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Flying Loot And Other Nonsense


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As title states items that drop can fly anywhere on the map and are often difficult to find. Its so bad that some bosses drop their loot into water pools that are next to their platform. It would be nice if this can be adressed in hotfix soon since people are losing their loot.


Also on topic of loot some people have complained about drop chances and i have to agree with them. In past 2 days ive been killing Kela de Thaym and ive got several blueprints for helm and chassis while systems are nowhere in sight. Also it took me 3 days to farm Councilor Vay Hek to obtain all necessary blueprints. And ive heard other people complain about it.


I understand that this is a free to play game and that all this grinding nonsense can go away if we buy some platinum but this is getting ridiculous. My guess is it would take month or two to gather all frames and weapons. Why do we have to get all weapons and frames? To get higher rank so we can get new better equipment. And this goes round and round. Bottom line is, ranking system suck and it makes this grindy game even more grindier. I would be nice if it could be removed or replaced or reworked.


I've been in this game since closed beta and saw it go trough changes, some for better some for worse, and id like nothing more then this game to succed and be better. I've derailed this topic enough, it would be nice if flying loot can be hotfixed soon and other stuff changed in near future.

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Yeah absolutly agreed!

I don't know how often I have seen mods Ressource-Container or even Blueprints fly over a railing and drop into a pool of water or into a "bottomless" pit and be lost for the player.

An another thing is that some loot items on bosses like Lech Kril somtimes seem to vanish right after a millisecond, you see them and then they are gone and if your lucky they can be found somewhere in the room sometimes they are gone for good.

Its utterly frustrating to see your BP Sphere over your just downed boss and then when you go to him nothing is there.

Please DE fix this.

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