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Constant Crashing After Last Night.


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I'm not sure if it's related, but I got a WAR-96803 occur.


Tho now, I am crashing ALL THE TIME in the Derelict, and I don't get any crash handler. I think it's related to my card (Nvidia Geforce 780), because me and an acquaintance with the same card keeps crashing. On the other hand, we got a friend who could host without ever crashing with an AMD something. 


I really hope you can roll out a hotfix by today for that, I just can't complete any Derelict mission, and it's annoying for those I invite too.


I'll see about sending the EE.log to support. 

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Ever since update 10, the game has been crashing.

Sudden Freeze(sound either keeps on playing or will repeat the most recent sound/fx), then after some time it will crash....

I've encountered crashing in update 9 only once, but in this update seriously crashing at least 5/8 games is ridiculous. ESPECIALLY in Derelict Missions.

Hope you guys could create a fix for this...

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