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Dojo deconstruction bug

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So, my clan (The Guardians Of Lua) decided to restructure our Dojo, and I am basically the guy that is in charge of getting the deconstruction done. Our issue is that we planned our central halls to be the Grand and Grandest Halls, which we need to deconstruct in order to rebuild the misplaced Great and Greater halls. However, we are unable to go through with that deconstruction, as most of the dojo is attached to the Grandest Hall and the Grandest Hall needs to get deconstructed first. So I thought "fair enough, I'll just scaffold around the halls on the floor below and deconstruct the Grandest Hall with the other halls still attached ot the dojo". However, when I try to deconstruct the Grandest Hall, the game tells me that I need to deconstruct the Great Hall first, which I can't because the other halls depend on its existence.

I made an Imgur album showing our concrete layout here: https://imgur.com/a/elyktAQ

Our upper floor currently is a stub that just holds the Clan Hall and the three Inspiration Halls for capacity. By my calculations it should be possible to deconstruct the four halls without running out of capacity, but we are blocked from deconstructing those halls. Sidenote: our original spawn hall was where the top left elevator on the map is, and the halls were built outwards from there

Resolution of this issue can come in different ways, however preferably it would be

1. Remove the dependency of halls upon one another, allow for deconstruction of lower tier halls

2. Allow for the construction of a second copy of the halls

3. Allow for deconstruction providing alternate paths for rooms (like the scaffolding I created) as long as all the rooms still have a connection to the spawn room

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