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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!

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hey peoples ! ))
I'm new to community.. 

Can I submit 3d model? because I work in zbrush..

it's beyond amazing that you guys do things like this!! 
I'm learning character design(on my own), and this is very, very encouraging! 



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Il y a 2 heures, TheShinyMagnet a dit :



original https://www.deviantart.com/akeleu-wolf/art/Warframe-Operator-Kubrow-Mask-785874590


Here's my entry 🙂 

Kubrow Operator Mask

Inspired by Kubrows and Kitsune masks:)

Eyes glow and use the suit energy 🙂

I want it ! I just love it !!!

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This is a warrior style mask/helmet. The Ostron have officially recognized the Tenno as allies and fearless warriors. 

 Ostron seem to use a lot of orokin style hardware held together with cloth and "wall leather". Here we have a carapace like helmet edged with orokin style organic metal. The visor portion is much like the Ceno helmet visor with the badass energy slits. The back part of the mask is typical ostron "wall leather" or cloth.   

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Here's my mask! It is inspired by venetians masks and silver chariot from JoJo ^^. I wanted to use the Cetus' colors so i used gold, white and silver! It's like if someone created this mask with residues of orokins elements...



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😊Thanks for the opportunity to show my affection for the Warframe.

I used the Adobe application to make my mask.

• I made several balls in the mask to give a different finish.

• I used the lotus emblem available in the art fans of the warframe.
• Many colors to remember the carnival, because it is very colorful e happy.
Hope you like it.
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Here is my submission for the contest. It is based off what I think Orokins' genetic experiments would have done to portia spiders. They now make great hats/masks lol. It's done in Ostron style.  The mask is half off, it fits over the head. The mask allows a wearer to have 273 degree view of the enviroment.





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I'm currently waiting for it to fully harden before painting it.

"Hey, Tita, what do you think about this?"
-Titania commands one of the Razorflies to sit on the mask the Operator was working on whole evening.-

"... thanks, it looks much better now!"


I think I heard on last prime stream that Titania didn't get much love :x so here is some from me! Also hi, I might have recently hooked myself up to this game and it's fun 😄

This isn't submission, it's just WIP (kinda proof of me doing this myself), the submission is on the next page, I think I just got too excited, by all means its not post to reserve spot or anything... (plzdontbanmethx^^"")


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En 15/2/2019 a las 14:56, roimonstre dijo:

Here's my design! Nakak make the Norg Head mask a reality! :laugh:


Now this is obviously NOT made from an actual Norg fish, rather it is a mask made by using traditional materials (like the other warframe masks Nakak already sells).

I'm not sure what else to add to this, I think this is a very Ostron idea and I also think it could look cool and funny at the same time. 

Hope you like it! 


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