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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Finally got my mask done! I had about 5 different concepts in process before I realized that

1. We are only to submit one. And 2. It has to be cetus themed!! Either way, I'm happy with what I made. This is my first contest! Wish me luck!

I based this off of Cetus architecture with all of the golden arching spires and stuff! I really love them! I used the colours from most of the clothing that they wear, but I suppose it wont do any harm to add a splash of colour too! A downside to this mask is I can see it being pretty stuffy if the weather gets hot 😞

I had felt that the main base of the mask would be made out of fine bone china, like a porcelain or literally a bone cement compound. And then maybe some dye or a crystal of some sort to just get that glowing luster.

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A contest? Sure, why the hek not. BEHOLD ITS GLISTENING MAGNIFICENCE. No better way to treat the big bad monster threatening Cetus' very existence than to make a buffoon and clown out of him with this ridiculous mask!

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Heavily inspired by Excalibur Prime; This mask, lost to the ages, was created by one of the Tenno of old as a clear sign of asymmetry, a bold statement to the Orokin 'symmetrical perfection'.

(Original digital artwork by me + edit on my Operator for in-game display) 


5VknX66.jpg?2 LuYNtqM.jpg?1

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This is my design. It's a Kavat style mask in Orokin color scheme. The blue areas are the energy colors. I also used the peacock kavat tail as the feathers for my design. I think it would be totally cool to see a Kavat/Kubrow mask for the Operator, seeing as there is one for a Sentinel, why not the Tenno's?

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In every major quest you have to answer some questions that determine what I can only describe as "your alignment" from DnD. However how you reply in those questions and what your alignment ends up being doesn't seem to have any impact at all. So this mask is here to change that. The left side is the dark side while the right side is the good side. Which side of the mask appears on your operator is determined by your actions and how just or evil you are.

(This could also maybe become an actual mechanic? If the operators ever get a fully fleshed out ability moveset and are able to wield their own melee weapons Then your alignment could also impact how catastrophic (their abilities have a AoE blast proc or instantly rip apart enemies) or pacifistic (make enemies asleep or root them in place) your operator turns out to be)


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WtwhiOQ.jpgSo basically, I took everything I could find on cetus and mixed up a bit! The red painting was a nice addition and made the mask look less boring, The mask itself is broken on the left side since you can see that on the buildings too, so I made it like the left eye is closed and put some red paint on the cloth as if it were bleeding. ofc it isn't! I would never hurt my Tenno!

The cloth being wrapped around the head was inspired by the clothes the ostrons are wearing, since it looks like it's just wrapped around too!

so yee I love jiggly physics just like the umbra scarf for example so I had to add that!

I was thinking about making the paint glow in the dark/ Energy like or smth but I'm not sure about that tbh xD

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hello to all, my modest participation for the contest. little delirium quickly made on wings 3d on the basis of the octavia warframe.
I would have liked to do better texture levels, but I don't know enough about the software to do that.
good luck to all participants.


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Guys, can you please help me? I want to post the photo of my mask concept drawing, but if I copy and paste it won't work. How can I post my image other way? Do I have to create a link for it? Why is so difficult? I don't want to be forced to create a link to post only ONE photo, jezz.



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I can not upload my image to imgur for unknown reasons, before everything was fine. I hope this is not necessary.

Link: https://pasteboard.co/I1B91xe.jpg

1. Metal parts. There is a similar edging on objects in Cetus.
2. The material of the mask as in other masks. True, I first conceived it as a decorated piece of a jug.
3. Bandages, dressings, frequent items of clothing of ostronts.
4. Drawings in yellow - an attempt to repeat the style of the drawings of the interior of Cetus.
5. Fastening the bandages inside the mask.

At first there was an idea with a closed right eye, but since Nakak had all the masks with cutouts, i had to redo this element.

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