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big tower in front of cetus ?? why cant we go there ?



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2 hours ago, (PS4)ZERO_ghost90 said:

Its a tower made of flesh known as the unum, she protects cetus and bla bla bla, there is no reason to go there, and the explosions are from the workers that break chunks of the tower to eat it

what the hell, cetus

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It's an Orokin tower that is still operational. That's where the Unum is. 

I suspect someday we may be able to visit. After all, it's tied more closely to our legacy than the Ostron. The Quills will probably be our vector in. They seem very closely related to it; possibly even in continuous contact with or even controlled by the Unum. 

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On 2019-02-18 at 4:44 AM, xXIcyBladeXx said:

Bet they make some killer jerky out of that regenerating tower.

As a matter of fact, that's one of their sources of income and nourishment. 


As to OP question, 

It's one of those many many many things that probably has some idea behind it when it was first implemented,

but DE is a kid with ADHD,

they get easily distracted and sidetracked with new stuff, eventually they will remember something and create a concept art and then quickly forget about it when some other new things come up. 

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I got the cetus captura and there is an invisible barried that prevents people going there, also a barried to prevent going way up high to see the top. I am VERY disapointed that we have nothing about the tower. In all honesty its dissapointing that we know so little about it and only reason we as tenno are protecting cetus is because of the tower, if it wasnt for the tower the ostrons would not even get out help as from what I see.

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Hello OP let me just enlighten you on why we can't go in there (Just yet.)

When DE released PoE it was supposed to be the 'let's try this open world thing out' kinda update. So, they focussed on mainly open world aspects of the game at that time.

Now that that's set.

The tower you see there is an old Orokin Tower known as the Unum which guards Cetus and her people. The explosions you see are the Ostrons gathering her temple flesh, that's what they primarily eat. If you just walk around town for a little bit you'll start to see it everywhere. As for why it is there, we do not know. The Unum is a tower that guards, done, all we know. It was placed there by the Orokin and that's basically all we know. 

StallordD made a great video on this (He's a lore dude): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33T6Rjv-NHg


You can gather much lore on this tower from the codex scanables and Onkko. To remind you of this aspect, PoE would've been released WAAY later if they had to implement a whole tower into this as a feature, thought up utilities behind it and also made it relevant. If you go to Fortuna and look back as soon as you fall down you'd see what looks like an extended living space, I could ask you the same question now. Why can't we go there? Why is there a car like object there?

Since it's primarily unimportant at the moment and is used as filler for the background. The Unum may one time be relevant for for example The New War that's coming up. For if you didn't watch the video, the tower has a lot to do with Sentients and our loving grandma Hunhow.

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