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This Is How I Clump Everything Together.


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DE, I love you guys. I really do. But I am tired of being nice. Well that is not true. I am not tired of being nice. I am tired of being angry. And the game makes me angry. A lot. I want to play, but it makes me run away in rage.

I plead with you: halt. Take a step back.

No more reinforcement packs. Yes, I know this will make about 500 people come in this thread in the next two minutes all angry and yelling at me to shut up. But really, those take a lot of your time and effort. So, for a couple weeks while, stop. Don't make those.

There are many things broken with the game and with the latest additions even much more.

So, please, fix those first. From tiny to large. There are so many. I doubt I need to tell you what, you probably have entire lists.

But for sake of exempli gratia: the large gatling drones; those that spawn independently in the void or are launched off fusion MOA otherwise.

Not long after their introduction there was a patch that made their hit/collision box become a tiny one and this situation has stayed such ever since.

One may shoot at them and they take zero damage except in a tiny specific area on their entire large structure. They might even have infinite armour...they certainly have what appears to be immense damage reduction when they do pop numbers off compared to other critters of same level.

So, I beg you, take a step back and labor on fixing the majority of these things. Balancing items as well - much needed and much demanded.

Just tossing more borked things into the pot is only going to make the dish taste rotten.


A gamer who really love Warframe yet at times unable to stand playing it due to bugs.

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for every 3 "features" they add theres 2 things they break and they are constantly trying to play catchup because they are constantly trying to add new content. Fixing something thats broken takes so much more effort (apparently) than adding new features yet they are intent on heaping new problems on the existing ones they have.

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