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Have you considered having scaling rewards in all endless misions?

If you did consider it why did you decide not going that way?

If you didn't consider it could you please do so?

In other game modes it would be a great additiom but in kuva survival i think it's a must.

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Will there be another switch migration window? I've seen a switch acoount migration already happenned once but I've missed it as I got the switch only really recently. I have warframe on my switch but unfortunably playing it on switch looses all interrest for me when I can play on my pc account wich is way more advanced.

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10 hours ago, Lored said:

When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago.

Any news:

  • "Kingpin" system;
  • Thumper Bot from 105 and 106 devstreams;
  • Any chance to PoE grinding changes;
  • Pets 2.0;
  • Cephalon Samodeus lore or something(some fragments across world like kuria with some stories) with it;
  • Companion/pets commands system;
  • Any warframe add in Arbitrations droplist;
  • Old quests replay;
  • Limbo deluxe;
  • Seasonal events (winter event?);
  • Reveal Fortuna items in profile (MOA's still hidden, boards still bugged);
  • Wukong rework (or mb not? he's ok);
  • Omega and Umbra Formas myth or not;
  • Next Umbras info (Excal out >6 month ago);
  • Trials news;
  • So Hildryn and Wisp are fem frames, where male one?.
  • Next prime info.

How about: 

  • New archwing & arch-weapons;
  • Arch-guns Rivens;
  • New Landing Craft ship;
  • New Weapons, mods(weapon augs) or something(not capturas) for Faction Syndicates;
  • New mechanics with Helminth Infirmary room;
    • Infested Kavat;
  • New Kavat type (2 kavats vs 5 kubrows + helminth, unfair);
  • New Venus Kubrow type(Kubrodons);
  • MOA (Venari mb?) mod sets;
  • New MOA unique mods;
  • Chesa Retrieve rework (since Fetch ingame, Chesa useless)
  • Status mods like Rifle Aptitude rework;
  • Sentinels weapons Augments;
  • Unique skins for Login Rewards weapons (AzimaZenistar...)
  • Clan management system:
    • Fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
    • More information for admins:
      • Player(x) invite Player(y);
      • Curent resources progress (%);
      • Curent research progress (%);
    • More flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system:
      • Stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
  • New map for Relay's and Dojo (colored with markers) like in PoE or OV;
  • Dojo:
    • Custom Obstacle Course increase decoration limit;
    • Remove/change requirement Hemocyte Cystolith for Plague Star clan trophies;
    • In-room Dojo spawn point(marker);
    • Changeable statues in Temple of Honor;
    • Infested & Corpus statues decorations (now only Grineer);
    • Weapon racks decorations;
    • Infested theme decorations;
    • Orokin Derelict theme decorations;    
    • Factions Storage Containers;
    • Factions Resource Caches;
    • NPC for dojo;
    • Sentient Lab;
    • Syndicate rooms (like in relay);
    • Dojo Hangar (like in relay);
  • Boss reworks:
    • The Sergeant;
    • Hyena Pack;
    • Phorid;
    • Zanuka Hunter.

also wheres the somacord function for dojos remember they said theyd add one for rooms but never did either- they could put it in the console on each room with the options.


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1. Will Paracesis be able to use ‘Two-Handed Katana’ stances as well as Heavy Blade Stances? Secondarily, will the Heavy Blade Skins (namely Tennogen) be potentially useable on weapons in the ‘Two-Handed Katana’ family?

2. Nyx Deluxe Skin Progress pics? Progress of various other deluxe skins? Expected release timeline for these?

3. New/More Zaw Parts? Would love a bunch more unique weapon parts for these, they’re by far one of my favorite parts about Warframe!

4. Kitgun Primaries- I believe they were teased/eluded to in the past. Is this still a thing that's gonna happen? If so, when?

5. Any updates on the Weapon FX not coloring properly on the newer Tennogen skins (namely the Ion Greatsword)?

Thanks to y’all for all that you do! Y’all are the best devs out there 🙂

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- DE's final word on equipping mods on primaries and sentinel weapons at the same time

- DE's final word on pet stasis situation. Pets should be accessible at any moment like robotics/sentinels, just make the last one used roam around the Orbiter

- Increasing the current amount of purchasable + acquirable loadouts so that it's possible to have a loadout slot for any unique Warframe, currently a MR26 has to leave 4 frames out of loadouts

These 3 are simple QoL changes but you make it sound like it's taboo to discuss it


Since you did an awesome job with the Alerts into Nightwave transition, I think Invasions should need some new park too...a first and simple step might just be to turn them into Assault missions, like the on in Pago - Kuva Fortress...one mission with multiple objectives unlocking one after the other...or like the Mobile defense on Grineer Asteroid, where after two mobile defense you must defend the cryopod...or like the captures turning into exterminations...you have the tech already and it would be more compelling than run the same mission 3 times


Also, for syndicates...new rewards like operator suits/cosmetics, Frame armor, and maybe 2 levels of hostility...in the lowest one the syndicate send the death squad like it already does, the highest level you get chased by a syndicate champion like the Wolf, that could drop parts for a new unique Syndicate weapon

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Any chance on custom sprint/walk animation for each frame or atleast have a seperate animation for female and male warframes. It would bring more character to the frames, right now every single frame feels the same in regards of how they move. Thanks!

