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Fan-Works Index - Closed [05/04/15]

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The WARFRAME community has many creative souls in it, and as per the suggestion of a few people, this is an attempt to make an index of all the awesome art, fiction and ideas that the community has come up with.

Items will not be added to the index unless a link is posted up in reply to this topic. If you want to have your item included in this list, please feel free to post up a reply!


Fan Fiction

The Dust Settled – by Ced23Ric (Discussion / Feedback Thread)

The Dust Settled: Rise of the Rhino - by Ced23Ric

The Dust Settled: Loki's Laughter - by Ced23Ric

The Light and Dark – by cypherhalo
Awoken Into Darkness – by SilverBones (Discussion / Feedback Thread)
Eclips: Lips of Fate – by AlexanderTF
The Diva – by guymanbrodude
The Lightning Rod – by hexame (The Storm: A Volt Chant – Original Inspiration by Yomuntai)
Rhino Private Log – GoneM4d
We Were Called… Tenno – by SabreUr
Asset Seizure – by Dappercat
Project Warframe: The Darkest Hours - by FallenKingErzon
Covered in Ash - by GhostXIII
Things Best Left Forgotten - by Destro6677
For Another Night - by Hakaru
Finality: Seeing Through the Eyes of a Grineer Lancer - by Katakuna
Stalker Fanfiction - by Labcat
Silentio Stellatum - by Crimson_Thomas
Facet - by vonBoomslang
Infection: A Creepypasta - by GratuitousLurking
The Great Plague - by DerpyPug
Before the Fall - by _Rue_
FanFic a Day: Index - by SolluxCaptorTA
The Craftsman - by Garuda1
Stalker Fan Lore - by Iridon
Asuro: The Beginning - by pdxdubin
Marauder of Peace - by Gryphticon
Stalkers Struggle - by Katakuna
The Glaive: A Short Story - by Gaminus
Solar Rails - by GratuitousLurking (Discussion / Feedback Thread)
Short Story: Lacuna - by Ded_Sek
Warframe: Dark Crescendo - by RunNGun
//ERROR - by Alacratha
Dear Captain Vor... - by Yuikami
Petals of the Lotus - by Jamesbiff
A Spark Alone - by PureBeurre
Shadowframe - by Avarcaness
The Enemy - by Gearb0x
Diary of an Earth Citizen - by Destro6677
Bursting Forward: A Nova Journal - by Shifa
Lancer #280128S: Log Entry - by BoompigXD
Corpus Researcher Journal: Marcuss - by BoompigXD
Vor The Magnificent - by Snowgist
Tenebris Novum - by -Synapse-

Loki's Reward: Featuring the Lotus and Kittens - by KF5AQX

Blindness - by Zhika

Dragged Into the Void - by Gaminus

Going to War: Samaal's Negotiation - by SilverBones

When the Bullets Stop - by KF5AQX

Fires of Pluto - by Guiltytwo

Orokin Embers - by niekitty

Brothers 'Till the End - by bejuizb

The 9th Beat - by Deydreus

Short Stories - by qwertyboom80

The Collector - by Morec0

A Recovered Transmission from the Sentience to the Orokin - by Gaminus

Rising Shadows - Part 1: Affliction - by Serthor

Orchestra - by DadumbSerb

The First - by LordMelvin

Yggdrasil - by SoulEchelon

Someday - by TheThreadWeaver

Bloody Snow - by Haraswift

Far, Far From Alive - by MageMeat

Intercepted Corpus Transmission - by Sparrohawk

Warframe: Alius Somnus - by PlayerZERO

A Fated Encounter - by Levariel

To Return There Nevermore - by TheThreadWeaver

The Killing Fields of Phobos - by TheThreadWeaver

The Supervisor: Capture from a Corpus Viewpoint - by Hawthorn

Waiting for Potatoes - by Zephire

Test #05314: Kubrows Can Travel Through Time - by MegaSnail

The (Not-So-Much) Dinosaurs - MegaSnail

Downfall - by Omega114

Pariah - by PsychedelicSnake

Always Believe in Your Team - by Darkcloudstormrider

The Lone Sword - by TheDeathofThem

The Last of the Pangolin Knights - by Cebius

Not So Different - by YandereSamantha (Cover Art by PsychedelicSnake)

Tenno Meditations on Our Situation - by SarcasticShepard


Chronicles of the Tenno - by Gibblemung

What Do We Seek?

Traitors Bones

Destruction Corpus



The Kalenath Collection - by Kalenath

Duty Endures

To Be The Darkness

What Price Honor?




