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Mission End: Stuck On "reputation"


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Just ran a Void Tower II: Survival, we made it through the timer, got to extraction, got out, and then I hung up at the "reputation" screen. The other players' names didn't load in (stayed at "player_name"), and I couldn't do anything (I presume, since it was my first post-10 tower mission, that I can upvote my teammates League of Legends style).


I didn't get any loot that I can determine, none of the mods I picked up, nothing. I eventually got back to the default map screen. The mission host was offline, possibly from alt F4 ing, not sure.


Very frustrating. At least it wasn't my key, but I got some nice mods in there.


One other thing, might be helpful: I had a super laggy connection to the mission host; enemies were standing still for 90% of the mission. I took 0% damage (did about 15% of the team's damage since I was just running around meleeing enemies that wouldn't die on my screen).

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