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Potential Solution To These Mod Complaints.


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I have seen quite the influx of modification complaints following the very recent changes to Stamina and other aspects, such as two for stamina, two/three for shields, 2/3 abilities, and you're out, as it has been put. Well, since the overall concensus is that we need more modification capacity for certain things, then how about this?

When you bring a WarFrame to level 30, and get the ability to Forma it, and if anyone is complaining about Level 1-30 taking too long to reach, then to be honest, I personally don't believe you have either the tiniest amount of patience to play, can't be bothered, or must run the most hectic life ever, 

Anyway, once you reach two formas added, this can allow you access to ONE extra modification slot, this can even apply to weapons. That way, if you add eight formas to a weapon, you can potentially have access to four extra mod slots. This, combined with further variety on the amount of available mods in the total range, so, more nightmare mods, more dual purpose mods, more everything really, as long as they're well thought out. Having extra mod slots will allow you to compensate for the stamina nerf. This way, if gives the game a more of an improvement feel; the more you train, and the better the mods get, the less the impact on your stamina becomes, thus making people happier. Like, for example, picking up a gun in real life, you will be inaccurate with it, you might not handle it very well first time, just like picking a brand new frame you've never tried, it gets better with experience?


I believe the Forma system can be even more beneficial than it is now in order to quell some complaints, but it is looking at a slight chance to the modification system as a whole, if the DE team wants to go that far.

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Instead of forcing us to replace the old mods, they could completely remove some of them instead. Redirection, Focus, Vitality and all ability mods should be BUILT IN to begin with, not arbitrarily take up 7 slots.

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