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Nightwave - The Wolf of Saturn Six: A Farewell to Alerts

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I'm a bit sad to see Nightmare Mods being no longer having an alternative way of obtaining. The randomness of the Nightmare missions doesn't appeal to everyone equally, and I have met many more casual players who will log into the game for a Nightmare Alert after giving up on grinding for a specific one for a few days and getting utterly burnt out. ( Blaze did that to a few of my clannies, back in the day. )
Even when they couldn't log in for the Alert, it was a painless way for me to pick up a spare for them.

Other than that small remark, I am looking forward to the new and improved system. More lore is a nice added bonus, too.

Please include an API to use on our websites too. Our clan has their own website we use to keep track of things, and so far it has helped as a bit of extra incentive for people to log in after getting burnt out a bit when they can see there is something nice to get if they log in for it. I'd like it if we could display the timer and itemlist available in realtime, on our own website.

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2 minutes ago, devidevil888 said:

So what's going to happen to the Gift of the Lotus alerts?

Rebecca addressed that on stream. They stay the same. The Alert framework itself isn't getting removed from the game, they're just limiting its use to special events like Gifts from the Lotus, Tactical Alerts, etc.

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21 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Fun-Factor/Narrative: "Tenno, there is a time-limited mission Alert available. Check navigation." said the Lotus. 

I would give almost anything to disable transmission video overlays, I already have them muted but having them pop-up as an overlay without a way to turn them off visually is torture lol.

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Il y a 22 heures, [DE]Danielle a dit :

On Devstream #123, we declared that the Alert system as we know it now will soon retire. For those of you who have been with us since 2013, there have been almost 6 years of Alerts in your World State Window. An ever-growing reward list of Warframe Helmets, Weapon Blueprints, resources, and more, and an endless scrolling of @WarframeAlerts’ timeline. It has long been one of the Warframe’s quintessential daily “check in” activities, and one that is familiar to new and veteran players. Here in this (lengthy - TL;DR provided at the bottom!) post we will break down why we are getting rid of Alerts and what we are replacing them with! 

We are replacing randomly generated Alerts with a new lore-driven system called 'Nightwave'. The Wolf of Saturn Six broadcasts will soon be heard…

Let’s break down the removal of Alerts by looking at the current system and what will be changing with Nightwave


Open the World State Window to the Alerts tab and select from the list of time limited missions on unlocked nodes. Start these missions within the allotted time and successfully complete them to earn the advertised reward and Credits. Rinse repeat! 

What the current system offers now: 

  • A quick and easy way to discover and complete unlocked nodes in the Solar Map, earn Credits, Weapon Blueprints, Mods, and more to build up your inventory (primarily new player driven). 
  • A quick and easy way to play Warframe. Hop in and out of missions when you are short on time (anyone).
  • A free path to earning cosmetics: Warframe Alt Helmets and Weapon Skins. 
  • The only path to earning many Auras: essential parts of builds.

What the current system lacks: 

  • Reliability: Missing a time limited mission with an Alert-only reward means waiting for it to rotate back into the live Alerts, at which time you may not be available (work, school, walking the dog, sleep, you know, the important stuff!). 
    • Creates roadblocks to earning some of the essentials for new players (ex: Aura Mods), and general required crafting resources (ex: Nitain). 
    • This has also created dependencies on the Warframe Alerts Twitter accounts and other third party apps that track Alert status that pulls you out of the game. 
  • Clutter: Just scroll the @WarframeAlerts feed... Credits. Credits. Credits. Credits. 
  • Challenge/Variety: For players with resource, weapon, and Credit abundances, etc. the Alerts tend to fall in the “if needed” category and are mostly overshadowed by Sorties as they offer more level appropriate missions and rewards. Alert difficulty levels are also  random, so while active Alerts may offer needed rewards, the mission required to earning them may not be of interest.    
  • Fun-Factor/Narrative: "Tenno, there is a time-limited mission Alert available. Check navigation." said the Lotus. 


Nightwave will be airing soon.

What is it? 

Nightwave is a pirate radio series brought to you by the rogue Nora Night. The Wolf of Saturn Six is the first Nightwave, our replacement to the current alert system where daily/weekly challenges are offered over the course of multiple weeks and will center around new characters and Episodes. Completing challenges will earn you Nightwave Standing and ranking up will reward you with a special kind of currency that expires after the Series has completed. For The Wolf of Saturn Six we are calling this special currency “WOLF CREDS”, which you can earn and spend!