The First: Gathering


The Road to Redemption




Rites of Passage


By the Sword

Old Dreams



“I Am…”

By SilverBones:

Frost (


Excalibur (Voice Acted by Alacratha)

Nyx (Voice Acted by PurplePanda)

Loki (



Rhino (




The Lotus (Voice Acted by Alice)


Ash (Voice Acted by Alacratha)



Void (Fan'Frame)

Ghast (Fan'Frame)





Rhino - by Cyboran
Frost - by Z-Sync
Ash - by Z-Sync
Stalker - by Katakuna
Stalker - by Quetzhal
Vespa (Fan'Frame) - by GTG3000
Tiburon (Fan'Frame) - by FrostWolf
Drider (Fan'Frame) - by GratuitousLurking
The Sentinel - by Alacratha (Voice Acted by Alacratha)
Tenno - by AnonMD

Valkyr - by GratuitousLurking

Geiger (Fan'Frame) - by Haraswift




Collaborations / PbP RP Threads


Of Ash and Fire: How We Envision Our Tenno - A Collective Works

Clan Chi to Meiyo Presents... - by Clan Chi to Meiyo




Fan Art / Fan’Frames

Custom Warframe: Shard – by Bloodraptor
Custom Warframe: Oracle – Crominix772
Custom Warframe: Tuna - by Appeb
Alternative Rhino Concept – by AlastorOni
Custom Warframes – by Tarudizer
Custom Warframe: Anubis + Other Art – by Bloodraptor
Custom Warframe: Void – by SilverBones
Excalibur Fanarts – by Suikast
Lil’ BroFrame – by MyHeroPatrickSwayze
Custom Warframe Concepts - by Indrome
Custom Warframe: Harbinger - by Aliasofall
Under the Mask - by Crominix772
Warframe Helmet Concept – by Alacratha
Warframe Wallpaper – by bptamblyn
Warframe Minimalist Wallpaper – by ghodan
Random Warframe Designs – by GadFly
Braton Alternative Designs – by V101
Corpus Alternative Weapon Designs - by V101
Abstract Warframe Wallpapers – by Alacratha
Custom Warframe: Zypher – by FistOfTheNorthStar
Doodles and Designs - by Adagio
Custom Warframe: Ecfor / Ares - by Ecfor
Grineer Mining Chasm Concept - by Notso
Fan'Frame Based on the Stalker - by PseudoExis
Custom Warframe: Cronos - by chantoxxtreme
Anime Redesign of Bosses - by Madotsuki
Custom Warframe: Lotus - by Toko
Unnamed Female Warframe Design - by Floyd
Water-Based Warframe - by FrostWolf
Seira's Fanart Corner - by SeiraSunmin
Ukiyo E Styled Fanart - by Volkovyi
Custom Warframes - by PantsAdvance
Warframe Webcomic - by CharlesSnippy
"Give Me a Warframe Idea and I'll Draw It" - by Drifter11
Custom Warframe: Ghast - by SilverBones
Custom Warframe: Dragon - by Endrian
Custom Warframe: Drider - by GratuitousLurking
Alternate Stalker Concept: Cabal - by hossmoz
Arcturian Race Concept - by neogzus
Custom Warframe: Cyrus - by Kayvaan_Shrike
Custom Warframe: Crow - by Kheim
New Infested Concepts - by ValhaHazred
Crazy's Concept Gallery - by CrazyCanadian24
Custom Warframe: Leech - by Drlathe
Custom Warframe: Erebus - by TheErebus
Volt & Trinity Fan Art - by zx_13
Corpus Life - by Alacratha
The Lotus Conspiricy - by Alacratha
Excalibur Fanart - by someguy216
Custom Warframe: Lachesis - by PseudoExis
Custom Warframe: Executioner - by Inochi
Alternate Stalker: Ghost - by Stratto
Cheese's Fanarts - by lustitia
Custom Warframe: Octopus - by KonRon
Custom Warframe: Menos - by PforPandetta
Custom Warframe: Helios - by RezaMadia
Custom Warframe: Dryad - FrostWolf
Unmasked Mag Fanart - by YandereSamantha
Unnamed Custom Warframe - by Appeb
Wardolls Vandalizing Board - by Aiolia
Banshee Doodles - by DISTR0
Gryphus Tech Corp. Stories - by Gryphticon
-DERP- Stealth Mini-Manual - by n7snk
Warframe Themes for IE, Firefox and Chrome - by Brangutang
Grineer-Inspired Fan'Frame - by Ash0t
Custom Warframe: Thanatos - by Aliasofall
Custom Warframe: Tendril - by AvosHD
Custom Warframe: Galleon - by xXZEROCSXx
Custom Warframe: Construct - by Volt_Cruelerz
Custom Warframe: Darwin - by Konahrik
Custom Warframe: Kokuei - by Archangelzz
Custom Weapon: Heavy Assault Rifle - by Anarook
Custom Warframe & Weapon: Lupo and Hunters Needle - by AnonMD
Custom Warframe: Spione - by Konahrik
Martial Arts Warframe - by Archangelzz
Custom Warframe: Jinsokuna Burēdo - Archangelzz
Custom Warframe: Battlemaster - by Archangelzz
Custom Warframe: Shiva - by SilverBones
Custom Warframe: Echo - by Archangelzz

