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Nightwave: Series 1


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22 hours ago, ApplesTasteOkay said:

Jesus Christ I came to these forums to figure out when Nightwave is ending, which is apparently soon, but I had to sift through a bunch of crybabies complaining how they were compelled to do in game challenges until they stopped playing the game. This is why nobody takes game feedback seriously. Some of you  would find something to complain about a glass of water while dying of thirst.

If you don't like doing it - DONT DO IT. If it means you dont get some thing in the game, OH WELL, GROW UP. 

It felt very intrusive for a suggested activity. Nora was spamming us so hard that quite a few players muted all transmissions. Popups, assasins, the only way to get certain things... The problem is a lot of us realized at different stages of progress how this makes them feel, and we kept going because we wouldnt want to lose our progress.

If this was just all of the items that have before been in the old alert rotation, nobody would have batted much of an eye. But they put Arcane Energize (one, thank you for that -.-) and Umbra Forma into the deep levels. People want that. But they DID jump through a lot of hoops for it. 10 weeks of grinding for one item that you better not spend on anything that is high-level-viable like Saryn, Melee Weapons or Chroma, because we dont know when either of them will get nerfed into the ground...

That isnt a glas of water offered to a person dying of thirst. This has been a double or triple of activity compared to what they would normally play this game for. This took away from other games for me. We didnt feel happy. We may not be able to verbalize or analyze the cause of our unhappyness sufficiently well to make you understand our position, but we did feel it. A lot of us did. I was very happy about the Nightwave for the fist 5 weeks or so. It was a lot of fun and felt rewarding. Then it turned sour. Hard.


TLDR; Telling people that their feelings are stupid because you feel differently is in no way feedback. It is spam. We have a spambot that starts a debate of "im right you are wrong no matter what you say" already, thanks. No need for another.

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If you don't like doing it - DONT DO IT.

Yeah we've heard that already. 

That is mightly funny but those kind of developers dont do so well nowdays. A coincidence no less.

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Finally I reached tier 30 😁 a lot of work but it was worth the time investment. Looking forward for Season 2!!

Some little feedback, it takes a lot of time to get the S6 armor set and as a cosmetic item looks great, but I fought the Wolf 10 or more times on my way to tier 30 + the time waiting for the fugitives to appear and I really think that just a cosmetic armor set is not enough for all the work it takes to get it. It would be great that the armor sets for tier 30 rewards have some property from the season boss. The Wolf is a bipedal tank, so at least each armor part could give some armor % bonus. If the next boss is a Corpus maybe the armor set can give shield bonus and so on for future seasons.

Regarding to the seasons, I have read a lot of comments about people that doesn't have time to complete it. A good addition to the radio station on the orbiter is: once a season is over, players can tune-in previous Nora programs to complete the challenges when they play and get the tier rewards without the wolf creed offerings that could be exclusive to the current On-Air season. This can help to set an active season boss so players can team up to fight the boss and get his loot or complete a specific season by tuning-in their radio stations to the same season.




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off topic, but how come your ivara joint rings light up properly? non of mine work right, even the side hood rings are broken.

EDIT: Nevermind, it's the Youkai skin, with the Astrea helm, and the Youkai skin is working properly.

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This is an open letter to Digital Extremes concerning Night Wave 



I think Warframe is a very enjoyable MMO game made with good graphics and a good story.

I particularly enjoyed The Second Dream and the Silver Grove quests, and I also enjoy fishing.


I feel it is better than other looter-shooters because it doesn’t strong-arm players into micro transactions and DLC.


However, the progression system in Night Wave concerns me because it has some addiction and compulsion traps. The fear of missing out, along with time pressure, could be a problem for some people, for example those with demanding jobs or other responsibilities. You have to jump through too many hoops to complete all 30 tiers.


Perhaps Warframe would benefit from a more humane game design, allowing players to pick and choose more and to let them take breaks without feeling pressured into playing in a limited time frame.  