This may sound familiar to Syndicates in some ways, but not in others. Unlike existing Syndicates, you do not use the Standing earned to purchase offerings. Standing for Nightwave is unique in that it is used solely for rising up the ranks. So for Wolf of Saturn Six, each rank reached unlocks a special reward specific to Wolf of Saturn Six (primarily cosmetic and others!). You will also be granted Wolf Creds that you can spend in a specialty Cred Offerings shop! 

So, how does Nightwave fill what the current Alert system lacks? 

Reliability + Clutter: 

We want to eradicate the “snooze (literally) you lose” system we have now and give the freedom to choose the rewards you want/need from the current Alert system (and more down the road!) in a more reliable and predictable format. No more Twitter feeds, no more “wrong time wrong place” - it will all be housed under the Nightwave roof. 

We are doing this in 2 ways: 

1- Moving the Alert reward items into the Cred Offerings. What you see will be what you can get, and what you get will be available for a longer period of time, not just a blip - there is no rug pulling from under your feet, the Cred Offerings are visible at any time from the Nightwave window for that duration. 

Over the course of the Nightwave, the rewards from the four categories you see in the list below will rotate (Aura Mods, Helmets, Weapon Skins, and Weapon Blueprints) with evergreen rewards available permanently throughout. There will be no limit to how many times you can purchase an item, unless of course you run out of Wolf Creds.

Note: You’ll see a large inventory of Warframe Helmets in the Cred Offerings as they are the biggest category out of the four! 


*Image above displays just some of the rewards in a rotation as an example and is not limited to this number of rewards! You can see exactly when the current offerings will leave with the 'New Offerings' timer at the bottom.

Current Alert-specific Rewards that are moving into the Nightwave Offerings rotation: 

  • Evergreen Rewards:
    • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
    • Orokin Reactor Blueprint
    • Nitain Extract
      • Except that the offering will be a bundle of 5! 
    • Vauban Component Blueprints
  • Aura Mods: 
    • Corrosive Projection
    • Dead Eye
    • Enemy Radar
    • Energy Siphon
    • EMP Aura
    • Infested Impedance
    • Loot Detector
    • Pistol Scavenger
    • Physique
    • Rejuvenation
    • Rifle Scavenger
    • Rifle Amp
    • Shield Disruption
    • Shotgun Scavenger
    • Sniper Scavenger
    • Speed Holster
    • Sprint Boost
    • Steel Charge
  • Warframe Alt Helmets Blueprints
  • Weapon Skins: 
    • Scindo Dagger-Axe Skin Blueprint
    • Dual Zoren Dagger-Axe Skin Blueprint
    • Fragor Brokk Skin Blueprint
    • Scindo Manticore Skin Blueprint
  • Weapon Blueprints: 
    • Ceramic Dagger Blueprint
    • Dark Dagger Blueprint
    • Dark Sword Blueprint
    • Glaive Blueprint
    • Heat Dagger Blueprint
    • Heat Sword Blueprint
    • Jaw Sword Blueprint
    • Pangolin Sword Blueprint
    • Plasma Sword Blueprint

Alert Rewards that are not moving into the Nightwave Cred Offerings: 

All of the below rewards were added to Alerts retroactively to try and make up for Alerts being a bit 'missable'. None of these items originally launched in Alerts.

  • Forma Blueprint
    • We are swapping out the Blueprint reward from the current Alert system to a bundle of built Forma that will be part of the Reward Tiers list in Nightwave.
  • Kubrow Egg
    • Kubrow Eggs were added to the Alert system in Update 15. With the the overall drop rate increase of Eggs in Update 18.8 and the removal of pickup limit on Kubrow Eggs in Update 23.10, Kubrow Eggs aren’t as hard to earn as they once were before they were added to the Alerts. 
  • 5x Kavat Genetic Codes
    • Since we are removing the Genetic Codes from the Alerts, we will be increasing the chance of earning 1x Code per scan from 15% to 25% and applying Resource boosters will to scans! 
  • 20x Void Traces
    • Traces can easily be earned while playing Fissure missions!
  • 100-150x Endo 
    • Endo can easily be earned elsewhere!
  • Resource Rewards 
    •  Resources can easily/passively be earned in mission! 
  • Nightmare Mode Mods
    • Will still be able to be earned by playing Nightmare Mode missions! 
  • 5x Synthula
    • Synthula was introduced with The Pacifism Defect and was added to Alerts as a means of acquiring the Stim technology outside of Clan research. Since the demand for the item post-Event has decreased (as it is used to buff NPCs), we have simply left it as Clan research. 

