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"Network Not Responding" frequently this weekend

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What happens:

In the lower center of the screen, a large red "Network Not Responding" appears.  Sometimes if it happens during a mission I don't see the effect, but if it happens in a menu then I usually can't select anything until it goes away, which usually takes 10 to 30 seconds.

Since sometime on Friday, I've been getting a very high amount of this...maybe averaging 1 per 10 minutes?  I wonder if this relates to why I've had more trouble than usual having invites to groups not work, either at the invite stage or once I load into the level.  I got invited to a few Eidolon groups, but for one group it kept telling me the group was full (the leader kept inviting me and told me it wasn't), and then for one I was invited, went out onto the Plains, and got put in an instance with a random group that was not the one I was invited to.  Dealing with this basically took the entire night cycle, preventing me from doing Eidolons for that 3 hour window.  Again, not sure how related any of this is, but since it's all happening and might correlate, I wanted to put it all here together.  Oh, and it also seems like loading into levels with groups is taking significantly longer than usual, which seems more likely to be related.

Apex Legends on my PS4 and other devices using my internet seem fine, so it feels like this is specific to Warframe.  I'm one of the players with a router that can only do strict NAT, which may play a hand in the issue?  But it's the same router I've been playing on for years, so it doesn't seem like the root cause of this recent behavior.  I've also restarted my client and my PS4 multiple times and it keeps happening.

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