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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Para crear esta mascara me inspire del casco alternativo Modred de Excalibur, usando como base la mascara de Sub-Zero, ademas que  elegí la Exergis y el Lagiacrus (de MH3) para  los colores predeterminados.

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I did this mask inspired by The New War logo and the orokin/derelict, it's contaminated by the infestation...


The mask It's rotten, just like Lotus heart when she betrayed us qwq

I used Adobe Animate CC to draw the mask, and i used a pic of my operator to show the mask.

I hope yall like it.



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Hello! I had a quick question concerning this: Would it be alright if my sister drew it for me? I have zero artistic ability whatsoever, and she is an amazing artist. I designed the mask entirely myself, my sister just made it take shape. I can even post my original drawing with her completed one, if that would help. I can also try to recreate it myself; however, it will not be great at all and it may be difficult to understand what I wanted to do with it, even if I explained. Thank you!!

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as i am a bad artist with pen and paper and also not that good yet with 3d programs my skills are  very limited, though i wanted to share my vision of a very fancy operator mask and hope to see it better shaped from a fellow tenno. If you can also see its potential feel free to upgrade it :3
whoever takes care of that raw mask and improves it shall be permitted to call it his/her own work.

i dont want to win anything i just hope to see something lotus/ostron themed for operators ❤️

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Lok-heb, Surah! Here's my submission for the contest :) I'm pretty new to the game and Cetus plain is totally awesome. It surprised me with the appearance of the mighty Eidolon and i'm hoping i can defeat it one day. Now, it would be nice if we can also have an eidolon mask as a souvenir from Nakak. Hope most Tenno will like my design for this!! cheers! >> https://imgur.com/a/9UVSuPs <<

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