Warframe Comics - by Panzer_The_Tank

Expanded Game Mode Concept - ThatGuyHD

Maps, Enemies, Bosses and More - ThatGuyHD

The Tales of L'dael - by Borkvah

The Cell - by GorgutzGunsmasha

Amazing Glaive Replica - by Arkyhead

Harvester of Death: Stalker Harvester Fan Art - by PrivateAzib

Chibi Fanart Section - by Cebius

Collection of Fan Art - by Jithvan

By Yuikami:





Who the Lotus Really Is - by n7snk
Solar Compendium: Grineer Empire, The - by HvcTerr
Tenno Transhumanism: A Theory Based on In-Game Facts - by SilverBones
My Take on Warframe Lore - by Arcozo
A Theory on the Lotus (With Some Spoilers) - by Trylobyte
Warlore: The Summit - by Logris

The Unofficial Guide to All Things Tenno - by PsychedelicSnake

Warframe: Origins - by ErudiusNacht

A Brief History of Tenno - by Charon358

Facility 856416: The Dissection Labs - by Sadisticnerd

Worldbuilding: Fan Lore on the Corpus Culture and Social Hierarchy - by TheThreadWeaver

"How Could We Have Been So Blind?" - by eStecko

Lotus Codex - by arch111



YouTube Channels / Videos


The Hidden Recoat YouTube Channel - by SilverBones, Fomar, Psyspark and MastaBlasta
Warframe Overview YouTube Channel - by Alacratha & Trentacus
Art and Gameplay Livestreams - by Noteybook
A collection of Warframe Videos - by Vintovka
The Storm Files - by SylentStorm
Proxy Playthroughs - by NoirProxy
GoldenTotProductions - by Tate
Stealth Gameplay Playlist - by n7snk
Warframe Techniques - by shukudai (Forum Index)

Excalibros: MrMunkerz Channel - by MrMunkerz

The Soviet Warlord's Channel - by Stakhanov

Jiub18's Gameplay and Other Stuff - by Jiub18

KrashOmnis Rhino Ninja Adventures - by KrashOmnis

Wreck-It Rhinos Challenges - by blackflashcannon

UberFalcons - by Jithvan

The Department of Bad Ideas - by TheCometCE


Distorted Message from…? – by Alacratha
The White Wizard - by Alacratha

 - by JoeyZero

Funny Warframe Compilation - by Riccoshot

 - by GoBananas

Warframe Voice Acting: The Conflagration - by Morec0

 - by DemonInquisitor

Rino+Supra=MLG - by Justylol

- by Natalya.Igarashi

Melee 2.0 Mini-Montage - by --Q--PrivateAzib


Warframe in a Nutshell

By Hean

Episode 1


A 2D Comedy Series by jedininjaman & WindShieldWiperFluid

Episode 1: Potatoes

Episode 2: The Frame Rangers

Episode 3: Sensei

Episode 4: "It's the Grineer!"



Strange Horizons – by Indrome
Body of the Corpus – by Indrome
We Are Tenno - by Botskiz
Untitled - by demorior
Warframe of Mind - by coreyano
Warframe Soundtrack: Extinction, Rebirth, Retaliation - by wertandrew

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Tenno General - TheThreadWeaver

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Grineer General - TheThreadWeaver

Forgotten Island - by emaralez87

Dormant Blade - by emaralez87

Project WARP: Alternate Soundtrack - by -WARP-Xaero

Birth of a Mag Prime - by emeralez87

You R Needed! - by Maardok

Inspired Warframe Works - by VanillaLucia



We are Tenno – by CXloud
My Beautiful Flower – by Alacratha
For I Am Tenno - by SilverBones

Moonrise Over Pluto (Epic Delirium Lyrics) - by emaralez87


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With so much being added, please be sure to submit your threads to be added to the index!

Also, I can do a section for videos, but I think they need to have at least a theme thats artistic, not just gameplay. Some sort of fan-made machinima or somthing :)

Edited by SilverBones
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With so much being added, please be sure to submit your threads to be added to the index!

Also, I can do a section for videos, but I think they need to have at least a theme thats artistic, not just gameplay. Some sort of fan-made machinima or somthing :)

It just kinda exploded this week...especially with AlexanderTF going on a rampage with ideas lol.

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