2- Diversifying the acquisition of core Warframe goods through Tier Rewards. More ways for you to get the things you want/need which includes debuting purchase-only items like Inventory Slots and some cosmetics into earnables. 

Additionally, Tier Rewards will include items new to Warframe (some familiar some not!) pertaining to Nightwave and The Wolf of Saturn Six. The goal: Focus on story-driven aspects of Nightwave and explore what could be offered gameplay-wise without relying on Mastery Rank. 

We’re excited about the prospects of what Nightwaves will offer reward-wise compared to Alerts, but with large systematic changes comes many adjustment periods. With Nightwaves we have more flexibility to explore desirable reward options, and in doing so, we’ll definitely be shifting things around, adding and removing, and ultimately learning as we go. A new system means new challenges, and as always, your feedback is crucial to the process!

Challenge/Variety + Fun-Factor/Narrative: 

You can expect “Elite Weekly” challenges for those looking to earn more faster. The challenges can range from completing certain mission types to performing certain actions/tasks and everything in between.  You can also expect rich stories told by Nora Night - which we won't be spoiling in this rather matter-of-fact Dev Workshop.  

Additional notes: 

  • We are removing the time-limited Alerts from the World State Window, but the remaining will still be available from that tab: 
    • Arbitrations
    • Void Trader location/countdown
    • Weekly Alerts:
      • Maroo’s Bazaar - Ayatan Treasure Hunt
      • Larunda Relay - Help Clem
    • Tactical Alerts
    • Devstream Gift of the Lotus Alerts
  • New Warframe Alt Helmets will be added into their category rotation in the Cred Offerings shop.
  • New items may be added to the Cred Offerings rotation with the emergence of new Nightwaves. For Wolf of Saturn Six you will be seeing new Desert-Camo Skin Blueprints in the rotation! 

A whole 6 years of memories with the Alert system, big changes and even bigger levels of excitement. We can’t wait for you to dive into The Wolf of Saturn Six! 

TL;DR - We are removing Alerts and replacing them with an Episodic/Program called Nightwave! Here’s a breakdown of the above 6 pages: 

  • Nightwave: A pirate radio series brought to you by the rogue Nora Night. Unlike Alerts, there is variety in challenge, lore, and less luck involved with what is available in terms of rewards. 
  • The Wolf of Saturn Six: The first Nightwave! 
  • Nightwave Rewards: The current Alert rewards will be moved into a “Cred Offerings” store, where they can be purchased with currency earned from completing Acts (challenges) and ranking up with Nightwave. Reward tiers will also be available, debuting with some purchase-only items like Inventory Slots and some cosmetics into earnables (along with some items new to Warframe!) 
  • New System, new challenges! With Nightwaves we have more flexibility to explore desirable reward options, and in doing so we’ll definitely be shifting things around, adding and removing, and ultimately learning as we go.

A full detailed write up on how to participate in Nightwave: The Wolf of Saturn Six will be available upon launch. 

And as is commonplace with workshops, there are bound to be changes between this posting and launch! 

FAQs from your comments!

What is the difference between Nightwave Standing and Tier rewards? 
Nightwave may sound familiar to Syndicates in some ways, but not in others. Unlike existing Syndicates, you do not use the Standing earned to purchase offerings. Standing for Nightwave is unique in that it is used solely for rising up the ranks. So for Wolf of Saturn Six, each rank reached unlocks a special reward specific to Wolf of Saturn Six (primarily cosmetic and others!). You will also be granted Wolf Creds that you can spend in a specialty Cred Offerings shop! 

What happens to Wolf Creds after the Nightwave Series completes? This was answered on today's impromptu Devstream with Rebecca and Steve: 

What does the countdown timer in that screenshot indicate? 
Saw some confusion on this! To clarify, Creds do not expire at the end of this particular timer. That timer simply indicates the length of that particular reward rotation within the Nightwave Series. In other words, Creds only expire after the whole Series has come to a complete close.

So for the duration of the first Nightwave Series (The Wolf of Saturn Six), you will use "Wolf Creds" you earn to purchase from the Cred Offerings store. When The Wolf of Saturn Six comes to a full conclusion, they will expire. 

8 pages of comments and still no translation

Site Warframe en Anglais, en Français ???

Neither translation nor information.

