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Warframe Alternative Ammor(Skin) Boots Idea


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ok so...the alternative Armor for Warframe instead of + 1 side and -1 side...
It's literally change our star into From the Original class...into Tanker/ Caster/ Fighter class.
the Frames that's already are Tanker/Caster/Fighter can have the other 2 armor.
the skill, they stay the same.
The Tanker Armor...which is not Available for Frost and Rhino... boots out all health,armor,shield state but Reduce Sprint speed.
The Caster Armor...Not Available for Vauban, Nxy, Nova...Boot's energy maximum and skill damage/effective but reduce Health,armor,Shield
The Fighter Armor...which are "nope" for Ash, Excalibur, Mag... Boot's Speed, Sprint Speed,shield recharge but Reduce Skill dame/effective


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