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Nightmare Mode Overhaul


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Now, I really do love this whole nightmare mode system, I really do, it's awesome with the extra challenge, however; I feel as though the whole thing could be given an even more hellish feel, hence, nightmare.

- Make enemies attack in larger numbers, rather than higher damage. It is much more hellish, I'd think, to have a horde of over 50 infested dashing towards you like a mob than get one shot by a single stronger Charger, for example.

- Give the overall atmosphere a little more fear; make the lighting slightly darker, maybe give the mission a slight music/audio change to give that horror feel.

- Give enemies slightly different and more enhanced abilities, such as, and I believe this was done on Corpus Void in Operation Arid Fear, some of the Corpus wielded Flux Rifles, perhaps the infested have a sporid style screech attack, or have specially coloured chargers who can stun scream at you, perhaps runners can have similar attacks to a crawler who can vomit to stun and freeze you? Perhaps have a few leapers throw a weaker version of the poison ball that J3 Golem uses. Ancient disrupters making your HUD illegible as you get close, you know, make the whole mission seem daunting to do, but amp up the mods based on difficulty.


- Give us the choice. If a mission is Nightmared, and you want to do the regular version, in the event of a defence mission, as I felt last night, about to do a Leaderboard run of Venera, then suddenly, nightmare mode. It'd be nice to pick whether you want to do the regular, if that is possible.

- Make the enemies slightly smarter; have Grineer stationed in specific places in a given tile room, so that when your reach a certain point, they all ambush you from above or so, make the feeling of caution a necessity, as opposed to run and gun.


- Add certain traps, such as those found in the Orokin Void. Little tripwires or pressure plates can make all the difference.

- Health Vampire is more of a pain than anything else, I really don't believe that needs to be an idea.

Just a few of these might make the whole Nightmare concept a little more exciting. Feel free to add your own ideas, I will edit them in when I get a chance. So, in exchange for even stronger or more powerful potential mods, add these much harder abilities, mutated infested, smart grineer or high power corpus to the mix, be creative, and it could be even better.

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