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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Here is my entery, i did design quite a few masks. these three stood out, and i decided to go with the Orange/Yellow mask.

i took inspiration from a lot of the structures around in Cetus.

i hope the character and other mask dont distract i just had fun with this and wanted to show the many other ideas to my fellow Tenno.


just the mask - https://imgur.com/mC9rBR0

Operator unmasked - https://imgur.com/ClH7J7C

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Hello! This is my participation, i was inspired by Nakak's handmade Masks. I've imagined a mask made of old cardboard (or paper mache), with differents stratum:

- Right eye and cheekbone

-Left eyebrow + the part under cheekbone (full gold thing)

-2 "horns"
the all thing is held by the gold "hoops" beneath.

There's some fancy details made of gold with some blue rocks in it. The tears are made with a sort of iridescent silk.1551302678-20190227-kk214026.jpg 

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it's called "The mask Of Cyclops" )) I hope you all like it 

as "design philosopy" goes, I used general warframe design as inspiration and Venetian Carnival masks. with my own twist ))



as I'm going through posts, I'm really, really loving all your work guys! 

PS: I'm new to warframe and I'm really, really loving it!! also you guys are beyond awesome, because of things like this!! 

PSS: NVM that character, she's my WIP character, I just used her to showcase mask )) 

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Hi everyone!

My design was primarily inspired by the signposts found around Cetus, and the beautiful markings on the houses.
And also from the masks that Nakak has in their stall, I love the paper mache aesthetic!

Thank you for letting me be a part of this contest, and I hope you enjoy my submission as much as I enjoyed making it!


I can provide a version without watermarking if needed.

Good luck everyone!

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Hello everyone, here is my design for the contest !

It's mostly inspired by Mirage design due to her aspects, wich are the most recurrent to the venitian carnival, comedia del arte, etc ...

Sooo here it is, I tried to keep the Nakak style, with some littles ornament/Ostrons design. (I tried to stay as occurate as possible with the front/side views, welp it was fun to do it ^^)

- I don't know if we can name it but if it's the case, maybe something like... Vivaldi ?


Good luke everyone !

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The Unum's Eye

description: This mask represents the always watching Unum, guiding and protecting us. And with animal scales for that Nakak touch!


inspirations: my own deep thought and contemplation...


gl everyone!

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Here is my contest entry!
Based around the day and night cycle in Cetus. With the cream side representing the day and the Ostron. The darker side representing night and the eidolons. I have tried to emphasise both sides by including Ostron language (the marking on the eyes have been inspired by the (eye) letter) and the energy when eidolons roam around the plains.

I also wanted to keep it in the theme of Cetus, so I took a walk around Cetus and the pottery designs caught my eye with their sleek patterns and unique texture. I also wanted to make it look as if Nakak has made it herself, who knows maybe she enjoyed working with pottery for a change.

Good luck everyone!!!

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Mask is over 20 years old, I need to hurry to work now! 

Edit: Oh a name! 

I call it.. 

Brother's Bond. 

Really surprised hardly anyone followed the, "make sure your design will suit the style of the other masks in Nakak's shop!"

Paper Mache x.x

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Good Night Fellow Tenno

Since digital art and drawing are not my best skills i decided to make an actual mask.

The goal was to create a Venitian style mask for Lotus, which was inspired by venitian maskd that i have reseached as well as the design of the character Lotus



The two colors represent the duality of the the Lotus, since She is Both a Sentinent but is on the side of the Tenno. 

The tear represents the all the sufering of both Lotus and the children endure

I took the liberty of posting diferent views of the mask so it would facilitate the recreation process of the mask to your design team ,should eventualy i win the contest.





I hope you like the mask. It was a ton of fun making it.

and i wish good luck to the fellow competitors

May the best work win.

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My mask is inspired my native Canadian art and masks as that is where I live, but it has an ostron feel to it.

the mask is a mixture of bark and wood shaped to fit over the head. it dips down to roughly where the teeth rest on the jaw and up just past the top of the forehead. underneath the mask there is a shemagh or a keffiyeh to hide the lower half of the face and the neck. the feathers on the back of the mask are condroc feathers of various sizes and shapes mixed with twine and twigs around the edge of the mask to roughly where the ears would be. there is a giant plume atop the center piece of the mask. in my mind all of the colors of the mask are various colors from local flora including maprico and nistlepod. 

dont mind the rough sketch as I haven't had time to properly sit down and work on it with life keeping me busy around this time of year. if a cleaner more polished version is required then let me know


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Finished this the day before submission
I really like Chinese Tradition Mask. It really looks cool so i decided that, this might be a good opportunity for me to draw one and added the WF logo onto it.
Hope you like!!


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In celebration of the Venetian Carnival did one mask maker put their all into.

"Symbol of Peace and Prosperity" -as Nakak may call it.

Inspired by the legend of Gara, the mask is constructed with the hope to remind the people of what has protected the Unum of which the Ostron also praises. Designed with painted condroc feathers as a symbol of freedom, a polished stone beak to assert the meaning of power for the good of all, the ostron circle as a symbol of who they are, and the faint shape of the legendary Gara. The mask in itself is painted stone with the gold accents that seem to be polished ore, possibly denoting the orokin way or even rebellion against such.

Not only will it strike the firm meaning of peace and prosperity, but also the celebration of the Venetian Carnival, a balance of festivity and strength, the balance of joy and determination.

This, is the Symbol of Peace and Prosperity.

Warframe - Venetian Carnival Mask by JyleART

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