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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Nakak learn this knot from Konzu long time ago while he used to do covert mission. Now she want to teach tenno how to make this knot mask, in case tenno need this for covert mission  :3 



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i forget to submit my image
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quick concept art for Bastet Opera mask, Half blindfold and glowing eye



and im still waiting on oriental operator suit, hesteg // when 


I mostly play valkyr so I want the full experience with valkyr

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VTnrhyv.jpgMy inspiration came originally from glass armor and Gara.  However, Nakak probably doesn't have access to those resources. So intead she has used the clear gems marquise veridos, tear azurite, and star crimzian to create her own stylized mask in honor of Gara and her glass armor. She has formed her gems in the shape of the Ostron sigil and compressed the 2 halves together.  She plans to charge these gems to craft this fine mask for you. 

The marquise veridos and tear azurite would be curved back along the sides of the head rather than pointing straight up.  I just couldnt find a way to draw and clearly show that.  Hope you enjoy. 


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Here is my  submission.

It's an elaborate mask the Ostrons wear for their annual festival to celebrate them still beeing there despite the sentient threat outside of Cetus and as a mockery of the eidolons walking the planes at night.

The Mask itself takes inspiration from traditional Columbina-style venetian masks. Since it's a celeboratory mask and as a thank to the Unum tower the Ostrons use materials gifted to them by the tower. The closed veil resembles the Eidolons, though predominantly female Ostrons wear the mask with the veil closed.


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This is my entry... The Luchadore. This mask is designed to bring the fighting spirit of classic Lucha Libre to Warframe. The Lucha Libre mask features an angel wing design on the sides and classic Luchadore stitching on the back. Just like on a traditional Mexican freestyle fighting mask, the wearer's affilitation is displayed boldly on the forehead. In this case, "TENNO" is inscribed in bold letters on the gear, which is  an unusual and rare sight to see because Tenno more often mark their gear and weapons with the lotus emblem to express this. This is because the Tenno Lucha mask was probably made by a local fan of the Tenno from Cetus who was inspired by stories of their fighting strength.

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Donjo mask

Ive never really done anything like this before, and im really sorry if its messy and hard to understand!! ;,(

  • I took inspo from the hats they wear, with the gold bits and the blue leather like material.
  • I really like the way they dress in cloth, or a type of linen so i took huge inspo from it



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Hi all! I share my illustration for the contest.
For the mask I was inspired by the ostronitas houses and their symbols, so I decided to create a mask of a supposed ostronite warrior, I suppose that gives me the illusion that behind so many merchants and blacksmiths there is an warrior.
I hope you like it.MASCARA.png

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So I was inspired my the Tenno Sun and Moon morality system. I though at some point with the children of Cetus hearing stories about the Tenno and their battles I thought someone would eventually make a mask to represent the balance of the Tenno morality. I though some people of Cetus would have heard about the Tenno morality representation especially after reaching the Kin ranking. Since all the masks sold by Nakak are used by the children to play/ reenact battles and stories about the Tenno, I thought there would be a mask of sorts for someone who's "in charge" like a peace keeper or overseer in case things get too crazy or out of hand when the children play, so let them have them fun but reel them back in when things get heated.

(I tried to make it in the Cetus mask style (like the paper texture) and also I do not have the steadiest of hands so no go on straight lines)

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I'm pretty sure many people already did this "lol lets just take vomvalyst and make it into a mask" but anyway here's my try: https://imgur.com/a/rQ1uZYR

By the way, I don't think wearing a piece of sentient on your head is a good idea, but It looks kinda cool tho

I tried to make it look like a skull with the paint spilled on it, but still could not achieve the result I was hoping to draw

I also suck at drawing feathers

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