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On 2019-05-01 at 11:10 PM, Drivrius said:

I'm MR40 with Night Wave (did challenges while taking a break from farming for Wolf, got all his drops, that was an awful grind by itself by the way), my current plans for the next season if it stays anyway near to what it is now, is to play Path of Exile.


I'm burnout, the stress of thinking "maybe I should do all challenges, I have no idea if I'll be able to complete next weeks ones!" had me doing many more chores than I needed, because they are not challenges, they are chores.


4 things need to change:


- Make game related rewards front loaded (unique mods, Umbra forma, etc) rank 1-15 and cosmetic ones rank 16-30

- Remove ANY chore that  requires using/holding onto resources (Gilding, Forma, Ayatan sculptures, etc)

- Remove all "with friends/clanmate" chores

- Bring back alerts and make Nightwave a once or twice a year affair, because no matter the iteration I believe DE is going to burnout the entire player base in a year if they go trough with their perpetual "battle pass"

I never read something I agreed with so hard on these forums in my #*!%ing life

The final part..hits the nail on the head. 

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I keep seeing the word "stress" thrown around regarding the Night Wave stuff. I mean, Night Wave could use some tweaking. I thought parts of it were dumb as hell, mainly the DJ. Which is unfortunate because the Warrior's vibe was cool, but her mindless drivel was eye-roll inducing after a while. Wolf fight was "meh" at best. Annoying at its worst.

But stress? Look, we're all different and we all got different thresholds and tolerances for whatever, but if you're like biting your nails over some video game pacing you gotta take a step back and reevaluate how you're spending your time. We all want the game to be great. I've sunk plenty of time and my nickel and dime into it picking up this thing or that. So I get it. Provide the feedback, say whats on your mind, you know. Do you. But lets not get stressed out about it like its important. Breathe. Chill. It'll be alright.

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On 2019-05-11 at 6:38 PM, Rodrigo_Martinez said:

I still can't get what is the final time to spend wolf creds.There are rumors of May 13 or May 15, but is there Is there any clarification from DE?

I would like to know this as well. There is a new daily Nightwave mission that ends in 2 days 6 hours but weekly ends today.

Wiki says earliest ends on 15th. 

So which is the proper date of end and if it's going to end on 15th, are we going to get weekly reset today? 

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So new Elite Weekly is to do 3 sorties, will the update be after sortie reset? Cause I really need this 5000 exp to get my umbra forma. Already did one sortie today before nightwave reset... So wednesday is my last chance.

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I am a foreign user. I am not good at speaking English. Please understand me:highfive:

I have a suggestion for a Night's Wave mission.

My rank is 27 and I don't need to fix my Forma on the items

Please don't force the work on the mission. ( Polarize with Forma 3/3 times):facepalm:

I don't want to waste forma on unnecessary weapons.:sad:

Because I've already finished polarizing all my major weapons into the forma.:vomit:



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10 hours ago, --Sleed-- said:

So new Elite Weekly is to do 3 sorties, will the update be after sortie reset? Cause I really need this 5000 exp to get my umbra forma. Already did one sortie today before nightwave reset... So wednesday is my last chance.

I would like to know this as well. if i can manage to do most of the missions for this week, i should be 29/30. But what is the latest deadline. It seems a bit strange to have a reset from Sunday to Monday, only to have it end on Wednesday.

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I'm going to suggest that the NW shop remain open for a week after that particular NW event concludes, so that people who do not check sources outside of the game itself get plenty of warning that it is ending, and can spend their accumulated wolf cred. Because otherwise yeowch.

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At last, Nightwave is over.

There are issues, right now [Alertium] is practically unabtainable, which will surely make the new players excited and happy.
F2P helmets, nothing, but the platinum cost. Honestly, we don't lose that much, I'd rather farm platinum than wolf creds for any missing blueprints.
Auras, unobtainable as well. Even before the end of Nightwave, hell yeah, auras became scarce and valuable rarities from their "nahh, ain't gonna do a mission for my 10th [Corrosive Projection] I already have too much" state. I just see low MR people running without auras. Literally without any auras, not even a useless one, they just can't get any at all. They don't have access to them.

