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Too Many Login Attempts



I opened up the game and was greeted by the login menu. I havent played in a while but I know for a fact that I was typing in my password correctly. In total I tried my password around 6 times and to no avail. But i received only the same message, "Wrong password." So i did a password reset and it said it was successful so i try to login again and i am greeted with a "too many login attempts, please try again later" message. 

I did some research and found that most people are saying that this lasts up to 24 hours.
If this is true im very disappointed in digital extremes. Not because they have a security measure to keep people from accessing the account but because they didnt even give me a message warning me that if i failed one more time that my account would be soft locked. And especially the fact that this cant be undone with a password change. 

I mean this with no disrespect to digital extremes. This is a great game and i love it, but i often tend to take long breaks from games and then come back to them later and nothing deters me from coming back to a game more than forgetting a password and being locked out.

If someone could please tell me exactally how long the lockout could last and if there are any digital extremes approved ways to resolve it, that would be great. 🙂


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So how long is the cool down period this day and age? I accidentally switched from EN keyboard layout to Lithuanian, and instead of numbers in my password it was entering lithuanian characters. After like 5 attempts which resulted in simple and innocent message of "wrong password", I realised keyboard layout was switched.

So 1st things 1st: Why there is no option to remember the credentials for the users who actually do not have evil siblings who might spend their family fortunes on Warframe. I am not playing the game in public library, you know. This login thing at my own PC is stupid

2nd, why the hell is your system not telling me that hey, don't you dare entering wrong password again, otherwise your a*** will be locked out till kingdom come??? This oversight is again: Stupid

3rd, how long is the lock out? It has been 10+minutes already still receiving same message: Try again later. WHEN, later? Be specific, should sit through the night trying again and again, in case the lock out is short, or should I come back in 10 years, or never? Again, if you lock out a user, be specific for how long.


So just an update: apparently resetting the password grants you entry to your game instantly. waste of time at its finest :D

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