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New running animations ideas

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Ok, @[DE]Steve, I saw your tweet of things you are considering:

And I will add to your idea:

The current sprint animation looks a bit dated, if you plan to have it changed, please consider putting different ones based on the sprint speed the Warframe has.


0.9 to 1.1 is one sprint animation

1.11 to 1.3 is another more dynamic animation.

1.3+ well... I think you get the idea.

Because if you put the sprint mods on a fast Warframe, the running animation looks pretty silly. Its just the standard animation played faster.

Another thing to consider is putting some inertia or indication on abrupts changes of direction because we can do 180º sprints with no changes in the animation. Maybe have the Warframe do a quick (and very brief) hop in the direction before returning to the sprint.

Otherwise, a "Sneaky Sprint" seems better compared to what we have. I honestly dont see how crouch-walking effects your visibility, if it does, someone please tell me.

But... does that mean the enemies will get to hear us running around now?

if you plan to remove jog and go straight to sprint, you should do what Nier:Automata did: the sprinting starts slow but quickly winds up to max.

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I've been asking since 2014 (when i can) about adding simple IK to warframe, or even just the "warframes".  They have it working on the massive spiders, but not much else as far as i can see.

A basic IK implementation can solve a lot of what you mentioned (The lack of momentum relative to what the body in motion is doing), and was an industry standard back when the PS360 launched.

Warframes animations were dated in 2014, but it's getting to prehistoric levels if you compare what warframe does in comparison to its contemporaries. 

But, it can also do so much more since the system auto-resolves (for want of a better expression) the positioning of the model relative to a lot of what the model is doing on the fly.

Observe that the animator in this clip has not animated the feet staying correct to the platform the rig is standing on - its doing it by itself (i believe this is a mod, not even an actual video game)


Then you have Crytek who rocked up all the way back in 2006 (over a decade ago!) with their animation blending (it looks so smooth even after a decade!):


As a comparison, this is how warframe (in 2019) handles animation.



It's basically what the animator created within their animation suite.

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1 hour ago, MillbrookWest said:

It's basically what the animator created within their animation suite.

Ya. That triggers my OCD when I notice it. Which is why I avoid looking at my feet.

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Oldish post but I'm 100% with you. it's like i'm on fast foward when i'm speedvolting, it's hilarious though, but again it exposes how poor and dated warframe's animations still are in general. They need an update. Especially when you see a bulky tank like warframe like rhino, just jogging(not sprinting) with a single handed weapon, and it just looks incredible wimpy.

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The first 4 items on the left list kinda scare the S#&$ out of me, but the last one is something I feel like it desperately needs a return. On the topic itself, I stand by the suggestion of having different animations for different sprint speeds, as the current "it's the same but faster" aged quite a bit.

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