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A couple of questions:

- kingpin system, has it been scrapped or is it still on the works? 

- any news on the teased boss rework for nef anyo? 

- any plans to implement to the plains and/or expand the orb vallis alert system? 

- any plans to balance archguns in atmospheric mode? Some of them are just meh (like the velocitus). 

- arbitrations, is there ever gonna be some new stuff in the table? Maybe something you can grind long term? 

- ETA for the phase one of melee changes? 

- are there plans for expanding upon the nightwave system? Currently the challenges are imo in dire need of work, and there are many areas that could be expanded upon. 

- any plans to repurpose existing content so as to give your longer term players something repeatable to do? Like, ESO is fun-ish but definitely not elite, same with arbitrations. 

- any plans on giving us options to tackle standard missions at increased level and spawn rate? 

- any plans to ever reintroduce trial-like content? 

- with the riven balance passes stated to become a trimestral occurrence, are you looking for ways to make min disposition rivens not a waste of a mod slot? Those have numbers so low you might as well scrap them... Now i do see the value in not overbuffing stuff like the tigris, but maybe working the numbers so that a max roll riven isn't strictly inferior to all other optimised options would be nice. OR, use disposition to balance the straight damage upgrades, and let more utility stuff like punchthrough, firerate, reload time, ammo and magazine capacity, flight speed be high regardless of disposition? 

- focus 2.0 has been in the game for quite a long time now, any plans to do a pass at it to smooth the edges? Many nodes are useless, some are harmful (like the phisical damage madurai one that can screw big time with non-slash weapons), some work badly (like the madurai blind passive on void mode ending that costs more and more the more you rank it up). 

- operators are currently incredibly graceless and monkey like in their movements. Any plans to smooth out their animations so that they move more like human beings and less like undersized chimps? 

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Questions asking for QoL changes:

1st: A long time ago, I asked for a "Contribute All" button for the dojo's decorations, but we need something else. And I mean: "Contribute to every single decoration at once", I spend 15 minutes clicking the "Contribute All" button and the Space Bar Decoration by Decoration on my last Dojo Decoration maraton. edit: it was at least 150 decorations, I know because I needed 7500 Oxium.

2nd: We NEED a banana scale for when buying things like decorations from vendors and Baro, because they look a size in the preview and are smaller when we put them down.

3rd: Navigation Console on Cetus/Fortuna. We have those in the Relays now, I dont see why we cant have them in the HUB cities, it would make going from place to place much better than having to go back to the Orbiter and then selecting a mission again.

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Just a few things to ask for QoL:

Simulacrum (or "Holodeck"):

- Is there any chance, that the SIMULACRUM can be made transferable to the Dojo or the Orbiter?


- to rank up mods inside of it?

Personal Profile:

- UI 2.0 for the profile layout + correct stats? (maybe its just a bug on my side)


- make chainbuilding for consumables possible?  e.g.: 5x Forma Blueprints (--> enough materials + credits --> Build 5x formas one after one)?

(Could be useful for ppl on vacation wihtout the App or bad connection)


- a sorting option for loadout-slots would be AWESOME! (e.g: A->Z | Z<-A | 0->9 | 9->0 | Rank | usage (average rank for levels) and so on..)

thats it!


Oh, and hows NEW WAR going :P?


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Some questions maybe one will have a use.

1. Are there are any plans to bring the Tenno as a faction more into the story of the quests?

Currently the narrative of the quests seems more focused on the player Tenno alone, to the point where it feels like they are the only one around in contrast to the rest of the game showing you as part of a large force.

2. When will we learn more about how the Tenno organize or structure themselves?

With Railjack, you soon give the Tenno the ability to build their own warships. Yet we actualy know very little about how the Tenno are actualy capable of doing that, especialy on their own now that Lotus is out on an extendet visit to her mom.

3. In a previous devstream you showed us a nice looking Corpus space fighter for the comming Railjack game mode. Are there any plans for Tenno getting some on their own to replace the AW as space fighter stand ins?

They are great as atmospheric jet packs, zero g manouvering gear and underwater infiltration tools, but as space fighters one could see them as lacking in style.

4. With the Jupiter Gas City tilset update nearing it's completion and Nightwave putting a new focus on another gas giant, are there any plans for a unique Saturn tilset in the near future?

5. Any new gear besides Warframes and their signature weapons to look forward to for the comming weeks between updates?

6. Are the Proto versions of Deluxe skins meant to showcase the early evolution of Warframes or do your artist just go with "cruder" versions of Warframes as idea, without regard to an overarching visual story?

PS: I'm aware Excal was directly from Dark Sector and Nyx inspired by the Nemesis boss. My question is more towards things like Proto Volt and what might come in the future.

7. How are you doing?

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Any chance we can see The Sergent replaced with an actual boss sometime in the near future? It's been years now since Nef Anyo was removed from there in leu of a an upgraded boss fight for him. Doesnt have to be Nef there, just something other than a basic crewman, even if he can invis for a short time

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