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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Inspiration: Classic Venetian Party mask/Superhero mask


unknown.png?width=400&height=300So basically, the outline is a dark-beige or just typical Cetus color, the inner is white, there are two circles around the holes where the Operators eyes will show that are black, on the right bottom we have many red strings dangling, on the top right we have a red feather sticking out the mask, sorry for my incredibly bad drawing skills, Note: the white is supposed to be scratchy and old,, I couldnt draw scratches or it will look really weird, ty!

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Lua’s Mask of Shadows

“When light and darkness dance, an entity does follow;

in the form of balance, it comes as a shadow”

This mask was made to signify moderation - to be humble yet proud, silent yet loud. Those who wear the mask seek enlightenment through the unworn path of equilibrium.


If this mask were to be in the game, the eclipse emblem (the gold pattern) could be coded to change according to the moon phases.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

Make sure your submission suits Warframe’s lore and the Ostron style!


Does this mean the mask we create should be based on a pre-existing warframe / ostron assets?

or  simply that the theme of the mask should be reminiscent of the Ostron style?

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ides for this mask is like some steam-pank skeleton with broken part on his right side and from that energy smoke is coming from that eye,gold is metallic and red is more like carbon texture....


i hope you like it 😊


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Here's my design! Nakak make the Norg Head mask a reality! :laugh:


Now this is obviously NOT made from an actual Norg fish, rather it is a mask made by using traditional materials (like the other warframe masks Nakak already sells).

I'm not sure what else to add to this, I think this is a very Ostron idea and I also think it could look cool and funny at the same time. 

Hope you like it! 

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I referenced carnival mask's with that orokin-ish look with horn's and i painted it with green, and i had in mind that a child is doing this mask so i made it similar

 to her other creations i hope you like it https://imgur.com/CPdbBp1 

this one is the rough sketch https://imgur.com/yuX0F0B

i hope you like it, i enjoyed makeing it even though im not a good artist.

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"A stone tablet that has been morphed by searing glass, it seems to fit perfectly as a mask. What remains of the writing suggests this could have been plans to a powerful weapon, at least that's what Nakak is saying.
Regardless of what it used to be, you do have to admire the strange art of using a stone tablet to record anything, why would the Orokin do this?" -Konzu

I liked the idea of having an engraved helmet, however instead of simply having a metallic face plate I thought that stone would fit the theme of Cetus and the plains much better. The glass on the helmet would hint towards Gara being the one who ended up warping this into the shape of a mask.

(If this is to be selected the text on the helmet should not be 100% legible with words not fully on the mask instead. If this does get selected the text should simply allude to the Operator being the weapon that Nakak refers to in that dialogue up there.) 

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