The collection of information looks like a treasure hunt

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I like the addition to the lore, more slots and a more reliable way to get some of the resources. I hate losing nightmare alerts (still need Chilling Reload), the loss of 300 oxium and tellurium.  Considering I have all of the cosmetics, and have mastered Vauban and all the weapon BP drops, I don't know how long this will engage me.  Hopefully getting potatoes will be efficient enough not to be a waste of time. 

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5 hours ago, (XB1)Ice Guardian said:

I'm not sure I see your point...

If you put in the work and earn it, why should it be taken away?

1) Would you define what "earn" means? DE is not as bad about this as of late, but with regards to old resources like Nano Spores and Circuits, I would not call what I did to amass piles of those "earned." More like, "I was grinding for Kuva/Affinity/The sake of being less bored" and somewhat incidentally, I now have enough nano spores to make an infested army capable of dominating Uranus. This is even worse when I have a resource booster running. Actually, my usual routine from getting on after long periods of activity is to turn excess endo into a R10 primed mod, sell it and buy a booster for kuva.

2) What would you do instead? As a company for a living and constantly developed game like Warframe, DE necessarily has to have income in order to keep producing content for the game, which we need to keep playing. Income does not come from inactive players such as myself, so something has to be done in order to have people want to log on and play at  reasonable frequency. They can't just "make everything the right cost" because what some people consider appropriate costs, others get upset over. I remember hearing griping about Oxium when Vauban Prime came out and all I thought was "Look at all these impoverished Tenno."

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One concern I have is how much man-power this will take from the dev team.

DE I am asking if you, yourselves think wether this new system will take up too much time and recources to do other things on the side (adding a turn on/off button for the flashlight, ect.) or not?
Especially considering just how many projects are in progress: The New War; Kingping System; Railjack; Making PoE look prettier; That event supposed to reward proto weapons skins mentioned back in Devstream 97; Melee 3.2.9999; More Warframes...I could keep going, ya know?

Big ambition is great and all, but try to be more realistic once in a while, please.

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23 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

You can also expect rich stories told by Nora Night

One tiny question in regards to ^this:

Will these stories be accessible in-game (archived in the codex for example?) if we want to go back and check them out later (ie if there's an "episode" that references events from a previous one)? Will the old ones sometimes cycle around? Or will these be a "one-off" like the tactical alerts, and - if missed for some reason - we'll have to go to read up on missed Nightwave stories on the wiki?

Overall, very excited to check this system out. And to catch some proper naps for a change (kidding, no rest for the wicked!). 🙂

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So, I'm glad we move away from the heavy RNG layer here (I had situations where I got out of bed for a catalyst / reactor alert...), but I'm a bit worried / confused about the cred rewards. 

Are these purely the alert ones we already know? If not and there are new ones I'm somewhat worried I end up in a situation where I am not sure if I should spend my event creds on that particular rotation because I don't know what the next ones, specifically until the end of the current event and its currency, will entail? For example I would not want to waste my creds on something on one of the last rotations but then see that the very last before the event ends has something that I really want, but no way to get it without forcing myself into a heavy grind for the current rotation before the event ends. 

This is sort of an issue I have in general with timed things, be it this or relics that soonish get vaulted, or a single cosmetic which I have to pay 20-80 bucks for because it is part of the limited time prime access accessories and / or prime vault accessories (which both come with a lack of a good preview imo).


Generally having things tied to some mini stories and lore could be very interesting though, I think a lot of people would like more WF lore and story visible from within the game.


Edit: It would be also nice if we could include the kuva fortress and other possibly new locations like the open world maps in this which weren't actually present in the alerts.

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I have trepidations about the Nightwave system as a whole. I'm glad to be rid of Alerts, but I'm one of many who are pretty sick of having to deal with more reputation grinds in Warframe. Cetus and Fortuna have both felt like mountains of rep grinding; mountains with two peaks that you need to climb, thanks to operator rep being seperate. Having a new system that makes you re-grind rep but without an extra amount of new content to grind it in feels taxing. I'm thankful the currency you earn to get the rewards is seperate from rep, but I'm not sure how much that distinction matters when you lose it at the end anyways. When you're re-grinding a month later to get the things you need again, it's gonna feel bad no matter what.

I dunno. I'm basically "fine" with the Nightwave system. The lore is the primary draw for me anyways so I'll engage with Nightwaves without complaining too much, but I feel like as it stands it might end up being way too much of a chore for people to enjoy.

