetus, the Gold and Off-White is inspired from the Unum as well as the overall worn look of Cetus.even if i don't win it feels good to put this somewhere where people can see it instead of it sitting in my room collecting dust.

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 "Have you seen the size of the kubrows some of the offworlders have? the other day I saw a Tenno with one that was nearly twice my size!''

Kubrow Mask

i saw the contest late so i only had time to make a rough drawing of my mask. i chose to make it a kubrow because i feel that there aren't enough animal cosmetics in the game and i really like how they look.
i originaly wanted to do a moonless kavat but that proved too difficult and the kubrow turned out better than i expected anyway.


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"An ancient Nue, forged a face, to walk amongst the men of Cetus, even though it was a monster of great powers and terrifying appearance, it shared with those who did not care of its looks and became their apprentice. His motto was "Ink for the studious, food for the friend and honor for the noble warrior, but respect is for everyone."
This is why it´s honored using mask likened to the one used by him"

"Un antiguo Nue, forjo un rostro, para caminar por cetus entre los hombres, aunque fuera un monstruo de poderes grandiosos y terrible aspecto, compartía un aprecio por quienes ignoraran su fealdad y se volvieran su aprendiz. Su lema era, "tinta para el estudioso, comida para el amigo y honor al noble guerrero, pero el respeto es para todos."
Por eso se le rinde homenaje usando mascaras como las que uso el"


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Ok. I finally finished my concept (which I changed several times, because I didn't want to do things, that other people did).
Overall mask shape is inspired by "hat" of Ostrons. It has paper texture (like any other Nakkak's mask) and fabrics on both sides (I'd apreciate physics on it) which is pinned with those "clips" Ostrons have on their clothes. Those gold details would have metalic colours, paintings (inspired by those on buildings in Cetus) could glow in the dark.
mask - primary
fabric - secondary
details - tertiary (metalic)
paintings - suit energy
I hope It's not too complicated to visualize 😉






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 I designed this mask based on the design of certain thing found around Cetus and a traditional kitsune mask. The color pallet is found in both references. The mask shap is based on hok’s hat and a Kubrow’s head. Some of the patterns are based on paint markings on the buildings around Cetus. In theory the masks is crafted with wood or bone. The markings should be all hand painted. 

The main thing I had in mind with this mask while designing it was that I wanted it to be worn on the side of the head when equipped with hood down. I wanted something to happen when down and not just have it disappear.



Concept Sketch:


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I made an Stalker Mask!
If we can't have the Actual Mask, we can have Nakak make one for us!~
She would be selling the mask of that "Creepy Bad Guy that likes to Stalk Tenno

It would be made of common Ostrom Materials WITH an Glowin' Star Crimzian in the middle~

But really, I really want a Stalker Mask, regardless if it's my Design or not!

(Trasparent Ver: https://i.imgur.com/IMpNexE.jpg )

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Hi everyone! 

Here's my entry - I really rushed it since I found out about contest 3 days before deadline, and started playing the game like last Saturday haha, so I really don't know much of lore yet:/ BUT I hope it looks at least half decent? I can't tweak it any more (letmesleepplz), so sorry for all the mishaps! 

I knew I reeeeally wanted to go for Celestial style <3 



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