(Thanks Nora Night, before you, every single n00b had Corrosive Projection from one source or the other, be it the alert itself or a bored veteran giving it away. Now, not any more.)

Yet I'm happy.

The daily grindfest is over. Planning my entire week on monday is over. The forced content is over. I'm free. It feels great! I can start having fun again! I can build warframes I wasn't able to grind out, I can go back to farm my resources, do my dojo researches and rebuild my dojo. All the things I didn't have the time to do, because Nightwave.

Look at us, almost everyone is leaving warframe for a while, to play other games, just because of this. Noone wants to see warframe for weeks, not even your Warframe partners, they are sick of this too. Your partners got sick of your game. That's not a good sign!

We are burned out.

I'd really like to NEVER see Nightwave again, maybe, you could just impement an Alert system and put everything in there so we could have a simple access to it, not like 1 hour alerts, but more like day long alerts. Wait, it almost feels like if you have already did that before, but only for the more valuable items.

On a serious note, I liked Nightwave early on, but it changed fast...

It was clear to me, that putting Auras on a weekly rotation was a failure. Not having access to all of the auras is just another timegate on them, just like the old Alert system had. Even worse, because now you have to gather a currency too in order to access it.

It was clear to me that putting cosmetics, auras and limited resource on the same ingame currency was bad for the new players. Me? I already had all the blueprints I wanted, I had all the auras from regular alerts, I didn't have to work for those, the game just gave them to me in the form of simple, painless alerts. I was lucky to start the game before Nightwave.

Yet I liked the base concept. Seriously, the concept was great, it was just so badly implemented, that it was painful to watch.

Run the numbers, for new players, if they could do every single act, 3 months of hardcore farming would lead them to what: barely finishing auras. Not even being close to finish buying the helms, as those would require 2 entire Nightwave seasons to finish if they don't go for the platinum cost. Seriously, the platinum cost is easier to handle than the wolf cred costs. What about Alertium? That would also require just in itself an entire Nightwave season to gather enough. That's what, 4 seasons, an entire year.

I started a quarter year before Nightwave and had everything I have listed above in about 3 months, Except for the Nitain, I never farmed that, but in those 3 months I ignored just about hundreds of nitain alerts. I even have spare auras, just because I felt to play those missions for fun. Yes I played missions for fun!

It almost feels like if Nightwave had this goal to slow down new player progression...

As it went on and on and on, endlessly, I learned to hate it and hate everything about it and hate even the people who came up with it and hate Nora Night and her annoying accent and literally the entire game.

Today I was unable to force myself to do my daily sorties.
I played Terraria instead with my friends.
Time will heal this one, some day I won't feel that playing Warframe is a job I don't get paid for. Not today. Maybe not even this week or the month.
It's weird that I'm free again, I'm hyped to hop into the game and do something I couldn't do the last 3 months and when I click the launcher I feel this urge to press the power button on my rig.
I'm confused.

On a less serious note...

...Nora Night, I want to shut her up. Noone else, just her. Give us an option, a "SHUT UP NORA" button somewhere in this game. I'm fine with the Lotus, it sounds professional and cold. I love Ordis he's funny. I'm fine with Alad V and Corrupted Vor talking for half an hour every single time we meet them. Nora must stop, she's the first genuinly annoying character in the entire game. Can you imagine how many times did I hear her praise me for using an emote or bulletjumping around like a mentally challanged rodent? It's so awkward, needless and annoying. If anything, I hate Nora Night more than her damned Nightwave.

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1 hour ago, LXSL8 said:

I'm going to suggest that the NW shop remain open for a week after that particular NW event concludes, so that people who do not check sources outside of the game itself get plenty of warning that it is ending, and can spend their accumulated wolf cred. Because otherwise yeowch.

Agreed. I missed last call, so now I'm stuck with 190 Wolf creds. How is this good design?

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