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Heiracon spawn bug/Infested pathing issues

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Played a few rounds of Heiracon tonight, The early sessions around 8-10pm GMT went pretty well and without any issues apart from a handful of time wasters who want to extract after the first or second extractors were done mining..... (endo farmers...) 

However I was in the middle of a run when almost everything just stopped spawning. I was a nova running a slonova and i didnt even tap my 4 key once in 5mins while me and the other players were waiting for enemies to spawn. Enemies did eventually spawn but only in small numbers and there were almost NO Mutalist Ospreys.

We were just standing around with 3 extractors that had no energy that weren't being attacked because we had no energy cells and no infested to kill.

And its done this TWICE tonight.


Other things ive noticed tonight are:

sound bugs - I can hear infested nearby but cant see them anywhere, even when i check on the minimap

Infested glitching into/through the ground.Ospreys would come in really low to the ground and glitch through the floor. other types of infested also glitched through the floor.

infested suddenly appearing out of nowhere right next to me or 'warping' towards me and getting enough time to hit me before I even see them and have a chance to react, but this could be a issue with bad host - I did not notice any serious latency issues during this session, This one time i got laid out by a charger that I hadnt even seen because up until 5 seconds ago, there was nothing around me and nothing showing on the mini map. I didnt know i was being attacked till my nova was in an emergency starfish position on the floor. 


Its been a few weeks or maybe a month but I seem to notice more and more that infested keep getting stuck on the map in some places so there definitely seems to be a pathing issue that needs looking into. None of this was there back in January.


Anyway. On the session where everything stopped spawning, we made it to 20 excavations so it wasnt a bad time to extract.

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