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Ranking Syndicates post-Nightwave


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I'm currently experiencing the same issue with Cephalon Suda. I'm at the "debris" rank but I've farmed enough standing to rank up to "Neutral" as of this post. However, upon offering my sacrifice, I'm still stuck at the "debris" rank while my sacrifice has already been accepted - aka my forma is gone.


I've since restarted the game, where it now says I can reattain the "netural" rank with Cephalon Suda, but again, nothing happens when doing so. Even though I should be at 0 standing (i.e. no negative), the chart still visually shows a negative standing while the counter is showing me "0" as it should.


Coincidentally, I've lost enough standing to go down a rank for Red Veil, however, after doing a few missions, I was able to retain the higher rank back that I just lost a few minutes ago. I can thus assume this bug perhaps only occurs when you're trying to rank up for a syndicate you haven't done before.


Hopefully, a fix will come soon 😞




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Since last nights update may syndicates daily timer hasn't reset, it's stuck on 0 standing available. This is in both Cetus and Fortuna. I too have done bounties and sold stuff for standing and it hasn't registered when i've checked my standing afterwards. Please look into this...

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7 minutes ago, Foo_Prime said:

Same issue here with red veil (enemy). I dont care about the forma and the credits but I went from 0 rep back to -22,000 and i cant progress any further.


The Hotfix went out earlier today, and it's working as it should now, at least on PS4.

Also they're working on/running a script to return any items you lost trying to rank up as we speak.

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On 2019-02-27 at 9:52 PM, (PS4)The_Verethragna said:

Except this time I was actually paying attention to my Catalysts/Credits, and it did indeed take a Catalyst and 100K Credits but didn't actually rank me up.

Are you sure that is 2x that was lost on the same syndicate? Without screenshot/video, guessing it might have been different syndicates or different syndicate ranks. Ranking up the same syndicate to the same rank again should not cost anything more.


DE have left a PC update note about this. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1065360-fortuna-hotfix-2433-nightwave/

On 2019-02-28 at 2:14 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed naughty Syndicate’s not giving you a new Rank when attempting to Rank up if you’re an ‘enemy’ with that respective Syndicate...

  • We’re working on a script to give back Sacrificed items that were lost. This thread will be updated when the script is complete.
  • As it turns out, a script is not required! If you Sacrificed items to the Syndicate void, attempting to Rank up again with the same Syndicate will instantly grant success without taking any requirements (aka free Rank up since you already paid).



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