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Nightwave: Weekly PoE Bounty challenge is WAAAAYY too long


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3 hours ago, (PS4)lagrue said:

LIberarting an area ... takes 30 seconds to a minute lol


I don't know why you guys deny reality in order to cry on the forums

Maybe you're some reality-warping time god who can wait out a 3-minute timer in 30 seconds, but unfortunately, the rest of us players haven't unlocked that ability yet.
Same goes for drone escorts if you're playing literally any frame that isn't Nova. (Or, to a much lesser extent, Loki.)

Maximum irony on the "denying reality" bit.


3 hours ago, (PS4)lagrue said:

by the way 40 minutes isn't ~1.5 hours... unless you live in a world where hours are 25 min long

I've made it very clear that the ~1.5 hours is if you do the highest-leveled Bounties. I'd advise reading a bit more carefully before jumping to condescension.

3 hours ago, (PS4)lagrue said:

If you can't get that time back... don't play games?  Don't know why you're so fussed about it.

I'm not saying that people with jobs don't have 40 minutes to spend on games.
I'm saying that when people with jobs spend 40 minutes playing games, we expect to have fun in those 40 minutes. This involves some combination of engaging gameplay and satisfying rewards.

Spamming baby's-first-bounty for 40 minutes provides neither engaging gameplay nor satisfying rewards.

3 hours ago, (PS4)lagrue said:

1 Tridolon cap takes about as long... collecting and slotting 5 ayatans takes WAY longer... 8 invasions takes about just as long.... I mean there's several challenges about the same length.... but you do realize you don't have to do every single Act right?  Steve already said you only need to do about 60% of them throughout the season to reach Rank 30 anyway.  You can skip a few if you don't have time.  Expecting them all to be 10 min long is asinine.

- Even if they're considered unfun, Tricaps are undeniably rewarding and can be a fresh change of pace.
- 8 invasions shouldn't take more than 15 minutes (let alone 40) if there's a Capture/Assassinate node available. It's not exactly fun or rewarding either (which is a problem too), but at least it ends quickly. Plus, you can complete multiple challenges while you're at it (e.g. Simaris challenges, or "Complete 3 <mission type> missions", which aren't doable in Bounties).
- 5 ayatans is definitely the worst out of the bunch, but it was already noted by DE before I made this thread.

Being able to skip a few weeklies is definitely nice, but some players with jobs might still struggle to reach minimum requirements even without the "annoying" challenges considered. Warframe's target audience is a teensy bit wider than "dudes with no jobs and 9999 hours of spare time every week", so you can see how this might pose a bit of a problem.

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