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Will The New Glaive Mods Work On Kestrel?



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Most likely, along w/ future "thrown" melee weapons.


Quick Return seems to be a little off.. At base rank it seems like my Glaive is now bouncing upwards of 4-5 times instead of its base 3 (Quick Return should be causing LESS bounces though). I don't have a Rebound mod yet though to see if they just accidentally switched them up. I'm glad they brought out these mods, because I think the increased throw speed and less bounces (for a quicker return) will make the Glaive a much more reliable melee weapon during missions. Prior to U10 my Glaive was giving me an extra ranged damage of 1-2k which is good since it costs no ammo and is purely bonus ranged damage.


Edit: Wow lol just logged back in to check if Quick Return could be placed on Kestrel, and it cannot. So these Glaive mods are strictly only Glaive mods, not all current and future "thrown" melee weapons.

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