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I think instead of expiring the currency, you should consider making it always possible to trade in any of the alert currency for basic resources. This would replace the credit and basic resource alerts while always leaving people reasons to get some of the currency, while moving resource stockpiling to resources that can already be stockpiled by players.

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I'd like to suggest some of these as rewards...

-Kavat DNA pack (10 dna)

-Void Trace pack (100 trace)

-Credit Pack (250-500k credits)

-3-6 hour individual boosters (credits, res, res drop, affinity)


Im not hearing a whole lot to entice veteran players to spend time with this...  And the few things I do do alerts for you are killing lmao.  (kavat dna, void trace).   Going into fissures with no relic is rude.  I would make sure to hit up every easy void trace alert that popped up because I didnt have to worry about others and 20 is a hell of a lot more than I get some of the time when I do a full squad 1 round in a fissure.  So this is very concerning for me.   Now instead of an easy alert mission I will probably have to blow 10-20 minutes to farm up the same amount in a fissure.   

Im not seeing an upside to the new system yet..


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This feels like running Void fissures except the currency you earn doesn’t buy you relics and RnG Chance upgrades to those relics.  It actually lets you pick and buy items available in each Relic.

Hopefully the choice selection always has something worth buying.

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Alerts were what hooked me back when I was a new player. I had no idea what the rewards were used for but I figured I would need everything at some point so I just kept doing them. The random time-limited nature was what kept my attention, it was the fear of missing out. Even now I find myself checking the phone app constantly to see if there's anything worth doing like a potato alert.

The game was pretty confusing to me at first. Things like invasions and syndicates required some reading on the wiki while alerts were something I could just jump right into. They make the game feel alive as there's always some new mission appearing.

It sounds like the new system is going to be another NPC hidden in some relay somewhere that you probably won't even know about unless you read the wiki and yet another boring rep grind. I hope you guys know what you're doing.


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Sounds amazing!

Though, "battle passes" vex me and I strongly dislike them, but that is primarily due to the paying for them and the time frame to achieve the goals... It punishes people with 1) limited income and 2) limited time.

This has neither of these issues, it seems.

So, as long as the time allowed to achieve the weekly stuff is sufficient, than I see no problem and fully support it. ❤️🤘


Also, I would like you to add a similar system to elite alerts, and include riven slots and boosters into the evergreen rewards there. 😉


My friends who are iffy on Warframe will undoubtedly be very happy with these changes as well, because cashshop items such as slots and Catalysts and Reactors being basically impossible to really grind for due to pure RNG, and slots being a grind for stuff to sell plus trade grinding, so I will have a far easier time scheduling play sessions with them and us all getting those sweet sweet rewards we want or need. 😁

And, if the story is fun and engaging, they will also be more inclined to get into the game more, grinding to grind so you can grind to grind, hard to sell people on. 😣



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inventory slots? ok cute, forma and orokin potatoes? yeah that's great. But i still have a question here, is there gonna be any kind of reward for a player that already has every warframe and weapon in the game full forma and potatoed and every cosmetic that can be purchased with platinum? is it gonna be veteran worth playing? or just for newbies and mid game players? it would be nice if we could get some high tier weapons and gear exclusive from these events would be nice. And please make it last, fortuna grinding lasted like 8 days for me and spiders like 3...

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You said that this system would be more story-inclusive and that the first Nightwave "The Wolf of Saturn Six" would be featuring a new villain for us to go up against.

If this works these Nightwaves would be perfect opportunities to expand on the already existing antagonists we have in the game!

Think about it: Lech Kril, Kela De Thaym, Tyl Regor, Vor, Frohd Bek. Many of the villains we have in the game are introduced once in an event and don't show up again until maybe a year and a half have passed, if at all.

I have no idea who Lech Kril is or why he exists despite being the first boss to ever get his own unique appearance and fight, Kela is kinda just there, and Tyl Regor is Tyl Regor and thus needs more screentime. Vor and (probably) Bek are both canonically dead so them not showing up again is excused.


Sargas Ruk, Alad V and Nef Anyo maybe less than the others since Alad had a major run as primary opponent (though i wouldn't mind him showing up again, maybe even as an ally for a Nightwave like in the Second Dream and Shadow Debt), Sargas Ruk shows up in more Events than any other Grineer (next to Vay Hek, but he's had enough appearances), and Nef Anyo has replaced Alad as our current main Corpus villain.

This is a huge opportunity guys. Don't just focus on the new, but remember to give the people you already have some love.

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