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Fan-Works Index - Closed [05/04/15]

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Could you please replace the link to my Fan-frame with the one below(that topic was deleted and mine is number 24 in the list i believe)

Also i apologies for the inconvenience i have caused you with this.

Link here----->https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/17717-a-new-warframe-conceptlachesis-means-bringer-of-silent-death-inspired-by-the-stalker-all-feedback-is-welcomework-in-progress/?p=157655

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Gale/Zephyr is suited very well towards Tenno who prefer a more melee approach to combat. Armed with abilities that support close quarter gameplay, Gale/Zephyr is a great alternative from guns.  

–In-game description

Gale/Zephyr is a wind-based Warframe. Capable of unleashing powerful melee attacks, while being able to single out targets and control enemy placement on the battlefield.


Health 100 (300.0 at rank 30)

Power 150.0 (225.0 at rank 30)

Armor 50.0

Shield Capacity 150.0 (375.0 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed 1.20


4x 17px-Ability.png
1x 19px-Bar.png

1x 18px-V.png

Aura Polarity 18px-V.png


Cyclone - Energy: 25Energy_small.png Hotkey: 1   Release a powerful tornado dealing mininal damage to targeted enemy, while simultaneously pushing away enemies near the target.


Squall - Energy: 50Energy_small.png Hotkey: 2   After a quick dash to targeted enemy, unleash a flurry of quick devastating melee blows to the target based on equipped melee weapon.


Tempest - Energy: 75Energy_small.png Hotkey: 3   Surrounds the Warframe with high winds, deflecting enemy ranged attacks, only melee attacks may damage you for the duration. Grants increased melee critical strike chance and damage to nearby allies while active.


Typhoon - Energy: 100Energy_small.png Hotkey: 4   Create a Typhoon centered on the warframe, dealing moderate damage in the surrounding area, regenerating ally shields within and gradually growing larger while pushing enemies away.



What do you guys think? I'm thinking of drawing up some concept designs for Gale/Zephyr (Gale being the female version, and Zephyr the male version). Any POSITIVE feedback is welcomed. Constructive criticism is appreciated as well.


Thanks all!




-Name change of second ability Flurry to Squall

-Added additional effect to Tempest providing group melee buff

-Added additonal effect to Typhoon providing group shield regen while active

-Changed Aura polarity

-Tweaked Tempest for increased melee damage as well

-Tweaked Squall's damage to be based off of current melee weapon equipped


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Just uploaded my first Warframe video to:



It's just a few friends and I playing through the game; starting out as fresh shinewy newbies and progressively getting worse as it got pretty damn late by the time we finished Mercury.


Uploading part 2 now, and I'll make it available in a day or two while I get the others up. Planning on making public 3 videos a week or so, at least as long as I have a backlog.

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